How To Print A Facebook Conversation

How To Print A Facebook Conversation

A Work-around To Clip A Facebook Conversation

A Work Around To Screenshot Facebook’s JSON Chat

Facebook Forensics – Chat And Messaging.

A  Copy of a Facebook Conversation.

A Copy of a Facebook Conversation.

Help! I can’t print a Facebook conversation!

What can I do? The Julia Clark Organization has gotten this request often. And it was time to find a work around. So here is the hack to save and document a conversation from Facebook’s messages.

There are few tools of various prices used in documenting Facebook. Please contact for more information.

Alternatively gather up the tools and make jpg., tif., gif., or png. for research, recording minutes, and other lawful Facebook TOS approved uses.

This tutorial focuses on Facebook’s messaging. All of the components for the most part are free or you mostly have already.

Facebook’s messenger uses JSON and few software compatibility applications limits screenshot abilities. This requires a tools that can be used manually or with micros automatic to some extent.

Here is open-sourced manual work-around to record Facebook conversations:

  • Open the desired chat in the “chat window”
    • The Chat window is the smaller conversation window
    • Tap in the conversation area, then left click and hold while scrolling to your desired point in the conversation.
      • Then right-click to copy.
  • The conversation is now on your clipboard.
  • Paste the conversation into the table.
    • If your past does not format correctly,
      • then right-click on the table
      • Select “Row” and then select “Allow Row to break across table and columns “
      • then right-click on the table
      • Select Column then select optimal width
  • Your Facebook conversation is now on you OpenOffice Writer document.
  • If you are only documenting the conversation you can save it in the proper folder with no further ado.
  • If you want the conversation as a jpg, then save the document as a pdf.
    • After saving the document as pdf, use a program to convert the pdf to a jpg.
    • There are many programs and online services to do such.
    • You should choose one by your security needs.

If you need help documenting Facebook contact us. We specialize in documenting.

WikiLeaks posts ‘weaponized malware’ for all to download | ZDNet

Taking a look at it…

There are several components to this package. It’s not just one piece. There is an usb infection method along with accompanying 8g usb flash drives. There is an ISP method placed at the ISP acting as a man in the middle. There is an automated LAN/WAN component. There is the Web component (which was leaked first called FinFly-Web and appears to have been the actual demonstration copy) which included injection methods to infect a page itself. The test demonstration was on The web infection method masquerades as a Java, Flash, Realplayer and Chrome updates or a Missing Codec. I’m sure you have all seen this just about anywhere you surf the net. This was not sold ONLY to foreign governments and key information is being left out of the article above. There is also a point and click server interface that acts as a typical C&C type trojan also allowing a customized attack according to the target and vulnerabilities of that machine. There are also mobile payloads for all mobile os’s even blackberry. The web infection includes payloads for ALL os’s. not just windows. MAC and linux as well. The IOS infection requires the device to be jailbroken in order for most functions to work. All information can be found on the internet already as well as GammaGroup admitting the have “run out of governements to sell to” According to their twitter posts they have also begun selling to Security companies. The actual Product Flying states an intrusion can also be accomplished without knowing anything of the target but an email address. FinFisher V1 was detectable by only 6 out of 54 major AV products, V2 is undetectable by all AV products that exist. Since most are gullible and click when it says your “whatever” is out of date, it will install a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) to the system allowing monitoring (among other things) at will. There are articles from it’s first appearance on the net and a complete breakdown of it parts and methods that are dated several years ago and code is similar to other nation/state infections we have seen in the past. I wish, when people tell the story, they would tell the WHOLE story and not just bits and pieces. Entire package contents are listed in the Product brochure as following : (and it disgusts me to know all of this…)

Tactical IT Intrusion Portfolio

FinIntrusion Kit

FinUSB Suite


Remote Monitoring & Infection Solutions

FinSpy .


FinSpy Mobile

FinFly .

FinFly USB

FinFly LAN

FinFly Web

FinFly ISP

IT Intrusion Training Program

Basic & Advanced Intrusion

Wireless Intrusion

Practical Exploitation

Web Application Penetration

Custom IT Intrusion Training & Consulting

They also provide a cd that will bypass the windows logon process so as not to require the targets password to gain physical access to the machine. The master server is setup to allow anyone with no experience to use and craft attacks with 0 experience in hacking. Making this a script kiddies wet dream. Hence why information is all over the net.


16 September, 2014 17:42

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The Homeless 747 Pilot

By Julia Clark

He said, “I don’t want you to think I do not believe in your cause” as he pressed two five dollar bills into my hand with both his hands holding mine intently. He went on, “It is not much, but it is all the cash I have on me. Please get my story out. I did all the right things…”

I think of this pilot often. And how do I tell his story. I have shared it with lots of writers orally and have seen some stories that reflect the growing numbers of migrant US citizens. Such as the one from Harper’s p>

The End of Retirement

When you can’t afford to stop working

By Jessica Bruder

By the way, the irony is not lost on me that the article cannot be read unless you are a $40 a year subscriber.

But, it was that article about about workcampers, which I also recently experienced and fell hoax to that prompted me to sit down to share The Pilot’s story. I will readily admit sometimes I miss the bigger story when a compelling individual story reverberates in my soul.

He was a youthful handsome elderly man. We met at one of Mississippi’s most beautiful historical spots, Rocky Springs on the Natchez Trail. I do not recall the details of our first encounter, but I do recall his warm smile across from me at the picnic table, his gentle way of talking, our long talks, our long walks, and our delightful dinner together.

Before I left I asked him to follow me out to Sacramento for the National Gathering 2014. He wistfully declined when noting the amount of time I had to make it cross country.

We spent hours together, but our paths were quickly to part. During our conversations he told me and I observed much about his life.

He said he ad joined the military and then the reserves to secure good benefits for his family unit. He loved the military and he was quite the military man. But it seemed that his military benefits had terminated, to borrow a term I learned while researching his loss of Airline benefits. This seemed to sadden him and whereby saddened me.

He spoke of his divorce and the divorce seemed to effect his pension adversely even more. But I do not think it was so much a divorce, but that he needed and had planned for separate housing or quarters from the wife, which he spoke of and to so dearly.

I briefed myself some about the termination of pensions within the airline industry, but I was quickly side tracked to by the many termination of pensions. I found it shocking.

I am at the Yurok Nation, but I have not forgotten. God spede, my 747 friend.I’ll write more. 


NatGat 2014 Press Release

Occupy gathers!
For the third year, the Occupy movement invites all to gather together to review the year, share knowledge and skills, celebrate successes and analyze disappointments, and prepare for another year of fighting for the better world that we all know is possible.
From Philadelphia in 2012 to Kalamazoo last summer, and this year in Sacramento (July 31 through August 3), Occupy has been heading west, bringing its hopeful, resistant message. We are the 99%—so we say, but are we really? 
On July 30, the day before the gathering, independent yet connected, there is an anti-racism training customized for the movement by the Catalyst Project: Antiracism Training for Collective Liberation. The training is designed primarily for white folks, who often think that they are unaffected by white privilege, that they are beyond the bigotry of past generations—we may be surprised at the unacknowledged baggage that we carry, and we are sure to look at the world from a wider perspective after spending time together examining things we rarely take the time to consider. Special thanks to Delphine Brody for honoring the undone business of Occupy National Gathering 2013, which never quite pulled off a similar suggested training.  Space for that is limited, so e-mail us to sign up—but the gathering itself will be held primarily on the grounds of Capitol Park: north side Thursday and Sunday, west side on Friday, so there is plenty of room for all!
The easiest way to get all the information, or to contribute in kind, monetary or in person help,  is on the NatGat2014 Hub on InterOccupy; we are also on Twitter and celly@NatGat2014. Already confirmed are a panel discussion on Environmental Justice, focusing on nuclear, water, and big oil, with a Native American perspective: speakers include Chief Caleen Sisk and Moke Sisha, as well as Faye Kennedy, John Kraintz, and Jan Rein; music by Fresh Juice Party; a memorial for Occupyers lost this year, including Monique Robinson; activist Darryl Cherney presenting the film Who Bombed Judi Ban?; workshops by Alternatives to Violence; and much more.
Nancy Mancias will reprise her role from “NatGat2012”, the first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, and again co-facilitate the FemGA on Friday evening—a general assembly facilitated from a feminist perspective. There will be a giant puppet hands workshop by Sacramento’s own William Spirit, and a Debtors’ Assembly led by Daniel Hong from Occupy Portland, who organized the I-5 Caravan from the Cascades.  In these days of government overreach, there is also a Know Your Rights presentation by Claire White of the National Lawyers’ Guild.
For those who cannot attend in person, look for livestreaming—we have 3 confirmed streamers coming, including Patti Beers and Clark Sullivan, who will be leading teach-ins for those who want to livestream their own events. Punk Boy, the Los Angeles livestreamer whose radio show recently included three Occupy National Gathering organizers, will also be coming to the gathering. There is also the possibility of a few sessions from remote locations: Mark Taylor-Canfield, from Seattle, on Press Freedom In the United States, and Jan Spencer, from Eugene, Oregon, on Suburban Permaculture—the dream of the ’50s and ’60s has become the nightmare of the ’00s, but with planning we can reclaim the land and create healthier, sustainable options.  Coming from East Oakland, California, is Pancho Ramos-Stierle, speaking on Guerrilla Gardening, Occupy the Farm, and Disobeying with Great Love.
The Occupy National Gathering begins with a sunrise blessing by William Underbaggage of the Inigendous Nations Network. There will be times for skillshares, teach-ins, and topical discussions, created by Occupyers — a favorite of the first two gatherings; open space for spontaneous discussion, artwork and activism; and speaker’s corners including poetry and the spoken word. A custom workshop will be held Friday afternoon: Say It Loud! by the San Francisco Mime Troupe (performing in Sacramento’s Southside Park on Saturday and Sunday of Occupy National Gathering Week). Saturday night has time to Step Up, Step Back: Occupy facilitators will actively encourage those who have not done public speaking before to find their voice and practice what they’ve learned from the Mime Troupe.
From the Overpass Light Brigades to the closing GA, there will be lots happening in Sacramento from July 31 through August 3—we are going back to our roots; we know that the world is watching: This Occupation Is Not Leaving! Come join us! 


Bradley and Julia celebrate the arrival of the South East Caravan to the West.

Bradley and Julia celebrate the arrival of the South East Caravan to the West.


Julia Clark, of the JCO and one founder of the Culling Corruption Campaigns celebrates with Brad Mastin, activist and BLM specialist, the arrival of the South East Caravan to California.

Julia Clark,  the JCO and a founder of the Culling Corruption Campaigns celebrates with Brad Mastin, long time activist and BLM specialist, the arrival of the South East Caravan to California.

Update Snowden – Do you trust a 21 year-old stranger full access to your daughter’s digital life?


The Guardian interview’s Edward Snowden a year after whistle-blowing:


On his arrival, there is a warm handshake for Guardian reporter Ewen MacAskill, whom he last saw in Hong Kong – a Sunday night after a week of intense work in a frowsty hotel room, a few hours before the video revealing his identity to the world went public. Neither man knew if they would ever meet again.

What about the accusation that his leaks have caused untold damage to the intelligence capabilities of the west? “The fact that people know communications can be monitored does not stop people from communicating [digitally]. Because the only choices are to accept the risk, or to not communicate at all,” he says, almost weary at having to spell out what he considers self-evident.

“And when we’re talking about things like terrorist cells, nuclear proliferators – these are organised cells. These are things an individual cannot do on their own. So if they abstain from communicating, we’ve already won. If we’ve basically talked the terrorists out of using our modern communications networks, we have benefited in terms of security – we haven’t lost.”


Why not let the agencies collect the haystacks of data so they can look for the needles within?

Snowden doesn’t like the haystack metaphor, used exhaustively by politicians and intelligence chiefs in defense of mass data collections. “I would argue that simply using the term ‘haystack’ is misleading. This is a haystack of human lives. It’s all the private records of the most intimate activities, that are aggregated and compiled again and again, and stored for increasing frequencies of time.

“It may be that by watching everywhere we go, by watching everything we do, by analyzing every word we say, by waiting and passing judgment over every association we make and every person we love, that we could uncover a terrorist plot, or we could discover more criminals. But is that the kind of society we want to live in? That is the definition of a security state.”


When did he last read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four? “Actually, quite some time ago. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think we are exactly in that universe. The danger is that we can see how [Orwell’s] technologies now seem unimaginative and quaint. They talked about things like microphones implanted in bushes and cameras in TVs that look back at us. But now we’ve got webcams that go with us everywhere. We actually buy cellphones that are the equivalent of a network microphone that we carry around in our pockets voluntarily. Times have shown that the world is much more unpredictable and dangerous [than Orwell imagined].”


There was a moment when he and, he says, other colleagues began to have severe doubts about the ethics of what they were doing.

Can he give an example of what made him feel uneasy? “Many of the people searching through the haystacks were young, enlisted guys, 18 to 22 years old. They’ve suddenly been thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility, where they now have access to all your private records. In the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated in any sort of necessary sense – for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation. But they’re extremely attractive. So what do they do? They turn around in their chair and they show a co-worker. And their co-worker says, ‘Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way’, and then Bill sends it to George, George sends it to Tom, and sooner or later this person’s whole life has been seen by all of these other people.”

The analysts don’t discuss such things in the NSA cafeterias, but back in the office “anything goes, more or less. You’re in a vaulted space. Everybody has sort of similar clearances, everybody knows everybody. It’s a small world. It’s never reported, because the auditing of these systems is incredibly weak. The fact that records of your intimate moments have been taken from your private communication stream, from the intended recipient, and given to the government, without any specific authorisation, without any specific need, is itself a violation of your rights. Why is that in the government database?”

How often do such things happen? “I’d say probably every two months. It’s routine enough. These are seen as sort of the fringe benefits of surveillance positions.”

And the auditing is really not good enough to pick up such abuses? “A 29-year-old walked in and out of the NSA with all of their private records,” he shoots back. “What does that say about their auditing? They didn’t even know.”

He emphasises that his co-workers were not “moustache-twirling villains” but “people like you and me”. Still, most colleagues, even if they felt doubts, would not complain, having seen the fate of previous whistleblowers, who ended up vilified and “pulled out of the shower at gunpoint, naked, in front of their families. We all have mortgages. We all have families.”

What people often overlook is the fact that, when you build a back door into a communication system, that back door can be discovered by anyone around the world. That can be a private individual or a security researcher at a university, but it can also be a criminal group or a foreign intelligence agency – say, the NSA’s equivalent in a deeply irresponsible government. And now that foreign country can scrutinise not just your bank records, but your private communications all around the internet.”

[B]e particularly conscious about any sort of network signalling; any sort of connection; any sort of licence plate-reading device that they pass on their way to a meeting point; any place they use their credit card; any place they take their phone; any email contact they have with the source. Because that very first contact, before encrypted communications are established, is enough to give it all away.” To journalists, he would add “lawyers, doctors, investigators, possibly even accountants. Anyone who has an obligation to protect the privacy of their clients is facing a new and challenging world.”

Edward Snowden with a fragment of a smashed-up Guardian laptop. Photograph: Alan Rusbridger for the Guardian


National Park Police Documents Reveal Flimsy Intelligence Gathering, Disregard for Civil Liberties


The South East Caravan sponsored and hosted by the JCO has experienced the following: “By this time she had come to realize that if she stated where she was at openly on her media assets that her internet would be interrupted. So announcing where she was and details was no longer an option. She was going to have to reformulate a new plan.”

Originally posted on The Philly Declaration:

Photo: @punkboyinsf

Photo: @punkboyinsf

By Joanne Michele, Kenneth Lipp and Dustin Slaughter

A batch of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents received by The Declaration’s Joanne Michele pertaining to the National Park Service’s (NPS) preparation ahead of last year’s Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia provides a glimpse into the national security state’s ineffective intelligence gathering, the National Park Service’s disregard for taxpayer money, as well as continued secrecy on the part of both local and federal authorities. Perhaps most importantly, the documents contribute to ongoing revelations reported from other media outlets regarding the monitoring of journalists and activists who peacefully seek to express First Amendment rights guaranteed them under the U.S. Constitution.

Editors’ Note: The documents in their entirety are embedded at the end of this post and can also be viewed on our Scribd.

Continued Secrecy

The NPS FOIA release reveals continued secrecy on the part of officials in the…

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Key Project Update – South East Caravan Occupy National Gathering

Recap 07/07/2014


On June 2, 2014, the JCO ( The Julia Clark Organization ) began the South East Caravan to the Occupy National Gathering in Twin City, GA. For a month Julia test ran camping in the revamped 1969 pop-up RV. She named the pop-up The Rig. The Rig was designed created by Jim Parker.

Jim and Julia

He is non-digital supporter of the Campaigns. His beliefs run toward the Tea Party temperature, but he realizes that the Tea Party was a farce created by the global corporate conglomerates that have no interest in addressing issues faced by the average citizen of the USA.


The Rig is a tiny mobile office that is painted brown and beige with plain functional features. Preparing for the road was a practice in prediction. With a former homeland security police cruiser as the tow vehicle, what could be packed was very limited.


The second dry run was in Swainsboro, GA. The Braswell’s hosted the Caravan Campaign until June 18th. The plan was to pack and repack five times before setting out for the full run. Plus the power package was to be installed in Swainsboro by Chris’s Automotive Electrical. Two weeks go by fast, much of the time was spent wrapping up loose ends, tending to fine details on the mobile office, and acclimatizing Greenbean, the watchdog of the JCO, to children, other dogs, and people. Greenbean’s disposition from the haunted condemned house in Twin City was near miraculous and attested to the haunting of the house in Twin City.


Late on the 18th of June the JCO pulled out of Swainsboro, GA bound for Jeffersonville, GA. Julia had gotten a ticket the day she had picked up the camper from Mr. Parker. The first night free from any tethers.

The last shot before Julia left Swainsboro, GA



Julia got into Jeffersonville, GA just after midnight. She parked the cruiser and rig in a clear spot in front of the court-house. Her and Greenbean, the JCO’s canine colleague, settled down for a long nap until dawn. They were awaken about 3 AM by the police chief of Jeffersonville. He said that a burglar alarm had went off in the court house and that he was checking the perimeters and was uncertain of my vehicle and rig. Julia explained who, what, where, why, and how to the chief. He listened with interest and asked involved questions about the Occupations and Campaigns. He left Julia with his approval and the proper place to park after 8 AM.


Court went very well for Julia and thus the JCO. It also provided a brief platform to discuss the Campaigns and the Occupations. The judge showed what interest he could from the bench and agreed the seriousness of the state of affairs. He reduced the ticket due to hardship. The court staff was wonderful and very interested in hearing more. Julia intended to follow-up, but Occupy Macon would flake out and remove that opportunity.


Occupy Macon had been contacted prior to arrival. There appeared to be two active people in the Occupation, Dr. Holiday and Mr. Homes. One was a dentist and the other worked at a coffee-house. Julia contacted both. The dentist never returned any calls. And the one from the coffee-house said he was in contact with the dentist. Mr. Homes assured the JCO all was well and there would be a place to camp. Mr. Homes sounded delighted to hear from another Occupant. However, this proved to be a farce. When Julia contacted Mr. Homes to get clearance and directions, he laughed and said, “Guess you’ll have to stay at the Walmart parking lot”


This was a bit crushing to Julia. She had not arranged for a plan B. And was caught off guard by the caviler attitude of Mr. Homes. Julia forged westward.


Julia took refuge in Forsyth, GA. Sleep deprivation was setting in and she could go no further. The plan had been to make contact the next Occupy to visit while camped at Occupy Macon. She had not planned of forging ahead so quickly. In her sleep depraved state, she contacted Brush Creek Park. Brush Creek Park sounded great. However, strange things were afoot.


Steve, the would-not-give-his-last-name park ranger, said he was an activist from the 80’s That he had worked to clean up Chattahoochee River by being a negotiator, that he was a big peace advocate, plus he had worked with Native Americans. He elaborated on the negotiator part while Julia was there. He said that he had accepted a large check from Georgia Power and used it to take reporters down the Chattahoochee River, thus bringing media attention and getting the river cleaned by this media. He said that his organization had won a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Georgia Power. He went on to say that his organization had produced a magazine, which was available on-line, but he did not say the name of the magazine. He made a great effort to empress upon Julia Clark his activist work, while at the same time belittling her, her work and the Occupations. At one point during a particularly strange conversation, Steve became insistent that the Occupations did not exist, explaining that he had searched for them after a main stream media sweep of regional Occupations and could not find them.


One of the first hints that things were fallacious , besides Julia’s GPS being hijacked, was occurred when she arrived. Steve asked her, “What kind of corruption are you against?” She thought little of it at the time and explaining the JCO’s stance on vice, such as marijuana. Steve gave the feeling to Julia that she was not welcomed, yet also saying he wanted to do interviews about his activism. Steve, finally allowed her into the camp. She had little choice, her internet and phones were behaving strangely to say the least, she needed to get her bearings, plus funds were running low.


Julia sets up camp and by now is beginning to realize how difficult the mobile office is to set up. She tries the phones, it says 3G, but there is no connection. Julia would later realize how strange that was.

After a 24 hour sleep, she realizes there is something very incredulous about Steve. It is at this time that all communications begin to cease, except for sporadic connections. Steve confronted Julia again that all was wrong with her and the Occupations during this confrontation, her favorite cup fell and broke when Steve pushed Greenbean. The broken cup came to be symbolic and was never touched by her or Greenbean while she packed to make her way to the distant town of Franklin, GA.


Steve had lead on that all of Franklin, which according to him was in a very small county of only 12,000 was against the Occupations. This was untrue. The everyone Julia met was supportive of the Occupy. All that she spoke with agreed, something strange was afoot at Brush Creek Park. With no paper map, Julia reached out to all the Occupants on her phone list. Mr. William Hong while in the middle of a very serious long-planned 99riser’s event, guided Julia to the closest town Carrollton, GA.


Julia camped until dawn in the Walmart parking lot, reflecting on the irony that she was now camping in an Walmart parking lot after the laughter of Occupy Macon. By now, she really realize how impractical the Mobile Office was as a camper.


She also decided, maybe the back-roads to Sacramento, California was not a good idea, even if it was only 10 hours more driving time. It seemed like such a good endeavor when in Jeffersonville, Georgia. However, clearly it was fought with honey traps or so it seemed to her at that moment.


Forging westward with a tank of gas and some fresh supplies, she was going to get as far as that would take her. She wanted to to get across Alabama without getting Alabama soil on her shoes. It was a symbolic gesture to broken alliances. Alliances from her past that proved to be ignoble.


She made it across the state-line with barely gas to spare. She made it to a small fish camp in a town so small it is not on the map. By this time she had come to realize that if she stated where she was at openly on her media assets that her internet would be interrupted. So announcing where she was and details was no longer an option. She was going to have to reformulate a new plan.


Wonderfully though strange that it was, she had a nice sign from nature by way of Canadian Geese in South Mississippi during June. It begins with an Occupant named Justin Stone-Diaz. Justin is known for just under the rim sabotage or subterfuge sabotage. He always has an apology ready at hand and a defensive just misunderstood excuse for his antics. This time Justin had created a picture for the Occupy National Gathering with Canadian Geese. No one pointed out the Canada connection and it had not registered with Julia either. She stood up for the picture because it fit well with her rural trek. When Julia saw the geese at the fish camp, she thought of the picture with pleasure. She snapped some photos and posted, “Occupants from the National Gathering saying good morning” Later she made cover art for the JCO youtube channel and other derivative pictures for others to use. Then Canadian Occupants noticed and wailed. Nevertheless, the Canadian Geese in South Mississippi was a nice gesture from nature.


Julia planned to stay at the fish camp for ten days. She needed the rest, had some serious restructuring work needing to be done, plus getting caught up on letters, posts and documents. It was here that she realized without a doubt The Rig was majorly over weight because she noticed the heel of her docksiders had melted. And it was not working as planned, she just could not set it up in a good fashion. She camped and began sorting through what she had brought. It was then she realized that glassware was heavy, impractical, and not at all practical or romantic. All the glassware had to be left behind. She would also decide leave behind the two end walls.


Flat # one

Setting up camp proved to be extra difficult. It had to be set two times. The first time a neighboring camper helped. The second time the whole camp assisted. The second time the camper had developed a strong lean. The lean was because one of the trailer tires had gone flat. Julia, the fish camp staff, and fellow campers tried to compensate the lean by jacking up one side of the camper. It didn’t work, so the tire was going to have to be changed. Fortunately, the tire was easily fixed. The next flat was not going to be as easy.


During the first days there her neighbor to the west thought it would be a good idea to allow her in heat chihuahua to pee in the Greenbean’s area and blame it on her neighbor’s dog to the East. Greenbean is a 90 pound primitive dog, who had just learned to lift his leg to pee two weeks earlier. The poor beast became love-sick from this bored woman’s taunting with her chihuahua. Greenbean became wildly rebellious, quit eating his food, and constant frothing.


Then the neighbor to the west came home with her dog.


The neighbor to the west dog was actually a male. That proved to be too much for Greenbean. Julia and Greenbean got into a vicious battle for power and control. Ultimately, Julia would win the battle because Greenbean would come to be castrated because of a begrimed woman’s provoking with a chihuahua.

Greenbean after castration


It also was the time that Greenbean came to his own. While at the veterinarians Greenbean got his own fan club. The staff and doctors praised Greenbean’s good manors, robustness, and playfulness. The groomer delighted in Greenbean’s delicate lifting of his legs to be washed. The whole staff fawned pointedly asked to include photos of him on his quest westward.


In another act of kindness from the universe was on Julia’s birthday. Her sister called to wish her a happy birthday, but did not want to come visit. Sorely hurt by her real sister’s snub, fate put in Julia’s path a person with the same name as her sister and was also a redhead. Her sister had died the year earlier and her sister’s birthday was just two days off from Julia’s own birthday. This kissmet lady and her husband helped Julia, wash five loads of laundry, pack and reconstruct the camper to a possible suitable weight. True God sends they were to Julia, the JCO, and the SE caravan. They have promised to get the internet as soon as they can.


During all these mundane encounters, Julia engages people she encounters along the way. One such time was in a rural post office with the postmaster. Though postal personnel are not allowed to express their opinions while working, the post master took the opportunity and risk convey pertinent and concerning issues about the postal system. When any one would walk in the conversation would stop or change, then return back to the conversation when they left.


While at the fish camp Julia engaged and reached out to Occupy Jackson. Occupy Jackson looked to be a vibrant occupation at one point. However, Occupy Jackson tested to be simply a façade. The research reports and white paper about Occupy Jackson is available to subscribers.


The 4th of July was upon the South East Caravan. Jackson was no longer on the agenda, Julia forged westward.


Late at night on Interstate Twenty just East of a small town called Bovina the South East Caravan had a blow out on the camper. Julia was coming up on a tractor-trailer accident and thought she heard a train, the noise was not a train, but the rim on the camper tire. She realized the blow out just past the tractor-trailer accident. She thought maybe an axle had broken. She pulled over to look and saw the shredded tire and bare rim. Then looking up, Julia realized what an incredible dangerous spot to realize a blow out. The cruiser, the camper, Greenbean, and her were just past the accident where vehicles where either still looking back or breaking speed after the accident. The camper emergency lights were not as bright as needed to capture drivers attention after all the emergency vehicles lights. Dangerous was an understatement. The first order of action was to get Greenbean out of the cruiser and not get killed herself while doing it. She went back into the cabin of the cruiser and got a bright LED hand-held light, then went to the back of the camper and flicked the light to the right in attempt to bring attention to the on coming cars that there was another road hazard to contend with after the tractor-trailer wreck. When a break in the traffic occurred she ran forward leashed up Greenbean and got him out of the cruiser.


Now Greenbean and her were safer, but still in perils way. Julia tried to capture the attention of the the highway patrol officers that were manning the tractor-trailer accident, but her light was not bring enough to bring their attention to her and Greenbean. She was going to have to abandon the camper and cruiser, leaving it to its fate with its dim hazard lights.


Greenbean was doing well enough. It was going to be a risk hiking back with him, but he was safer with her than tied to the camper or cruiser. As they hiked back, baby shoes and woman’s high heals littering the side of the interstate added to the reminder of the danger and spooked Greenbean. Once to the site of the accident, the look of surprise on the patrol men’s face was a relief and a heighten reminder of the danger. They motioned for her to cross the traffic and get closer to the rigs for safety. Julia explained to them she had a blow out on the driver’s side. That the cruiser and camper was in an extraordinary dangerous spot. That there was no driving it to safety and she was scared to change the tire without coverage to prevent another accident. They were still in a bit of disbelief that a lone woman and her dog had wandered up from the interstate with dress billowing in the wind. Do they keep her there next to them, do they send her back to her vehicle, there was really no good choices. Julia made the decision to go back and protect the cruiser and rig as best she could with the small, but bright light she had. At least they now knew she was back there.


Thank you , Mississippi Highway Patrol~

It was not long before the officers showed up on scene. They looked it over and took charge. Julia had been required to change a tire by a friend before she left. She knew she could do it and that the tools were at hand. However, it was a very dangerous location. While Julia was putting Greenbean back into her cruiser, Officer Johnson took to task of changing the tire, while Officer Watson held the light and watched traffic for errant vehicles that might crash us. Even with the flashing lights of the highway patrol cars. The whole scene was fraught with danger. Sheepishly, Julia asked, if they would get into trouble for going above and beyond duty in such manner and could she write to tell their chief how they have gone above and beyond duty. Julia wanted to take pictures. She knew take pictures or it did not happen. They said, they would not get into trouble. She snapped a few pictures, but not many because of the dangerous location. When it was said and done, they gave her their information. She could not find any of her cards. Julia was still quite scared and they all were still in a very dangerous location. They said, please send them each one to the address they gave they would very much like to have one.


Officer Johnson then took command again and said they would escort Julia to the next exit, that she was to check all her tires and to get a proper lug wrench immodestly. Julia agreed. She got herself into her driver’s seat, still a bit dazed from the danger pulled onto the highway with two highway patrol cars following.


When she reached the exit she took it and once parked looked around to wave to the officers. They were gone no where in sight. It was a busy holiday. Though Julia was an anomaly from their normal patrol, their was lots more for the officers to do before their shift was over.


Julia looked around to assess where she was. It looked to be a small, but good service station in a remote area. She checked every one of her tires, her oil, and the water. Everything needed attention. It was four in the morning before she could clear herself to sleep until dawn.


The next day she parked under a shade tree to figure out where she was and where to next. It was such a beautiful location she could have stayed there for days. It was a resort location, the people were great and lots of conversations about the Campaigns, Occupations, and the State of Affairs.


Julia Clark

This brings us up to date. Julia is in an undisclosed location with limited internet. And this time, it is truly limited, unlike Brush Creek Park. There are no bars, only a circle with a line though it with the words, “Searching For SVC” She is presently making her way westward.


Please give to the Campaign to help mobilize now because you and people like you are the supporters of The JCO’s campaigns. Every dollar helps and goes a long way. Imagine the risk, honor, and engagement that goes in to every hard-earned mile. This Campaign belongs to each and every one of you and is within your power.




Kaspersky Lab Discovers New Android and iOS Mobile Malware; Maps HackingTeam’s Command and Control Servers | Kaspersky Lab US

The list of victims indicated in separate research reports, conducted independently by Kaspersky Lab and Citizen Lab, includes activists and human rights advocates, as well as journalists and politicians.

via Kaspersky Lab Discovers New Android and iOS Mobile Malware; Maps HackingTeam’s Command and Control Servers | Kaspersky Lab US.

Dear Mr. William Hugh Murray,


The JCO reviewed an editorial where you complained about the legality of  Scott Erven’s and Shawn Merdinger’s  work as independent health care security researchers. Even if this research gave forth useful fruits of labor. Research that uncovered significant vulnerabilities that could lead to targeted deaths and selected cowing of individuals, families, and professional staff  across a broad sector of hospital networks.

Your lack of insight exemplifies why the protection of whistle-blowers within the military frame-work is so very important because it appears as if your view on protecting individual life over blind obedience is gravely skewed

Allow us to give you a non-digital example:

If a person notices at a hospital unsecured equipment that could be used to harm persons, manipulate out comes of life and death of persons in a covert way a person of ethical means should be compelled to report such.  Not exposing such does not protect you nor anyone from dastardly persons.

Imagine if you were the chosen target of such dastardly persons, be it from within your military peers, from a corporate interest, or a cohort of motivated civilians.

Would you really want this information secretively passed to only the devils among us?

You are a dynamic and authoritative dignitary,  thank you for your continued shared knowledge backed by many years of  service


Please reflect and reconsider your position.



The JC Organization




Bill Murray is a management consultant and trainer in Information Assurance specializing in policy, governance, and applications. He is Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and chairman of the Governance and Professional Practices committees of (ISC)2, the certifying body, He has more than fifty years experience in information technology and more than forty years in security. During more than twenty-five years with IBM his management responsibilities included development of access control programs, advising IBM customers on security, and the articulation of the IBM security product plan. He is the author of the IBM publication Information System Security Controls and Procedures. He has been recognized as a founder of the systems audit field and by Information Security Magazine as a Pioneer in Computer Security. In 1999 he was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the Information System Security Association. In 2007 he received the Harold F. Tipton Award in recognition of his lifetime achievement and contribution.

US Supreme Court Says Warrants Required for Cell Phone Searches

The US Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement officers must have
a warrant to search cell phones belonging to people they arrest. The
ruling makes exceptions for emergencies, such as suspected bomb plots
and child abductions. The ruling overturns two convictions, one in
Massachusetts and one in California.

German Government Will Not Renew Verizon Contract

Germany’s government is ending its contract with Verizon over concerns
that the company could be allowing US intelligence to eavesdrop on
communications. An Interior Ministry spokesperson said that Germany
wants to have complete control over sensitive government networks. The
Verizon contract is set to expire in 2015.

Germany is not the only country moving in
this direction

We are starting to see the real world impact on technology
companies resulting from the Edward Snowden allegations of mass
surveillance by the US government. Verizon stated “The US Government
cannot compel us to produce our customers’ data stored in data centres
outside the US, and if it attempts to do so, we would challenge that
attempt in a court.” However, Microsoft are currently appealing a court

compelling them to surrender data held on a server in their Dublin
datacentre. The outcome of that appeal will have major implications for
US tech companies and in particular cloud service providers.

AT&T and Verizon are learning the hard way what every
international enterprise should know. Except in war, its duty to the
country in which it does business trumps that to the country in which
it is chartered. The habit of easy cooperation with the US government,
that grew up when they were a state chartered monopoly, is no longer


Note from the JCO : Names of writers removed to honor privacy agreements. 

Emergency Action –

The solemn and somberness is very moving . Assist today. Act now
99Rise Occupiers Arrested at CA Statehouse – YouTube

19 arrested for peaceably demanding money out of politics

EMERGENCY ACTION — Call Sacramento PD 916-264-5471 and CHP (916) 843-3000 to demand the release of the 99Rise peaceful protestors who were exercising their First Amendment rights when they were arrested in mass tonight at the State Capitol. They were trying to get corruption out of politics

Please Do Speak In Halls Unless You Have Money


Jun 17th, 12:30pm
yea, i see that
that’s not my doing. it’s indiegogo’s setup
i don’t know how those other comments got there though since they didn’t contribute either.
my purpose isn’t to make the comment section available only to those that contribute. not at all.
i’m going to see how i can contact indiegogo to make that not a thing.
the site itself will be free to the public once set up. i’m just a guy trying to raise money for it. i can’t help while i’m at work this issue with indiegogo’s website. i didn’t make it that way, believe me. i’m trying to fight oppression and censorship.
Occupy Savannah
Sent by Julia Clark
I am glad the indiegogo issue was availed to garner your attention Micheal Jude Hendricks and you are addressing it. It highlights what it is often like in rural USA and how challenging the internet can be in rural areas.
yea, i’m just at my real job right now, and i didn’t have the ability to get back to your well thought out letter. i do have a response for you and i wish to tell you more later.
Jun 17th, 12:39pm
i would appreciate if you can save that as a draft for the time being because you have to believe that i am not out to censor anyone or anything. that’s what my fight in life is against right now.
Occupy Savannah
Sent by Julia Clark
I also have to get back to work. I will be in Macon in two days. My internet is so very throttled where I am at. I look forward to speaking with you. God willing, your spanking did not sting much. You are welcome to call, if you wish, though even the phone is throttled out here. Smart hone are not so smart when throttled. Julia
Jun 17th, 12:46pm
okay, i’ll write you later on your page. i’d appreciate it if you can take down that blog post for the time being as it isn’t my intent to cause that for those wishing to speak on that page. thanks, julia. mike



It was brought to the JCO’s attention that The Hall :

Michael Hendricks The Hall

Does not allow public comments on their fund-raising page unless you pay them. Such action seems very similar to the very thing The Halls are trying to address.  Doing such prevents legitimate issues  from being brought to light to persons that are considering funding The Hall.


The JCO will not recommend The Hall until this very serious throttle on communications is addressed.



Occupy Savannah received this request from The Hall :

Hi! My name is Michael Hendricks and I am the Founder of The Hall. The Hall is an organization that I started after being inspired by the principle that money should be taken out of politics that many people express these days. I am writing you today to ask that you check out the video that I have up on my crowdfunding campaign at
The Hall’s vision is to become the authoritative source of democracy in The United States of America. By using the power of technology, we will eradicate the influence of money in politics by allowing the users the ability to vote on all issues that their representatives will vote on and allow those representatives the opportunity to know exactly what the people think about each issue.
The website content will give people the tools to discuss, debate, and ultimately vote on solutions and challenge those in power to make change. This brings true citizenship to your home computer.
A long-term focus of the organization is on having people run for public office and use the platform to truly represent the people, giving the country a representative democracy with the influence of direct democracy.
Every bill, statute or ordinance from any representative at any government level will be available to allow people to read a bill, discuss it, and vote on it. From the information garnered on the website, representatives will be able to understand their constituents views and hopefully act accordingly. The representative will then be able to truly vote on the will of the people.
What I am asking today from you is for your help in getting the funds raised during this campaign to build the website by sharing the link to the crowdfunding page on your Facebook, Twitter, website, or any other webpages that you may have. We have a substantial goal to reach, but with all the contacts and positive support that we have built over the last two years, we feel that the goal is attainable.
It can only be done though with your help because we are all in this together. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more information about this revolutionary means of giving the people of this country’s citizens the power of their opinion and vote back.
Michael Hendricks The Hall

The very serious concern of people without internet access or throttled internet access was addressed in the responding letter.

Hello Michael Hendricks,

This is Julia Clark one of the founders of Occupy Savannah, Occupy Rammstein, the Culling Corruption Campaign, and the JCO. Occupy National Gathering – organizing committee. South East Caravan to the National Gathering – lead caravan. Occupant in Occupy Marines, Occupy the Senate, Occupy Georgia, Occupy the South East, among others. I was also on board Obama’s Rural team.

Presently, I am touring the rural areas for a temp check for The Occupations. I have sponsored the next 5 Blood Moons ( approx 2 years) to The Occupation. I do not have the bandwidth to watch your videos. Rural America represents 80% of the USA lands and 20 to 49% of the USA population depending on classification of rural.

As you can see the rural area and population of the USA is an important part of the USA fabric. One of the most challenging areas of rural USA is internet coverage. Much of the coverage in rural areas is substandard, monopolized, or relatively non-existent due to cost.

Though your concept in inventive and inspirational, how do you plan to address rural areas of the USA given that most people are not connected.

Julia Clark


The seriousness of the state of rural internet needed to be brought to the forefront, thus the posting in the various locations provided by Michael Hendricks.

Throttling was further highlighted when Julia Clark went to post the letter on The Hall’s fund-raising page:

Comments are only allowed at The Hall if you have money.

Comments are only allowed at The Hall if you have money.