This would be a good time to remind everyone of basic security.

This would be a good time to remind everyone of basic security.

As we are downloading from people, we may or may not know. One thing for sure, we are not certain where everyone has stuck, or is sticking their computers along the Internet tubes. Nor their extent of protection used while probing the great vast space of the Internet. Depending on your own internet situation, extra precaution is in order.

This site and others that clearly show who has or has not donated provides information to would be criminals. Whoever has donated, most likely they have a PayPal account.

A simple hack of the site as have occurred in the past, would provide the mailing list for those registered. That list and other data gleaned while the site was in exploit mode is useful to sell to help fund the operations of the criminal. Or used directly not only for theft but also for Business Intelligence. In addition, a criminal applying social engineering can corrupt, mislead, or force person/s into doing things they otherwise might not do.

Keep in mind, not only this site, but other sites you attend, like Sony’s recent breach of Playstation.
I know some of you are thinking OMG there is no way to be safe and have a life. Security is a commodity. Most of us do not want nor can take the time and money to have an unbreachable system. And quite honestly, no system is unbreachable including the one’s behind locked doors not connect to the internet.

What there are is unknown systems. Moreover, being unknown is relatively free for most people.
That sounds like you have to be a masked freak all the time and you do not want to do that. You want to be free, you want to make friends, be friends, and have a social life. I feel ya. I want, also!
Here is the solution that will work for most people.


Never use facts for your security questions. Do not give your mother’s maiden name, your hometown, or anything of that nature. Instead, choose a password. Do not use this password anywhere else on the web. Create three of them. You have high, middle, and low-level security zones. Security is fluid. Do not hesitate to move different parts of your life into different zones. Do not write these down anywhere. However, if you must, write them on paper and place them behind lock and key. Do not write “super secret passwords” on top of the list. A name and random looking addresses will do. You will know what they are. So will your significant other, when they ask what those are while rifling through important papers, but that is another topic… :biggrin:

You now no longer have to worry about talking about your childhood, family, or other such stuff in general conversation. You can tell that story about how your first pet, Fido ate your second pet in a rose bed and that is why that is your favorite flower. Or answer those silly data-mining-who-are-you questionnaires. OMG, you almost feel like a real person again. You cannot wait to start telling the world about just who you are and why. Glad to help

Now that you have removed personal information as your access to your online identity giving you one less known key, let us get the other keys just as unknown.

Remember the best security is the criminal not knowing.

However, how do you throw off an on-the-hunt criminal, or a nosy neighbor?

You want to be social, you want to have places to go, and you want to connect.


Your passwords into the cyber word let you be you. You must have a 100 of them and your comment about how fast grass grows is important! You got to get on!

To create secure passwords use a formula, a recipe so to speak, I will show you an example.

I would again create three levels.

Let us create a password:
Select a phrase such as:
Blue dogs named Sam have feet

Smash it, keep the capitols, and sprinkle a few numbers
You can use a shorter one for example Arr3st3d

Choose two letters from the site you are visiting or making home.

We will use Roth Army as an example.
Choose the first and last letter, the first two letters, or fourth and sixth letters. It does not matter what two or three, just keep it consistent so you know which ones. You will place these letters somewhere in your passphrase.

For example, I will take the ‘my’ from
I will take these letters and tack them somewhere in my phrase. I am going to choose for this example to place them after the first 3.

There you go, a unique password for every place

Here is an again in a nutshell
4uniquePhrasewith(place select letters into the phrase)cap1tolsandnumberswithaplacementofselectlettersofthesiteyouarevisiting.

Your password is your key. Don’t let it get breeched.
Here is a how long using a brute force program to hack your password.

[CENTER]Password Length/ All Characters/ Only Lowercase
3 characters/ 0.86 seconds/ 0.02 seconds
4 characters/ 1.36 minutes./ 046 seconds
5 characters/ 2.15 hours/ 11.9 seconds
6 characters/ 8.51 days/ 5.15 minutes
7 characters/ 2.21 years/ 2.23 hours
8 characters/ 2.10 centuries/ 2.42 days
9 characters/ 20 millennia/ 2.07 months
10 characters/ 1,899 millennia/
11 characters/ 180,365 millennia/
12 characters/ 17,184,705 millennia/
13 characters/ 1,627,797,068 millennia/
14 characters/ 154,640,721,434 millennia/ [/CENTER]

Roth Army defends against brute force, but lesser sites might not. And you might use that password here.

You say that does not matter. Nobody knows where I go or bank. Well that file you just downloaded from Billy Bob, who uses little to no security while visiting Russian Mafia sites, got a brief peek-a-boo into your system with a lesser known hack before you or your system shut it down. Now those cookies are only a password away from in. :umm:

Data logging is a whole other fiend, and best dealt with by using separate computers on separate intra and Internet networks and are topics unto themselves.


2 comments on “This would be a good time to remind everyone of basic security.

  1. Julia says:

    An oldie, but a goody. And OK security practices for most folks. Of course , now we know that most data is breached at an hierarchy level and encryption is the most vital aspect to surf securely

  2. Sally G says:

    Thanks; excellent article.

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