Sony’s Exploitation

Sony’s choice to present their loss as 199 million is a public relations deflection and very similar KFC or Taco Bell selling a shoddy meal for $ x.99. It is an attempt to not scare the shareholders (and customer base) about the real cost and to feel better about something that is substandard.

Reflecting upon the whimsical way Sony allowed their customer’s (and shareholder’s) information to be availed for exploitation, including the exploitation by Sony’s “executives” (and I use that word loosely) using their databases for exploits, industrial espionage, market manipulation, and cowing.

One could expect Sony to manipulate their finical sheets to slow the death march, which upon review is incredibly similar to Enron’s ignored decent before the accounting fraud gave the final and fatal blow.

One has to ask Sony;
Where are the billions lost during 2009 accounted?
Where are the billions lost from this year accounted?

Sony is riding a bubble very similar to the Enron bubble. Media and public relations are a core part of Sony’s essence and Sony does a good job at spinning news and pretty webs of deception. However, webs do not protect against barreling facts.

Culling corruption is a tedious endeavor and takes tenacity. Consequently, even though Sony is a powerhouse media empire, the culling will eventually arrive. It did for Enron, it will for Sony.