Who just started arming Syria rebels?

Who just started arming Syria rebels?.

An interesting and notable read. I have had a request to review the conflict for my opinion on “who are the good guys and who are the bad guys” in relation to the FSA. I think the best to create a new blog and provide a link to it.


Mommy, I Want To Grow Up To have The Ethics Of A Banker!

The global banking industry has serious ethical issues. The national banking systems has serious corruption issues. The subjects of those two sentence can be interchanged with the objects of those two sentences.

There are many theories and reasons why, but for the moment lay that a side. The past is past and no one can change the past. People need tools, weapons, strategies, n how to deal with the conglomerate banking industry in the present moment.


It is not enough to sound off and hope that something changes. The people have to put the change in place. The people have to put the change in place now. Beginning today.


It is not just individual people and families burdened by the horrific ethics and culture of corruption of the banking industry. It is also, communities from small towns to countries that are burdened with the perverse culture of corruption that the banking industry has become.


Bankers and their employees are no longer people of high and moral character. They have become predator drones with a lapse of ethics so severe that every encounter with personnel of banks from the janitor to the teller to the managers to the CEOs should be met with encouragement to leave the corruption behind, to quit their jobs, to void contracts. A full out intervention is needed.


But what can people do more than that Debt Strike has created a living document:


The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual

This manual—written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters, and allies from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street—aims to provide specific tactics for understanding and fighting against the debt system. You’ll find detailed strategies and resources for dealing with credit card, medical, student, housing and municipal debt, tactics for navigating the pitfalls of personal bankruptcy, and information to help protect yourself from predatory lenders. Recognizing that individually we can only do so much to resist the system of debt, the manual also introduces ideas for those who have made the decision to take collective action.

Down load it today. Read it this week.

Download the Manual 

To be fully aware is to be armed. Do not engage your future without the knowledge of some of the bet minds in the world at your side.



A Rebuttle To The Article “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth” – NYTimes.com

Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth – NYTimes.com.

Discrimination, however, is only a small part of the picture. Probably the most important reason for lack of equality of opportunity is education: both its quantity and quality. After World War II, Europe made a major effort to democratize its education systems. We did, too, with the G.I. Bill, which extended higher education to Americans across the economic spectrum.

Education should not be equated to higher wages. Education should be equated to civic duty. It should not be uncommon for a garbage man to have advanced degrees. Yes , degrees. America needs living wages and unfettered access to educational pursuits. A healthcare system that allows mobility of workers, by unshackling the worker from the employer.

In today’s present state of the Union the GI Bill is little more than an economic draft. Moreover, the GI Bill is incredibly faraway from democratize. It is deceitful to propagandist such a ludicrous statement.The American people should not have to partake of a blood lottery simply to have an education of any means.

It does not seem, but is a reality that policies have been designed to reduce opportunity.

America is in a woeful state of affairs because corporate conglomerates, the so-called 1%) have tarnished the American name, enslaved American’s beginning with the misconception of the American dream to the American people.

After all, if you had been taught history, you would know that home ownership myth was created in a board room with the precise reason that the indebted will not rock the boat.

Knowledge is power.

The American dream has become a nightmare. It is time to do more. It is time to cull the corruption.

Join us in the Corruption Culling Campaign.

Why We’ll Never Get a Full Account of the War in Iraq – D.B. Grady – The Atlantic

Why We’ll Never Get a Full Account of the War in Iraq – D.B. Grady – The Atlantic.

It is a common tactic of corrupt individuals who are committing criminal acts to incorrectly fill out documents. It is purposefully done to create another layer the investigator must go through to reveal the truth. In this case it is the old “put the file under the wrong name” trick.



“”That’s not a recognized marking,” said Leonard. “I have no idea if it was the intent, but I can guarantee you what the consequences of those markings are. When any of this material eventually does end up at a presidential library and access demands are being made, or it’s being processed for release, when some poor archivist sees material marked Handle as SCI, it’s going into the bottom of the pile, and it is going to get much more conservative review. Whether it was the intent to retard the eventual release of the information, I know that’s going to be a consequence of it.”

A well-written, researched, and thought provoking narrative by a random CNN.com user that deserves a little more attention. : DornerCase

A well-written, researched, and thought provoking narrative by a random CNN.com user that deserves a little more attention. : DornerCase.

Historical Data from the Dorner Campaign.

Historical data to keep Dorner from being swept under the rugs by the LAPD and  to get him in alive.

Notes from the online news outreach used in the comment sections.


Because of the celebrity culture, It is expected of officers to lie for names. The LAPD has a culture of corruption in LA because “the industry” is so damned corrupt and no one can investigate it, least they have hell to pay.

The amount of corruption with in the film, music, television etc – “the industry” is staggering. And it, “the industry” is not held accountable at all.

This police force, the LAPD, has to operate in that culture of corruption. In such an environment, one cannot hire non-corrupt officers. And the noble non-corrupt officers that do slip through the crack are quickly weeded out or conform.

The CCC realizes it is very controversial and really risky. However, Occupy LA should be up in arms over Officer Dorner’s railroading

If you have not read his manifesto you need to

Because of the celebrity culture, It is expected of officers to lie for names. The LAPD has a culture of corruption in LA because “the industry” is so damned corrupt and no one can investigate it, least they have hell to pay.

The amount of corruption with in the film, music, television etc – “the industry” is staggering. And it, “the industry” is not held accountable at all.

This police force, the LAPD, has to operate in that culture of corruption. In such an environment, one cannot hire non-corrupt officers. And the noble non-corrupt officers that do slip through the crack are quickly weeded out or conform.

The CCC wishes Dorner would have went to one of the Occupations first before feeling a need to go to such extremes. However, if Dorner had would he had been met with hostility simply because he was an officer?

A Valentines’ Big Bear for Dorner

Reporting on the twitter storm and events surrounding the Big Bear siege.

One of my feeds highlighted that Dorner was holed up in a cabin on Big Bear. Right away it seemed odd. The news media was being held back.

I noticed that my comments on Huffington was being placed under another person picture. A computer glitch that seems to be all in order now. My posts are where they should be in my activity line.

Right before it was announced by the media that the media was being asked to not report details and to pull back farther than they already were.  The live video feeds I was watching and commenting about kept stopping abruptly, unlike a normal crash.

I took to the twitters to learn better details. Then is was announced to stop tweeting about Big Bear.

At no point was this announced as Dorner. However, that did not matter. The plan as to kill who =ever was in that cabin Waco style. One of the Twit feeds I had going was from a fire reporting station. He or she announced a “go with the burn plan” And that is what happen. There were others outside of the LAPD  that were breaking the blue line too. So reports were coming in describing a Waco style event, for someone who was not confirmed to be Dorner.

Then a woman whose name I did not catch came on to give a press conference to the media. The over all tone was one of cowing other officers that might be thinking of coming forward. She repeated stated that the police was a brotherhood and look out after each other. It would be intimidating to someone working day in and day out in such a culturally corrupt environment as the LAPD  Especially, if you were an undercover officer already convinced that the murders attributed to Dorner were actually a setup. The intelligence chatter was over-whelming in such a seriousness.

I given the chatter and the events, I could see where that was very possible.

Dorner is not confirmed dead or alive at this point. There was chatter among the crisis scene using the word suicide or killed. None of the normal chatter that would occur in a positive kill.

However, the officers were more relaxed. Less on guard , less trigger happy. It would be a good thing to calm already jumpy nerves by burning a building and lower the tensions, especially if the man being hunted had not actually commented the murders.

At anyway, sake, or case; Dorner is out of the picture be he dead or alive.

At any rate I would not trust the LAPD with forensic identification of Dorner. If there is a body and if there is anything left to identify of the body or bodies after the inferno.



The economic draft in America is taking too much toll on our populations. It is time to stop the for profit wars.

CNN Security Clearance

By Jamie Gumbrecht

He’s the man who rolled into a bedroom in Abbottabad, Pakistan, raised his gun and shot Osama bin Laden three times in the forehead.

Nearly two years later, the SEAL Team Six member is a secret celebrity with nothing to show for the deed; no job, no pension, no recognition outside a small circle of colleagues.

Journalist Phil Bronstein profiled the man in the March issue of Esquire, calling him only the Shooter — a husband, father and SEAL Team Six member who happened to pull the trigger on the notorious terrorist. It’s a detailed account of how the raid unfolded, and what comes after for those involved. The headline splashed across the cover reads, “The man who killed Osama bin Laden … is screwed.”

“They spent, in the case of the shooter, 16 years doing exactly what they’re trained to do, which is going out on…

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Former LAPD Officer Joe Jones’s Manifesto # 2 Will Not Be Redacted

I will not be taking down Joe Jones Manifesto.

Just remember that God is a forgiving God. In conclusion I say to people who knew none of this about me that one day I will have to reflect on when was the time to speak. When I see the potential for innocent lives to be lost…The time is Now!…JJ”

Indeed his family may want the manifesto swept under the rug. They may wish that their beloved had no tarnished memories from his life, but indeed he does. They may have huddled around him, saying to him; Don’t get involved. It is other people’s business. Keep your head down. Don’t make waves. We are so sorry this happened to you. Just forget about it, it will all be better. They my be saying those things and other well intended comforters that way too many families said during past social upheavals.

However, they are wrong in action. Sometimes it is difficult to make and stand by right choices.

Dorner’s LAPD firing case hinged on credibility. Joe Jones emotional online manifesto corroborates that LAPD has a culture of corruption. A culture of corruption so perverse that it leaves PTSD scars on souls.

It is time that the good men and women of LAPD claim their agency. It is time for the good men and woman of LAPD Occupy themselves. It is not a matter of taking back the LAPD from a culture of corruption, but over-taking the culture of corruption in LAPD. It is time for the good men and women of LAPD to form their own Occupations. To stand up, speak out, and expose the corrupt to broad daylight. Even if the corruption has touched you. The only way to clean it off of you is to expose it.


Julia Clark

Second LAPD Officer Comes Forward With A Manifesto. Fears Dying But Speaks Out

This current situation with Former LAPD Officer, Christopher Dorner has opened a lot of questions and left a lot to be answered for, but it has also, in a backhanded way, inspired others that have gone thru the same hell with the LAPD to step forward, after many years and speak.  Speak on the corruption, the slander, the mistreatment and the hell they were subjected to while being involved with the LAPD.


The following is a post from a Facebook Friend, Joe Jones.  It makes you sit and think.  It also makes you understand that what you see and hear from the LAPD and their affiliates cannot and is not all that they are putting it up to be.  Take a read:

“My Former LAPD Officer Joe Jones MANIFESTO… I know most of you who personally who me are in disbelief of the partial story I will tell today. A story that has been suppressed for about 18 years, But lives strong everyday of my life. I without hesitation would like to send my condolences to the Victims who were lost and their families during this tragic situation. I would also like to send my condolences and well wishes to the many former and current Officers, as well as …Citizen’s and their families who lost the lives and souls of loved one’s to the injustices of Police Corruption, Scandal, Lies, Deception and Brutality. Unlike Former Officer Dorner, I fear dying; But I also fear living in a society where Innocent people are dying for no reason. A society where pain so great can be afflicted to people who have to desire to live right and treat people right and then be punished for doing right. They say we all look alike. In very few cases this of course is true. But in most cases it is not. I feel a resemblance to Dorner, (See Photos) However several people who have no resemblance to Dorner have been shot due to the fear of what is taking place. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SHOT FOR CRIMES I DID NOT COMMIT!. Neither does anyone else. To preface my story I will say this: Just like former Officer Christopher Dorner I used to smile a lot. I loved everyone. I was voted Friendliest Senior of my Sr. Class in High School. I always believed in the system and never got into any trouble. I loved hard and gave to all I could. After Joining the LAPD in 1989 I quickly found out that the world and society had major flaws. I had flaws as well for ever believing that our system of government was obligated to do the right thing. his is what I believed as a young Officer. Without going into major detail, I need you to first assume that I would not surface 16 years later with lies about a situation that has me with PTSD to this very day. The pain forces me to speak as I have yet to shake the Ill’s of my experience as an LAPD Officer. Of course I have moved on physically. But mentally and emotionally I still live with flaws. I can’t go into re-living the emotions of what I went through so I will say this. I had my home viciously attacked by a gunman with my family and myself inside the house. No arrests were made and my family and I Received very little support. I had my Civil Rights violated on several occasions. I was falsely arrested at gunpoint by the Sheriffs as an Officer who ID’d himself and was conspired against by both LAPD and the Sheriffs when my Civil case went to Trial. I was falsely accused on more than one occasion and simply placed in a position that the trust was so compromised that I could no longer wear the Uniform. Also know there were many more episodes. All of these issues are well documented and I present them not to be a Whistle blower, However to hope that one would not assume that all of what is being said is Lies as presented by Dorner. I don’t know him, But I know me. I will say from my experience, If a person knows they were wrong it is easier to move on without anger. Seems that Dorner obviously could not move on… Could I just be content and move on with my life and not say anything? Yes…Then I would feel that I for once had my chance to speak on something that hurts me to this day and I did nothing to arouse thought or provoke reform. This is what I hope comes from this whole situation: 1. Families that lost someone to this tragedy find the peace that only God can give at this terrible time. 2. Citizens of Los Angeles be mindful of this fearful time to be an Officer and comply vigorously so that you are not the victim of an Officer on high alert. 3. Government and Politicians please be diligent in the responsibility of creating Laws that protect those who could be the victim of a conspiracy. Never allow the door to be shut on the Truth. 4. Honest and Fair LAPD & All Agencies: Keep doing what you are doing to protect citizens and be safe while you are doing so. We need you and I would hope that you do not allow the Bureaucratic drama and Stress to kill your morale as I know it can. 5. Unethical LAPD & all Agencies: Whatever is was that lead you down this path, Pray to somebody’s God to forgive you and begin to remove unethical methods to your policing style. Always think what if it were you, How would you feel?..How would you like if you were falsely accused and your life, lively-hood and career was taken from you? How would you like if someone was beating on you just because they felt they could get away with it? You are no better the criminals you took and oath to arrest when you do what you do! 6. Chistopher Dorner. The 1st thing I would say to him is, I feel your pains!…But you are going about this the wrong way. To take innocent lives could never be the answer to anything. I say this as a Man who experienced the same pain, betrayal, anger, suffering, litigation and agony that you did in many ways, Only I didn’t get Fired. I just choose to go a different route. My heart still suffered that same shock, I was still left to try and put the pieces back together. The disbelief that people could conspire and cause you to loose something you loved so dearly was still there. I lost my Career, I lost my Family, I lost my Dignity, I lost my Trust…But I am here now to hopefully one day see change…Bro, Don’t kill anymore Innocent people. Your point has been made. Clearly. They know you mean business, The whole world knows. Refrain from any further wrong doing and do what you must to salvage your Soul. Whatever that means to you. Just remember that God is a forgiving God. In conclusion I say to people who knew none of this about me that one day I will have to reflect on when was the time to speak. When I see the potential for innocent lives to be lost…The time is Now!…JJ”


Joe Jones was a fromer LAPD officer and he felt the need to come out and speak on his experience from that time.  Do not let us loose anymore innocent lives but also do not let us loose any more innocent lives due to the unabated practices of the LAPD.  We as the public and as a people need to question all of this.  Much respect to Chief Charlie Beck for re-opening the file on Dorner but when you have a Mayor like Villarigosa that has already set the outcome of this investigation, we still will never see the real story behind this.
The public are targets because we stay the victims.  The time to stand up is now.  Question the officials, question the policies and question yourself!  Are you happy with your answers.



Bob Schieffer
Bob Schieffer is CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent and anchor of Face the Nation.


Your view of the Bush Family hacks is rather myopic. And is highlighted by this statement of yours:

Still, the episode is a less-than-gentle reminder of how technology is redefining our culture — the whole idea of privacy and, yes, the respect (or lack of it) that honest citizens should have for each other.

These are the things that all of us, not just journalists, may want to think about. How the news is delivered will take care of itself.

What exactly is meant by “How the news is delivered will take care of itself”? That is a very a haughty statement. The news is does not simply “take care of itself” It is delivered and sought after by diligent and not so diligent reporters, journalists, editorial teams, and everyday folk.

Being condescending in no way helps your credibility in this issue of the Bush family lax security.

It is not a matter of honest citizens going about doing honest things, this hacker did the Bush family and the United States of America a favor by spotlighting a clear national security issue. The state of and mood of the Bush family is viable intelligence.

The Bush family cannot expect the same privacy as average citizen of the world, even assuming that a citizen can expect such privacy in today’s world of data mining and packet-inspections.

Clearly the Bush family did not have established privacy. For all we know Guccifer knew of the breach had no means of reporting it, also known as whistle-blowing. With his or hers best option being exposing the breech, choose the most attention grabbing and least intelligence laden data to close the hole.

Who paints themselves in the tub and shower anyway and WHY?

Weighing privacy and the public’s right to know

Conservatism, Racism, and Corruption?

John Celock wrote an article at the Huffington Post about Jason Rapert recent racial remarks at  Tea Party rally. You can read it here.

It is racism, not Conservative. In addition, he is soliciting attention through inappropriate tactics and provocation Also, it is myopic.

He states that the quotation is out of context and his friend is the one who clarifies his statement, not himself. This is classic “not taking ownership of a statement” in discourse analysis, usually a red-flag that the subject or subjects are not being truthful.

In his rebuttal tweet he throws in a straw-man argument, by deflecting to a bill that has nothing to do with racial points. His friend is the one who steps forward and adds the “pro-choice, gun control liberals” statement. Again this shows not wanting to own a statement.

There are more points, but this is enough to show that he was at the very least using a double entendre.

In the speech, he continues exhibiting deceptive behavior patterns by stating that Pres Obama did not attend the National Prayer Breakfast, which is not true. Pres. Obama has indeed attended said breakfast in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

That statement is clearly inappropriate and provocative.

In his speech he goes from highlighting a Muslim celebration in connection to Pres Obama, to a dishonest statement separating Pres Obama from a Christian subjected event, the National Prayer Breakfast.

Noting that the National Prayer Breakfast hosting is by a Christian organization and inclusive of all faiths, thus his statement also tarnishes the National Prayer Breakfast and misrepresenting the National Prayer Breakfast event.

Rapert continues the theme of segregation and not conservationism by banking on the lie he stated a few moments before that Obama did not attend the National Prayer Breakfast, yet hosted a Muslim holiday dinner and thus implying that doing such was aligning with Muslims.

And continues to segregate by saying “You don’t represent the country that I grew up with”, connoting that Muslims have no place in the American fabric.
Then incredulously says, And your values is not going to save us. We’re going to take this country back for the Lord. “, as if there are no Muslims who are for limiting the abortion procedure, which is simply false.

Rupert is exhibiting an extremist views and behavior patterns that hurts his party, harms conservatives, alienates Christians, and segregated values. And being obviously corrupt all the while.