Conservatism, Racism, and Corruption?

John Celock wrote an article at the Huffington Post about Jason Rapert recent racial remarks at  Tea Party rally. You can read it here.

It is racism, not Conservative. In addition, he is soliciting attention through inappropriate tactics and provocation Also, it is myopic.

He states that the quotation is out of context and his friend is the one who clarifies his statement, not himself. This is classic “not taking ownership of a statement” in discourse analysis, usually a red-flag that the subject or subjects are not being truthful.

In his rebuttal tweet he throws in a straw-man argument, by deflecting to a bill that has nothing to do with racial points. His friend is the one who steps forward and adds the “pro-choice, gun control liberals” statement. Again this shows not wanting to own a statement.

There are more points, but this is enough to show that he was at the very least using a double entendre.

In the speech, he continues exhibiting deceptive behavior patterns by stating that Pres Obama did not attend the National Prayer Breakfast, which is not true. Pres. Obama has indeed attended said breakfast in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

That statement is clearly inappropriate and provocative.

In his speech he goes from highlighting a Muslim celebration in connection to Pres Obama, to a dishonest statement separating Pres Obama from a Christian subjected event, the National Prayer Breakfast.

Noting that the National Prayer Breakfast hosting is by a Christian organization and inclusive of all faiths, thus his statement also tarnishes the National Prayer Breakfast and misrepresenting the National Prayer Breakfast event.

Rapert continues the theme of segregation and not conservationism by banking on the lie he stated a few moments before that Obama did not attend the National Prayer Breakfast, yet hosted a Muslim holiday dinner and thus implying that doing such was aligning with Muslims.

And continues to segregate by saying “You don’t represent the country that I grew up with”, connoting that Muslims have no place in the American fabric.
Then incredulously says, And your values is not going to save us. We’re going to take this country back for the Lord. “, as if there are no Muslims who are for limiting the abortion procedure, which is simply false.

Rupert is exhibiting an extremist views and behavior patterns that hurts his party, harms conservatives, alienates Christians, and segregated values. And being obviously corrupt all the while.


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