Bob Schieffer
Bob Schieffer is CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent and anchor of Face the Nation.


Your view of the Bush Family hacks is rather myopic. And is highlighted by this statement of yours:

Still, the episode is a less-than-gentle reminder of how technology is redefining our culture — the whole idea of privacy and, yes, the respect (or lack of it) that honest citizens should have for each other.

These are the things that all of us, not just journalists, may want to think about. How the news is delivered will take care of itself.

What exactly is meant by “How the news is delivered will take care of itself”? That is a very a haughty statement. The news is does not simply “take care of itself” It is delivered and sought after by diligent and not so diligent reporters, journalists, editorial teams, and everyday folk.

Being condescending in no way helps your credibility in this issue of the Bush family lax security.

It is not a matter of honest citizens going about doing honest things, this hacker did the Bush family and the United States of America a favor by spotlighting a clear national security issue. The state of and mood of the Bush family is viable intelligence.

The Bush family cannot expect the same privacy as average citizen of the world, even assuming that a citizen can expect such privacy in today’s world of data mining and packet-inspections.

Clearly the Bush family did not have established privacy. For all we know Guccifer knew of the breach had no means of reporting it, also known as whistle-blowing. With his or hers best option being exposing the breech, choose the most attention grabbing and least intelligence laden data to close the hole.

Who paints themselves in the tub and shower anyway and WHY?

Weighing privacy and the public’s right to know


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