A Valentines’ Big Bear for Dorner

Reporting on the twitter storm and events surrounding the Big Bear siege.

One of my feeds highlighted that Dorner was holed up in a cabin on Big Bear. Right away it seemed odd. The news media was being held back.

I noticed that my comments on Huffington was being placed under another person picture. A computer glitch that seems to be all in order now. My posts are where they should be in my activity line.

Right before it was announced by the media that the media was being asked to not report details and to pull back farther than they already were.  The live video feeds I was watching and commenting about kept stopping abruptly, unlike a normal crash.

I took to the twitters to learn better details. Then is was announced to stop tweeting about Big Bear.

At no point was this announced as Dorner. However, that did not matter. The plan as to kill who =ever was in that cabin Waco style. One of the Twit feeds I had going was from a fire reporting station. He or she announced a “go with the burn plan” And that is what happen. There were others outside of the LAPD  that were breaking the blue line too. So reports were coming in describing a Waco style event, for someone who was not confirmed to be Dorner.

Then a woman whose name I did not catch came on to give a press conference to the media. The over all tone was one of cowing other officers that might be thinking of coming forward. She repeated stated that the police was a brotherhood and look out after each other. It would be intimidating to someone working day in and day out in such a culturally corrupt environment as the LAPD  Especially, if you were an undercover officer already convinced that the murders attributed to Dorner were actually a setup. The intelligence chatter was over-whelming in such a seriousness.

I given the chatter and the events, I could see where that was very possible.

Dorner is not confirmed dead or alive at this point. There was chatter among the crisis scene using the word suicide or killed. None of the normal chatter that would occur in a positive kill.

However, the officers were more relaxed. Less on guard , less trigger happy. It would be a good thing to calm already jumpy nerves by burning a building and lower the tensions, especially if the man being hunted had not actually commented the murders.

At anyway, sake, or case; Dorner is out of the picture be he dead or alive.

At any rate I would not trust the LAPD with forensic identification of Dorner. If there is a body and if there is anything left to identify of the body or bodies after the inferno.




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