A Rebuttle To The Article “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth” – NYTimes.com

Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth – NYTimes.com.

Discrimination, however, is only a small part of the picture. Probably the most important reason for lack of equality of opportunity is education: both its quantity and quality. After World War II, Europe made a major effort to democratize its education systems. We did, too, with the G.I. Bill, which extended higher education to Americans across the economic spectrum.

Education should not be equated to higher wages. Education should be equated to civic duty. It should not be uncommon for a garbage man to have advanced degrees. Yes , degrees. America needs living wages and unfettered access to educational pursuits. A healthcare system that allows mobility of workers, by unshackling the worker from the employer.

In today’s present state of the Union the GI Bill is little more than an economic draft. Moreover, the GI Bill is incredibly faraway from democratize. It is deceitful to propagandist such a ludicrous statement.The American people should not have to partake of a blood lottery simply to have an education of any means.

It does not seem, but is a reality that policies have been designed to reduce opportunity.

America is in a woeful state of affairs because corporate conglomerates, the so-called 1%) have tarnished the American name, enslaved American’s beginning with the misconception of the American dream to the American people.

After all, if you had been taught history, you would know that home ownership myth was created in a board room with the precise reason that the indebted will not rock the boat.

Knowledge is power.

The American dream has become a nightmare. It is time to do more. It is time to cull the corruption.

Join us in the Corruption Culling Campaign.


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