Reflection On Kerry’s Visit To Egypt

Especially the cowing attempt of the IMF for Egypt to make “fundamental economic choices.” such as not putting a cap on loans across the board at 2%.
Next is of interest to activist of all rank and diplomatic standing.
Here is a bit of historical data:
Some comments that have been observed have been individuals
claiming their not surprised while others are outraged. By this story
being spread through the normal social media venues and #MAYDAY quickly
approaching we could see some changes in the way Occupy decides to get
the word out to their fellow protestors. EWT will continue to monitor
for any developments regarding this story, or any suggestions of
alternate means of communication regarding protest activities. Ends.
-end quote
That was pulled from a conglomerate bank, it is part of, and I will quote: “internal reports and emails assembled for Bank of America”
Bank of America only abuses the name America., it is not of God-fearing Americans.
Read up on it for yourself.
Below is pulled from the IMF Wikipedia page.
Because of the high involvement and voting power of the United States, the global economic ideology could effectively be transformed to match the US’s <<< read as corporatism, not the US people. The US people DO NOT get to vote on this action. As you can read the American people have been just as exploited, this cannot continue globally.
Join the Culling Corruption Campaign.
Getting mixed up with banks that have lost their moral compass will do harm to all of humanity.
The cowing attempt is clear. Step away.

CNN Security Clearance

By Jill Dougherty and Joe Sterling

Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking to reporters in Egypt on Saturday, said “there must be a willingness on all sides” in Egypt to make “meaningful compromises on the issues that matter most to all of the Egyptian people.”

And, Kerry said, Egyptians must stay focused on economic and political opportunities to succeed in forging a successful democracy. The United States wants to help all it can but not interfere in Egypt’s affairs.

“We come here as friends,” Kerry said — not as proponents of a particular group, person or ideology.

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