2010 Memory Lane – An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange – Forbes

An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange – Forbes.


Statement Concerning The Recent Hijacking of JuliaClark.org

Recently JuliaClark.org took a hit.


It ended up being more of a great inconvenience than a significant hit, but it could have been much worse. The hit was over a year in the making, but some back story is in order first.


JuliaClark.org , the domain began at Yahoo.com small business department in March 2, 2009. We were already in hostile waters from the beginning.


A noteworthy side note, when Julia Clark began researching purchasing a domain she looked into Julia.com & org. Both of those were squatted with only advertisements as placeholders. Then she checked into JuliaClark.com. JuliaClark.com was taken by a non-existent pig farmer that did not respond to contact until after the .org was underway.


Prior to the creation of JuliaClark.org, the founder Julia Clark was maintaining a blog in the popular Yahoo.360 blogs at Yahoo.com. She was given an award & privileges from Yahoo as a Power User ID. At that blog, through Yahoo Instant Messenger, & across cyberspace she would campaign against corruption by writing, giving small seminars, lobbying, & personal pleas to any person that would listen.

Nuhu Ribadu is one of the many people the Julia Clark Foundation has encouraged and advised.

Nuhu Ribadu is one of the many people the Julia Clark Foundation has encouraged and advised.


The hostilities became so bad that the founder Julia Clark had to withdraw from 360.Yahoo, IM, & many other Internet activities. Julia took refuge at a journal site called Naseeb, RothArmy.com, & other online locations. They all were bombarded & associations attacked.


Within a year of creating JuliaClark.org, Julia began to realize that there was major security flaws within Yahoo.com She began documenting her observations.


One of the places used for documentation was Flickr.com. Julia maintained a large data base of screen shots, informational graphs, & labeled photos, and much of her visual data, both artistic and investigative. At one point her Flickr.com account was reported & suspended. The only way the information could have been seen, much less reported was by someone with a backdoor to Flickr Pro Accounts. It was retrieved and reinstated, but by this time it was clear there were back-doors somewhere in Yahoo at an extraordinary level.


Julia attempted to address the security concerns with Yahoo Security. Yahoo Security’s hands were tied.


Some of the security issues were commonly known & clearly observable, even by a casual observer. Such as date changes to years ago in the Yahoo News comment sections. Or profiles created in the 1960’s. Julia & Yahoo’s security teams made diligent attempts at addressing the most blatant security breaches, but the issues were not manageable. It was like putting a band-aid on a gut wound.


After the Sony security breaches, it became clear that similar holes were not going to be addressed in Yahoo’s infrastructure.


On March 2012, the domain JuliaClark.org was moved to its present hosting site, Ipage.com. Once moved away from Yahoo.com Julia began a public campaign to inform people about the security issues across Yahoo.com & its products.


The anomalies that led to JuliaClark.org being hijacked for a short while appeared soon after the move to Ipage.com. They were unusual, but did not raise any concern because it would have taken a person with free rein across Yahoo to have exploited it.


JuliaClark.org is no longer hijacked & the question of domain ownership is just another fallen arrow of an attempted blockade against The JC Organization.


Had it not been for the outstanding, dedicated, & honest team at Ipage; had it not been for outstanding,  dedicated, & in-the-know supporters at Yahoo Small Business; had it not been for a ten (10) page complaint to ICANN; had it not been for ICANN & the registrants, Melbornit.com,au, saying, “Yahoo, What are you doing? Yahoo? Yahoo, stahp!”; had it not been for some seriously silly & seriously serious Anons … the outcome would have been different.


If you take a peek at the Whois of JuliaClark.com you’ll see that it was picked up on January 2012 & updated on March 2013, if you follow the Whois you’ll see that JuliaClark.com is held by NovaCorp.com. Google NovaCorp.com. & be enlightened.


Thank you everyone for your unwavering support.

-The Julia Clark Organization









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