UMB Tech Anomaly

English: United Business Media offices

English: United Business Media offices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For about a month, I have noticed that when I try to comment on certain articles across the web, I have not been able to because DISQUS will not load :

“Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?”

I reload, but it never loads. So today, I made an extra effort and signed in at DISQUS dashboard.

I notice that my last post was :

“The US Intelligence Agencies are destroying America’s reputation. 😦 ”

I thought that was interesting & wanted to share that with other folks. I created the post, then decided to do a brief research.

I thought for a while not being able to post to DISQUS was a cookie related block. However, there was a cookie related block that would interrupt when I attended That issues has since been cleared up. Which, also would have cleared up the DISQUS issues, if it was cookie related.

So today when I tried to comment on I decided to do some research & fix the glitch.

What I found was very interesting.

When logging into comments section a login screen appears, It is not DISQUS it is UBMTech. Note the close connection of names to UMB, a financial services company and bank. It is common that a fraudster will create a shell company to hide activities in and simply switch around his or her initials. I have not followed the paper trail. However, I would consider this a red-flag enough to follow the paper trail of both companies and persons of interest in connection.

While researching UBMtech, I came across this press statement from UBMTech CEO:

While reducing legacy costs, UBM Tech will invest in its new strategy, particularly in analytic tools and dashboards that provide real-time intelligence on audiences’ activities and preferences, Miller said. “We are making these changes from a position of strength because we think this is the right direction for the future,” he said.

It is only mildly note-worthy that he used the word intelligence, instead of a more common and marketing friendly word, but it is notable.

If real-time intelligence with the focus “from a position of strength” includes disrupting access to the global discussion by way of comments on (obscure) articles from selected folk in a real-time position of strength, then UBMTech is doing a rummy of a job.

Disclaimer: Though I could be wrong. 🙂

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