Edward Snowden’s message home!

Postcard from Snowden

Postcard from Snowden


Edward Snowden’s good will message home leaked to the Internet.


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Assange – Schmidt Meeting in light of the NSA disclosure

Assange Schmidt Meeting Pre-analysis summary

1Wikileaks Schmidt2Wikileaks Schmidt3Wikileaks Schmidt4Wikileaks Schmidt5Wikileaks Schmidt6Wikileaks Schmidt


A New Theory

If the NSA has hacked the backbone of the internet,

“We hack network backbones — like huge Internet routers, basically — that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one,” – Snowden

And is collecting the metatags


Google, Facebook, The NSA & Data Collection

Collecting microdata would be included.

More on microdata:



Next brief yourself on

Mining Query Subtopics from Search Log Data – A Microsoft experiment

This is not a theory any longer. I do believe this is in practice:

Our team has developed a system for storing and processing huge amounts of log data using Hadoop. The challenge was to handle Gigabytes of log messages every day and enable querying the 30+ Terabyte archive with instantaneous results.

Typical query times are about 2-3 seconds with this approach, which is considerably less than stated in our customer’s requirements.

Self Portrait by Founder Julia ClarkThe point of the research was to see if an NSA agent could request a unique string of search terms or other data such as a link, & see or find the matching computer or user in real-time. I conclude this is possible. Moreover, a probable match would be found if the string is unique enough & a refinement of a micro time frame was applied. This theory should also work with links.

Next question would be how does site – specific search metadata & microdata terms pass through the TOR & is it traceable by this means?

While doing this research I noted another research had fleshed out this theory

Evidence that the NSA Is Storing Voice Content, Not Just Metadata

Ok, so it is possible, if not probable, that the NSA has real-time tagging of person or at least a computer. What does this mean for the non-technical readers?

As of October 1, 2010, 2,166,679 government employees held confidential/secret security clearances and 666,008 held top-secret clearances. 541,097 government contractors held confidential/secret security clearances and 524,990 held top-secret clearances.

With that amount of persons engaged in the above activities with access to the microdata, the odds of a criminal organization deriving from that is large. The chances of an erratic or deranged person using the information to stalk you for some imagined slight terrifyingly large. Now, apply that to the good buddy system; the danger is real to your daughter, to your son, to your wife, to your husband, to your mother, to your father, to your family.


Oh My! NSFW How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus – Featuring John McAfee himself

 Thanks for the love, Mr McAfee! Send Money!

McAfee Total Protection Service – Not Recommended

Upcoming Changes

From Julia Clark's Collection.

From Julia Clark’s Collection

The JC Organization website is scheduled for updating.

Some of the changes include:

  • Moving the website database.

Behind the scenes the Organization has amassed large data base for the subscribers. The present arrangement does not give a suitable way to present the data base.

  • Divisions in the site

With the move the Organization will have more flexibility.

To accommodate the history of the founder’s artistic endeavors and donors who admire her artistic collections areas of the site will be dedicated to art and reflection.

To accommodate varied growth of the Organization areas of the site will be dedicated to operations.

With less intermingling what you come to look for will be easier to find.

  • Consolidation

Presently, the Organization is spread out across varied sites. This information will integrated into the site infrastructure.

We hope our donors will find the move and restructuring smooth and when completed useful.

The estimated time to complete the move and restructuring is one year.

As always, feel free to write, your response is welcomed and valued.

– Julia Clark Organization


OSS_Simple_Sabatage_Field_Manual.138104954_stdAnyone that actively Campaigns against fraud & corruption needs to read or listen to this manual.

Simple Sabotage Field Manual

It is a simple read of only 22 pages. It goes into detail of the many and various kinds of sabotage that can occur that once aware of one can more readily name them.

It is important knowledge to those dealing with issues at the moment in Turkey or Syria or places that have completed The Spring, such as Libya or Tunisia

The historical nature of this document is fascinating.

LibriVox also has an audio Click here

On a more amusing side of history, the effort that went into creating invisible ink. Of course today we all know lemon juice works fine.  But that is the difference between using a pen in space and using a pencil, rocket science.

Secret writing document one

Secret writing document two

Secret writing document three

Secret writing document four

Secret writing document five

Secret writing document six