OSS_Simple_Sabatage_Field_Manual.138104954_stdAnyone that actively Campaigns against fraud & corruption needs to read or listen to this manual.

Simple Sabotage Field Manual

It is a simple read of only 22 pages. It goes into detail of the many and various kinds of sabotage that can occur that once aware of one can more readily name them.

It is important knowledge to those dealing with issues at the moment in Turkey or Syria or places that have completed The Spring, such as Libya or Tunisia

The historical nature of this document is fascinating.

LibriVox also has an audio Click here

On a more amusing side of history, the effort that went into creating invisible ink. Of course today we all know lemon juice works fine.  But that is the difference between using a pen in space and using a pencil, rocket science.

Secret writing document one

Secret writing document two

Secret writing document three

Secret writing document four

Secret writing document five

Secret writing document six



2 comments on “SIMPLE SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL Strategic Services

  1. Julia says:

    You are welcome, Nikohl. If I find other fascinating and educational documents in the JCO’s servers & sailings, I’ll be sure and put them on stack!

  2. ty Julia! very helpful!

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