Upcoming Changes

From Julia Clark's Collection.

From Julia Clark’s Collection

The JC Organization website is scheduled for updating.

Some of the changes include:

  • Moving the website database.

Behind the scenes the Organization has amassed large data base for the subscribers. The present arrangement does not give a suitable way to present the data base.

  • Divisions in the site

With the move the Organization will have more flexibility.

To accommodate the history of the founder’s artistic endeavors and donors who admire her artistic collections areas of the site will be dedicated to art and reflection.

To accommodate varied growth of the Organization areas of the site will be dedicated to operations.

With less intermingling what you come to look for will be easier to find.

  • Consolidation

Presently, the Organization is spread out across varied sites. This information will integrated into the site infrastructure.

We hope our donors will find the move and restructuring smooth and when completed useful.

The estimated time to complete the move and restructuring is one year.

As always, feel free to write, your response is welcomed and valued.

– Julia Clark Organization


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