Entangle With A Corrupt Master – A Look At Slavery

English: Slave cabin and kitchen at the Maden ...

Slave cabin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Definition of Slavery –

Google defines slavery as:

  • slav·er·y /ˈslāvərē/
    • Noun The state of being a slave.
    • The practice or system of owning slaves.
  • Synonyms
    • servitude – thraldom – thrall – enslavement – serfdom

The definition shows there are two parts to slavery; the state of being a slave and the practice of owning slaves.

Definition of slave:

  • slave /slāv/
    • Noun
      • A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
    • Verb
      • Work excessively hard: “slaving away for all those years”.
    • Synonyms
      • noun. thrall – helot – bondslave – serf – bondservant – bondman
      • verb. drudge

Again there are two parts to interpret, slave as a noun and slave as a verb.

The slave is a person – used as a noun

They slave – used as a verb

This shows there is the act of being a slave and the perception of the action of being a slave.

One is a slave. One experiences slavery.

By general knowledge it is known that the definition of slave has more meanings. In addition, the definition of slave also is more complex.

It is even clear by the simple definition that google gives that there must be a more complex meaning. The verb of slave does not match the noun slave. The assumption that being owned and force to obey is excessive work is not proven.

Therefore the proper definition of the verb slave is forced. Not any force, but force in the context of legal property and obeying.

This is a very shallow definition, which needs expansion.

As is shown 3 parts define slave: legal property, forced obeying, and personhood

Definition of person:

Google defines person as:

  • per·son /ˈpərsən/
    • Noun
      • A human being regarded as an individual.
      • Used in legal or formal contexts to refer to an unspecified individual.
    • Synonyms
      • man – individual – personage – character – figure

The act or condition of being a person is called personhood.

  • per·son·hood /ˈpərsənˌho͝od/
    • Noun
      • The quality or condition of being an individual person.

What makes a person?

Where it is more than simply a synonym for ‘human being’, ‘person’ figures primarily in moral and legal discourse. A person is a being with a certain moral status, or a bearer of rights. But underlying the moral status, as its condition, are certain capacities. A person is a being who has a sense of self, has a notion of the future and the past, can hold values, make choices; in short, can adopt life-plans. At least, a person must be the kind of being who is in principle capable of all this, however damaged these capacities may be in practice.”

– Charles Taylor, “The Concept of a Person”, Philosophical Papers. Volume 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985, 97.

What is legal property?

Google give us this definition:

  • legal property
    • Web definitions
      • Property is any physical or intangible entity that is owned by a person or jointly by a group of persons. ….

So persons owned by another person ( and business in America ) that are forced to obey.

Definition of owned:

Google’s definition is way too vague at this point.

Dictionary .com gives this definition:

  • verb (used with object)
  • 3.
    • to have or hold as one’s own; possess: They own several homes.

When looking up possess it is a very complex term . There are many ways to possess something or someone.

Who are slaves?

Slavery is not new. Slavery is rare among primitive people. Thus is was 11,000 years ago during the agricultural revolution that slavery became viable. Mass slavery requires in some form or another social stratification, an economic surplus , and a population density.

Social compartmentalization in relation to an economic standards in populations is the breeding ground for mass complacent slavery.

Racial slavery does not hold a significant time period along the timeline of slavery. Moreover, racial slavery is a uniquely United States of American phenomena

From Indentured Servitude to Racial Slavery

We sometimes imagine that such oppressive laws were put quickly into full force by greedy landowners. But that’s not the way slavery was established in colonial America. It happened gradually — one person at a time, one law at a time, even one colony at a time.


Global empires , specifically certain global conglomerates , manipulated law and public opinion to increase profits for an already wealthy class by artificially creating a racial slavery as chattel slavery. The short lived 150 years that racial slavery was practiced by USA ‘s ruling business regimes created a class system that would leave lasting scars and manipulation tools on the USA citizens all the way into contemporary history.

Contemporary slavery is just as complex and potentially dangerous as slavery ever was. Places like Qatar that have an open secret of slavery to gain citizenship to corporate conglomerates have a tier system of debt bondage at a globally  obfuscates direct conversations about economic explorations in relation to a controlled and manipulated population that produces and consumes to enable profiteering minority.


An Anonymous Event




Child exploitation is corruption. Child sexual exploitation is monstrous corruption.




During 2012 The Organization worked as a liaison between Anonymous, NCMEC, and other Agencies.




Working with the Anonymous Pedo Hunting Team as they were called during that time was interesting and compelling work. We would like to think it was our integrity that had Anonymous tap The Organization as a resource for communications. However, we are not sure why we were selected.




The subsection of Anonymous called themselves Anonymous Pedo Hunting Team #APH. They were a dedicated and passionate team. Each Agency acted a bit different, one was very thankful to get the help, one was annoyed, to another it was just day of quick work and regards.


The time culminated with the CIA servers being DdoS’ed because according to the gentleman they had found the CIA servers hosting child porn, maybe what they stumbled into was what we now know as PRISM.




Nevertheless, on a rambunctious weekend night, one Autonomy became frustrated with the child porn still being on the CIA servers and decided to DdoS the CIA servers. Unfortunately, He put in the minutes instead of seconds then locked himself out of the server that was doing the DdoS or some such. So instead of a few hours DdoS it was going to be a weeks long DdoS. This seemed a grand plan on a rambunctious weekend night.




I will admit , it was amusing. Many hours later, it was still off-line. Knowing the CIA, might have no clue what this obscure DdoS was about I researched and found a director and called Some young sounding intern answered the phone and was surprised I had got the number, So much so she broke protocol.




Enough time has passed for both the Agencies and APH to declassify the story.










FBI – 105 Juveniles Recovered in Nationwide Operation Targeting Underage Prostitution


The FBI conducted an impressive nation wide sweep in the USA over the over the past 3 days.


FBI Division Juveniles Recovered Pimps Arrested











3 0


1 3


2 1


0 2


1 1


1 1
Dallas 1 1
Denver 9 6
Detroit 10 18
El Paso 0 2
Houston 3 0
Jackson 1 10
Jacksonville 0 1
Kansas City 1 1
Knoxville 0 7
Las Vegas 2 1
Los Angeles 2 3
Louisville 0 3
Memphis 3 2
Miami 0 4
Milwaukee 10 0
Minneapolis 1 4
Newark 0 5
New Haven 5 1
New Orleans 6 6
New York City 0 0
Oklahoma City 3 13
Omaha 0 1
Philadelphia 2 0
Phoenix 2 0
Pittsburgh 0 2
Portland 3 4
Sacramento 2 2
St. Louis 2 0
Salt Lake City 0 0
San Antonio 1 4
San Diego 5 6
San Francisco 12 17
Seattle 3 3
Springfield 0 2
Tampa 3 0
Washington, D.C. 0 0
Total 105 159

The totals are substantial. There are some clear hotspots such as San Francisco, Detroit and Atlanta, if you delve into the data.

A big thank you to the FBI for the work

However, when you delve into the number other information appears. For example 0 arrests and recovered juveniles in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Milwaukee has 10 recovered juveniles and 0 arrests. Atlanta and Jackson had 10 & 17, arrests and 1 & 2 children recovered.

These numbers are worrisome. It is very suspicious that New York had no arrests or recovered children. I am not so surprised at Washington D.C. , but maybe not being so surprised is more just being hopeful that the USA’s capital is not a traffic hotspot.

What the anomaly numbers suggest is that these locations are hotspots of corruption more than child sexual explorations. Such anomalies need a closer look for fraud, cowing, intimidation, and kickbacks.





End Tax Havens

English: Map of tax havens, using the 2007 pro...

English: Map of tax havens, using the 2007 proposed “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”, US Congress, list of tax havens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not think one man will be able to stop the tax havens. I do not think a law will stop those sorts who have chosen to be against humanity. They have fed and leached off of humanity. They will not stop. They, it, is a cancer.

Abnormal uncontrolled growth is the definition of cancer. There are many forms of corruption in the world. This not dealing with them all. This is dealing with the cancer of CERTAIN corporate conglomerates. That have chosen to feed off of humanity at the expence of humanities wellbeing, the cancer or the C word – cunts.

The acronym in [ one of ] my profile[s] C.U.N.T. stand for Corruption Undermines Noble Thought. And it does. It was changed from the acronym T.W.A.T. , Total War Against Theft, when yet another shooting had occurred and Sarah Pallin and the likes were called out for their violent hyperbole.
Well, many deaths and numerous frustrated killers later, it does not seem enough.

The meme “Keep Calm & _____” comes from WWII British Ministry. The Ministry printed posters that read, “Keep Calm and Carry on

Frankly, humanity should not have simply “carried on”, but we did not have the tools then that we do now.

Today’s protest wear borrowed that campaign slogan and makes it their own:
Keep Calm & Organize

Indeed, the campaigns to cull corruption are Organizing, globally.

Here is Bernie Sanders contribution.

His information is valid and vetted
Thank you Mr. Sander’s

These are not all of the scoundrels. Notably what is missing is the media and entertainment cancers.

Link >>>http://prezi.com/qaxzbq7ld1_j/end-tax-havens/
Full Transcript Available



Research Data Conveyed to DoJ and FBI Inspections Division – Boston bombing and peripheral events

When, What, How:

On 2013 July 24th, The Julia Clark Organization mailed a certified letter along with a return receipt request about a research data of the Boston Bombing to:


Thomas E. Perez –  Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice

Kevin L. Perkins – Associate Deputy Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Nancy McNamara – Assistant Director, Inspection Division , Federal Bureau of Investigations

Steve E. Ibison – (Acting) Inspection Division , Federal Bureau of Investigations

Thania Daiz Clevenger – Civil Rights Director , Council on American-Islamic Relations


Five letters were sent to five different people to assure that more than one person was involved in the knowledge. This is a fraud prevention technique. It also will allow a broad spectrum to review and if need be, compare notes they may have or in other words offer a platform for a dialogue.


The Julia Clark Organization does not expect a reply nor is in need of one. The purpose of the memo was to convey to information The Organization had gleaned to persons that can aid in addressing corruption.

Cover letter to DoJ and FBI for Boston Bombing information



The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.

Updated: 2013-08-20
Inclusion to Memorandum
Barry Cohen
Jeffery L. Ashton

Bid Rigging in the USA

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission (Photo credit: Jan Tik)

This video describes bid rigging.

I researched it and the companies associated with it in here.

In a nutshell it says that bids are already decided before any requests are sent out.

You can skip the first 4 minutes of it.

Video Evidence of Bid Rigging

DoSS Research wikileaksparty.org.au

Image representing E.J. Hilbert as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase


Wikileaksparty.org.au received a DDOS approx midnight EST on 2013, July 24.




It came to my attention 19 hours latter.




This is the research results.




This also affects Topsy.




I have sent a support ticket into Topsy.




Topsy was used as a intimidation and extrajudicial communications tool to convey a message to any researchers of wikileaks political party DDOS




The key research highlight will be listed first and details along with any other thoughts will be list after the highlight.




Key research point:






While doing so I noticed a tweet that mentioned mentioned DDOS and Wikileaks






I zeroed in on a day:




Search results 14 out of 4 about wikileaks ddos between 07/16/2013 and 07/17/2013




This tweet was listed as being from 9 days ago.






However, the tweet itself states it is from:


10:34 AM – 29 Nov 10




That is a significant discrepancy.




The tweet is from :


E.J. Hilbert




Managing Director for Kroll Cyber, Ex-FBI Special Agent specializing in cyber crime, counterintelligence counterterrorism. All opinions posted are my own !!!


West Coast · krolladvisory.com




This is the screenshot:




Fullscreen capture 7252013 65745 PM






I have not completed a forensic analysis of Krolladvisory.com .




This is highlighted because it is out of lines of normal timeliness. The post itself is from 10:34 AM – 29 Nov 10 , which is not unusual because wikileaks suffer an mild DDOS event on or near that day. It is unusual that the twitter post would be included in an advanced search.




– Julia Clark




Related research documentation and notes:




July 17th , 2013


























Wikileaks ddos between 07/17/2013 and 07/18/2013




























 Request sent to Topsy Support Team:




I have noted an anomaly. I do not know if it is a breach of your system or some other explanations, such as someone retweeted a post.




I was using your advanced search feature to research a security issue concerning








While doing so I noticed a tweet that mentioned DDOS and Wikileaks






I zeroed in on a day:




Search results 14 out of 4 about wikileaks ddos between 07/16/2013 and 07/17/2013




This tweet was listed as being from 9 days ago.






However, the tweet itself states it is from:


10:34 AM – 29 Nov 10




That is a significant discrepancy.




Please explain why there is such a discrepancy.




Your truly,


Julia Clark






Ps. I am about to publish, please respond quickly. Timeliness is important. Thank you.










The site 800note would not let me post this:


Hi I saw a few did a bit of investigative work, let me carry it a bit further:


The number they dialed of mine was a VoIP, it is not in use and is connected to a email account. I have many VoIPs. I keep good informational controls over them.


The window closed while writing this the first time, therefore I am just going to show results not walk you through the process.


Richmond, VA, US

Geo-Coordinates Latitude: 37.62 | Longitude: -77.50

Timezone (UTC-05:00)

Service Provider Comcast Phone Of Virginia, Inc. – Va

Tower Switch RCMDVATQDS0

Phone Type Landline




Researched the number by location & pulled the numbers that are next to it:

804-708-7835 Americans For The Preservation Of Bail Business Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7834 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7833 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 11 0

804-708-7832 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7831 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0



Narrowed down to the first six digits:


VoIP phone from Manakin Sabot, VA


pulled the Americans For the Preservation of Bail

11357 Nuckols Rd

Glen Allen, VA 23059



It is 11.9 mi, 19 mins

I-64 E

from the target location.



This suggests it is an investigative person behind the number.

Let’s keep going:



Richard Moore, Legislative Director for the Americans for the Preservation of Bail said in a statement made to AIA officials earlier this week:


I had to use a cached version, because they had monkey business on the normal one.



At this point I recall an article I wrote, I suspect most of you are Anonymous or have worked on or are connected to some political activity.



And the company from the article touts on their webpage:


We are a team of storytellers, digital artists and politicos who help our clients influence public policy issues or increase their market share with campaigns that combine social media, grassroots and public relations into one powerful punch.


I do not know if the number and the article is connected. I looked a bit and did not find any connection.

I did have a call from the number in question on the 8th of July.


It fits the profile of such type company or someone that would work for such type company that I am going to close and get back to work.


The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.


Join us today.


The Gallant Whistle Blower

A sincere thank you from The Julia Clark Organization to the citizen who saw the evil in the savagery Teodoro “El Teo” Garcia Simental and acted accordingly.

It is a valuable step toward shunning the culture of corruption.

Your noble act honored your country, honored the Americas, and honored humanity globally.

 – The Julia Clark Organization




“No one wants to be cheated of a dime bag and no one wants to be shorted on a blow job.” This statement is standard in the conversations addressing corruption within the recreational drug trade.

Festivities that come from this trade should be safe and fun. Those who host such parties and the industry that supplies material for such parties should treat their clients with respect.

No one wants to be killed, raped, or maimed when partying. A main part of hosting such parties is to be a good host. Allowing harm to the party goers cheats the client out of a fun and wholesome time and should play no part in the equation. Those that partake of corruption, including lying, cheating, and stealing, need to be shunned from the festivities.

The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.

Join us today.


From the Desk of Julia Clark & Research Notes JCO

From the Desk Of Julia Clark 

The Julia Clark Organization along with many other people and organizations of all walks of life found the origins of the Boston Bombing dubiousness. Noting though, the response from the Boston PD and other agencies was superb & exemplary.

However, that does not lessen the doubts of roots of the Boston Bombing.

After the bombing while chatting with a colleague about the various red-flags many had noticed, I recalled a video that had landed on my desk just a few weeks earlier. I feel strongly that the Boston bombing was a brick-through-the-window sales job. However, this video had not come to mind until this conversation jogged my memory.

I shared the video and my thoughts, but did not inquire further because I nor my colleagues felt the Boston Bombing would be properly investigated. It was put on the back burner and we moved on to cases at hand that did have hard evidence coming forth.

Nevertheless, I kept pointing out my theory that the bombing was a brick-through-the-window sales job whenever conversations arose. In addition, other events began to lend toward that theory, such as the shooting of Ibragim Todashev by a FBI agent in Orlando after hours of interrogation in his home.

Even with that occurrence, I still did not think the Boston bombing would get a justified inquiry.

However, with the announcement :

the Criminal Section and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida are coordinating a federal inquiry with the FBI Inspection Division into the shooting that resulted in Mr. Todashev’s death

and other previous suggestive events, I thought indeed there might be a mild possibility that an investigation of the origins of the Boston bombing might occur.

With that hope, I reopened the file concerning the video and spent many hours researching the contents and companies mentioned and involved.

Though I concluded that the video had no bearing in relation to the bombing, It was a tip that was brought to my desk and the work involved is important.

The one thing that stood out from the research is this one statement from kglobal [sic]:

more than 2,000 field operatives and organizers in our network mean for our clients? It means that they have access to key influentials in every congressional district, every state legislative district and the top 200 media markets.

Here is a breakdown of the paper trail:

  • Interpoint Group
    • Al Gordon
    • Paul Johnson
      • VICE CHAIR
    • specialize in government markets, communications, marketing, public affairs and regulatory affairs.
    • offer an integrated suite of services through two companies,
  • kglobal
    • Paul Johnson
      • CEO of kglobal
    • As I was closing this OSI file I noticed: kglobal is the public affairs division of Zenetex and comprised of 400+ employees across the United States.
  • Zenetex
    • is a certified small business specializing in management and technology support services. For more than a decade, Zenetex has been providing IT, Engineering, Integrated Logistics, Foreign Military Sales, Program Management, Training Systems, ITIL Training, and Contractor Field Services solutions for a variety of federal agencies and commercial organizations.

Side note:

recalling that I had seen k-something global on one of the profiles from across the interpoint spectrum

while doing research to close this file I came across :

  • About Kratos Global Strategies

Kratos is a global business consultancy that uses communications and advocacy strategies to help clients grow and prosper. Kratos executes through strategic communications, grassroots advocacy, ally development, reputation and crisis management, public and media relations, and digital communications. Launched in 2010, Kratos is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and is part of the Interpoint Group family of companies. For more information, visit http://www.kratosglobal.com.

About Interpoint Group

Interpoint Group provides the experience to impact clients’ business, brand and overall standing with stakeholders by serving as valued partners and advisors. Launched in 2010, the management company offers an integrated suite of services through two companies – NSI and Kratos Global Strategies – that specialize in government market sales/government relations and public affairs, respectively. Executing as partners, clients can leverage services across the Interpoint Group platform of companies or independently to achieve their strategic business objectives. Learn more at www.interpointgroup.com.


The site mentioned in the article http://www.kratosglobal.com/ is completely out of place with the rest of the groups and profiles. This is what reads on the site as of this publishing date:

Kratos Global

Just another WordPress site

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My Ipad Furkids Journal

Here are the latest selections from my FurKids Journal using the Paper 53 app.

These are all sketched after dinner, television on and dogs either on the sofa or in front of the fireplace.

I enjoy using this app as in a short time you can get quite a bit done.

  1. Side note to the side note:

While concluding this article the IRC chat I frequent had a perterpan logged on to it. Soon after I shared what I termed weird with another person in a different channel, peterpan began to “nut up”. I note this because I have had persons step forward after the bombing pointing to a disney bus that was in the background on an Anderson Cooper news cast, saying that bus was an intimidation tactic on Anderson and others.

  • NSI
    • Alfred Gordon
      • CEO, National Strategies
    • Andrew (Drew) Golub
      • serves as Vice Chair and Chief Financial Officer for NSI and its parent company, Interpoint Group. Overseeing the finances of NSI and Kratos Global, Drew sits on the executive committee of each.
    • NSI has a nationwide network of over 2,000 state and local consultants, located in every state capitol and every major city and county across the country. These top State & Local Consultants provide our clients with on-the-ground relationships, real-time insight and a unique understanding of the dynamics and inner workings of government and state agencies.










Below is the research notes conducted  about the Boston Bombing in relation to the Government Contracts Made Easier Series 2. Note I concluded that the video had no relation to the dubious background of the Boston Bombing.

Research Notes J C Organization

2 Billion dollars such as that The Carlyle Group has made from Booz Allen is a motivate.

The Reddit event – was it contrived?

Occupy Police taunting of chalkers – did not get a screen shot

DoJ to investigate into Ibrahim Todashev’s shooting

I can attest that whole field offices and agents have surcome to corruption in the past. I can also outline how one corrupts a field office. I can attest that judges have been independently moved to protect interests that have questionable ethics to protect garnered knowledge or perceive threats that may or may not hold truth.

The video Government Contracts Made Easier Series 2 identifies and out lines

About Al Gordon:

In the video Al Gordon states:

Chief Executive Officer of NSI. Since he founded the firm in 1995

He worked for Mario Cuomo for eleven years.

Without a warrant or extrajudicial means there is little reason to look further, due to Al Gordon also being CEO of K Global, which touts :

more than 2,000 field operatives and organizers in our network mean for our clients? It means that they have access to key influentials in every congressional district, every state legislative district and the top 200 media markets.

Therefore chances are anything I find in the open will be contrived.

I found the other sites before a solid review of the NSI site. I wanted to know what Asian company was Al Gordon speaking of in the video. Through a google search I landed upon Paul Johnson, the Vice Chair of Interpoint. Interpoint also owned by Al Gordon.

Interpoint touts

Interpoint Group offer an integrated suite of services through two companies, k-global and NSI,

I am not sure what the value added is of Interpoint. It seems to only be a company to umbrella k-global and NSI

Statement about the video and how it came to my attention

After the Boston Bombing I was chatting with a colleague about the bombing and the amount of red-flags that surrounded the Brothers, the event, and the news coverage afterward.

I did not log the conversation.

I recalled this video and the contents in it “concerning a large asian company” getting rebuffed procuring  government contracts over a period of 15 months.

It was of my opinion that the series of events of the bombing seemed very much like “a brick through the window sales call”, “create the need solve the need”, or what was very closely described in the video beginning at 4:35

I do not recall how this video came to my attention. I think it was through my email, if it was I could not find the original email.

It is possible it was brought to my attention due to its content. What Mr. Gordon is describing is very close bid rigging. This interview, the video, and its deposit might have been an attempt to whistle-blow. Especially, considering the focus of The Julia Clark Organization. I get numerous such type tips.

It is unusual that I would watch such video, therefore it lends me to think it was highlighted in a way that would draw my attention in whatever avenue it arrived.

After showing the video to my colleague, I dismissed the video as no one thought that the Boston Bombing would be investigated.

I did think I wrote about the video, I cannot however find the location of where I published if I did, nor can I find any record of writing about it on my hard drives.

While looking up the video for this report, I noticed the date the video was created, April 15, 2011. This fact is unusual because I would not have readily recalled the video, if it had been brought to my attention at as far back as April 2011. It is also highly unusual that I watch video and recall it if it was so far back I am not in the habit of watching videos for relaxation.
























The news release from Sony would fit the timeline in the video. The news release wrote about Sony getting into the flow cytometry business. To my knowledge, in no way can that be related to the Boston Bombing. It is unusual for Sony to divert into such market. Nevertheless, that press release closes this intel file. The video has no relation to the Boston Bombing

However, the methods described in the video which are close to bid rigging deserve a closer look.

Is Washington D.C building a buffer zone?

English: Walmart Home Office, the headquarters...

Walmart Home Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Incomes in D.C. just keep on rising, and from 2000 to 2010, it was the only place – other than states with natural gas resources and fracking – that saw its residents’ earnings increase, according to a new report from Measure of America, a project of the Social Science Research Council.

Is Washington D.C building a buffer zone?

I came upon this article:

In D.C., Incomes Just Keep on Rising


When I first read the headline, I suspected it to be a negative piece about Washington DC voting to approve a living wage despite Walmart’s cowing and intimidation tactics.

However, as I began reading the article I wondered is Washington D.C. building a buffer zone around itself or is this an actual sign of change?

I pondered this preposterous thought of a Washington D.C. human buffer zone because of points that could reflect doubts of motive for the rise in well-being for the citizens in Washington D.C.

Point one:

The Occupations of the United States of America are making significant headway. A strong determination that things will change or the Occupations will change it, is very heavy in the air.

Point two:

The article points out:

 it was the only place – other than states with natural gas resources and fracking – that saw its residents’ earnings increase,

Places that are being put-upon by fossil fuel merchants, environmental terrorists as some call them, would have a strong interest to keep a placated population buffer zone.

A population buffer zone as used here is defined as an area that is artificially enhanced to provide a buffer zone of people who would be less inclined to view the actions of the corporate conglomerate or corporatocracy in a negative sense or to doubt the negative impact of the corporate coup. A buffer of people defined by an area that has been artificially enhance monetarily to skew their perception of the ongoing corporatocracy coup.

I wondered how recent this shift in Washington D.C. Policy began.

Documented here in 2007:

Documented here in 2009:

  • According to estimates using Census Bureau data, one in five District residents lived in  poverty, and almost one-fourth of District residents were below 125 percent of poverty, during the time period from 2005 to 2007.

Documented here in 2010:

Documented in 2011:

And one of the most troubling is documented in 2012:

With this data in hand I am left to wonder and rereading the article. Who is behind the report the article is based on because facts are showing a completely different picture than the spin the article “In D.C., Incomes Just Keep on Rising” is presenting.

Let’s take a look:

The article is generated from a report created by Measure of America, which is solely funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. It is unusual for the Foundation to fund directly, however, there is a place to donate and the Foundation will match the donation. Those matching funds are at $0.00 at the moment according to the website. Reviewing the Measure of America website, it does have a feel of a project created to aid the Foundation in its philanthropy.

Looking into the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, I found not even one protest, spanked employee, or disparaging fame seeker. That is odd in itself. I did find one report discussing “lessons learned” and it was written by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation seems to be as pure as the driven snow.

Measure of America simply collects vast data and puts it into a readable measurable form.

That does leave the question where did the spin come from and why did Sarah Burd-Sharps down play it the harshness of Washington D.C ‘s reality?

In conclusion, I think is very possible that a human buffer zone is being created around Washington D.C. If or if not the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is aware is questionable. The data the Measure of America was skewed by “no data available.” I do not have the answers of why there was no data available.

It does merit further inquiry.



Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Department of Justice released a Report on Review of News Media Policies on July 12.


Here is the executive summary:


In May the President ordered an evaluation of Department of Justice’s policies and practices governing the use of law enforcement tools in obtaining information or records from or concerning members of the news media in criminal and civil investigations, including subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants.


The report outlines changes in policy. Changes that will not be in effect until a proposed media shield law is passed by congress.


There are 10 proposed changes they are:


  1. Reversing the Existing Presumption Regarding Advance Notice

  2. Enhanced Approvals and Heightened Standards for Use of Search Warrants and Section 2703(d) Orders

  3. Establishment of News Media Review Committee

  4. Centralization of Review and Public Reporting Requirements

  5. Intelligence Community Certification

  6. Safeguarding Information

  7. Technical Revisions

  8. Written Guidance and Training Requirements

  9. Establishment of News Media Dialogue Group

  10. Intelligence Agency Administrative Remedies



  1. Reversing the Existing Presumption Regarding Advance Notice


The presumption will ensure notice in all but the most exceptional cases.


Current policy:

Negotiations with the news media should occur in cases where the “responsible Assistant Attorney General determines that such negotiations would not pose a substantial threat to the integrity of the investigation,” a determination that is then “reviewed by” the Attorney General when considering issuance of a subpoena to a third party for news media records. 28 C.F.R. § 50.10


New policy:

The presumption of advance notice will be overcome only if the Attorney General affirmatively determines that for compelling reasons, advance notice and negotiations would pose a clear and substantial threat to the integrity of the investigation, risk grave harm to national security, or present an imminent risk of death or serious bodily harm with recommendations from the News Media Review Committee described below.


The possibility that notice and negotiations with the media, and potential judicial review, may delay the investigation will not be considered a compelling reason under this updated policy.


The Attorney General may delay notification for an initial 45-day period and an additional 45 days. The second 45-days require a review by the News Media Review Committee. No further delays may be sought beyond the 90-day period.


Department policy would make clear that when Department attorneys should employ search methods – such as computer search protocols and keyword searches to limit the scope of intrusion into potentially protected materials.


  1. Enhanced Approvals and Heightened Standards for Use of Search Warrants and Section 2703(d) Orders


Current Policy:

The Privacy Protection Act of 1980 (PPA), 42 U.S.C. § 2000aa, contains the suspect exception” which applies when there is “probable cause to believe that the person possessing such materials has committed or is committing a criminal offense to which the materials relate,” including “the receipt, possession, or communication of information relating to the national defense, classified information, or restricted data” under enumerated code provisions. See 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000aa(a)(l) and (b)(l).

A Deputy Assistant Attorney General may authorize an application for a search warrant that is covered by the PP A, and no higher level reviews or approvals are required.


New Policy:

First, the Department will modify its policy concerning search warrants covered by the PPA to only when the member of the news media is the focus of a criminal investigation for conduct not connected to ordinary news-gathering activities.


Second, the Department would revise current policy to elevate the current approval requirements and require the approval of the Attorney General for all media related search warrants and court orders issued pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2703(d)


The presumption of notice, and standards applicable to requests for delayed notice, will also apply to search warrants and § 2703( d) orders that seek access to records of members of the news media related to news-gathering activities.


  1. Establishment of News Media Review Committee


The committee advises the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General


  • when Department attorneys request authorization to seek media-related records in investigations into the unauthorized disclosure of information

  • when Department attorneys request authorization to seek media-related records in any law enforcement investigation without providing prior notice to the relevant member of the media

  • when Department attorneys request authorization to seek testimony from a member of the media that would disclose the identity of a confidential source.


The Committee will include

  • senior Department officials,

    • including but not limited to the Department’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs and the Department’s Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer.

  • Members of the committee will have the opportunity to provide both individual and collective assessments of the merits of requests

  • This committee will ensure that

    • senior Department officials who are neither directly involved nor play a supervisory role in the investigations involved and with relevant expertise and experience are engaged in the consideration of the use of investigative tools that involve members of the news media.


  1. Centralization of Review and Public Reporting Requirements


The Department will require that all requests be submitted tothe Criminal Division’s Office of Enforcement Operations before they are ultimately forwarded to the Attorney General for decision.


Department policy will require that requests for authorization to use legal process to obtain information from, or records of, members of the news media be endorsed by the relevant United States Attorney or Assistant Attorney General before submission to the Criminal Division for review and evaluation.


Department attorneys will be required to report to the Criminal Division’s Office of Enforcement Operations

  • whether an approved subpoena, court order, or search warrant was issued, served, or executed,

  • whether the affected member of the news media or recipient of the subpoena, court order, or search warrant complied with or challenged the subpoena, court order, or search warrant, and the outcome of any such challenge.


The Department will make public, on an annual basis, statistical data regarding the use of media-related process.


  1. Intelligence Community Certification


In investigations of unauthorized disclosures of national defense information or of classified information,

  • the Director of National Intelligence after consultation with the relevant Department or agency head

    • would certify to the Attorney General the significance of the harm that could have been caused by the unauthorized disclosure

    • reaffirm the intelligence community’s continued support for the investigation and prosecution before the Attorney General authorizes the Department to seek media-related records in such investigations.


The certification will be sought not more than 30 days prior to submission of the approval request to the Attorney General


The certification formalizes current practice.


  1. Safeguarding Information


The Departments policies will be revised to provide formal safeguards regarding the proper use and handling of communications records of members of the news media.


The revisions will provide :

  • access to records will be limited to Department personnel who are working on the investigation and have a need to know the information;

  • the records will be used solely in connection with the investigation and related judicial proceedings;

  • the records will not be shared with any other organization or individual inside or outside of the government, except as part of the investigation or as required in the course of judicial proceedings;

  • at the conclusion of all proceedings related to or arising from the investigation, other than information disclosed in the course of judicial proceedings or as required by law, only one copy of records will be maintained in a secure, segregated repository that is not searchable.


Under circumstances where the Deputy Attorney General finds that specific, identifiable records are evidence of a separate past or imminent crime involving

  • death; kidnapping; substantial bodily harm; conduct that constitutes a criminal offense that is a specified offense against a minor as defined in 42 U.S.C. § 16911; or incapacitation or destruction of critical infrastructure as defined in 42 U.S.C. § 5195c(e),


The Deputy Attorney General may authorize broader use of the information.


  1. Technical Revisions


The Department will be revised to make clear that those policies apply to “communications recordsor business records” of members of the news media that are stored or maintained by third parties.


  1. Written Guidance and Training Requirements


The Department will prepare training materials regarding these new policies for dissemination to the Departments law enforcement officials and attorneys.



  1. Establishment of News Media Dialogue Group


The Department will establish an Attorney Generals News Media Dialogue Group to assess the impact of news media policies and to maintain a dialogue with the news media.


The group:

  • will meet six months after the proposed revisions

    • on an annual basis thereafter.

  • will include members of the news media, attorneys from various Department components, and the Director of the Department’s Office of Public Affairs.


  1. Intelligence Agency Administrative Remedies


The Department will work with others in the Administration to explore ways in which the intelligence agencies them selves can address information leaks internally, such as the withdrawal of security clearances and imposition of other sanctions. 

Washington Post Gross Conflict of Interest

The Washington post should have their Journalist credentials removed as a news agency for sending letters out letters endorsing, supporting and BEGGING for a political party! Such a gross conflict of interest!


Occupational Fraud & Senator Dan Coats

English: Portrait of United States Senator Dan...

Senator Dan Coats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Julia Clark

5th of July 2013

On June 17th , 2013, Senator Coats submitted to the Congressional Record of 113th Congress statements defaming Snowden , but more importantly conspicuous lies about the NSA surveillance of Americans.

The government is not and cannot indiscriminately listen in on any Americans’ phone calls. It is not targeting the e-mails of innocent Americans. It is not indiscriminately collecting the content of their conversations. And it is not tracking the location of innocent Americans through cell towers or their cell phones.

All of these statements are false.

With intelligence fusion, something any good analysis can do, information gleaned from one source can be cross-referenced to other data gathered, such as the raw internet activity gathered by the NSA & other joint agencies.

The post  A New Theory goes into detail explaining how log data is processed and pushed into manageable and searchable data “instantaneously”  

Why would the good Senator Coats perjurer himself or give false witness?

Applying the well-known fraud triangle it is clear that opportunity is a key reason in why Senator Coats would commit occupational fraud by giving false witness.

The fraud triangle is a model for explaining the factors that cause someone to commit occupational fraud. It consists of three components, which lead to fraudulent behavior:

  • Motive (or pressure) – the need for committing fraud (need for money, etc.)
  • Rationalization – the mindset of the fraudster that justifies them to commit fraud
  • Opportunity – the situation that enables fraud to occur (often when internal controls are weak or nonexistent)

Senator Coats serves on four Senate committees:

  • Appropriations;
  • Select Intelligence;
  • Commerce, Science and Transportation;
  • The Joint Economic Committee (JEC)

These committees provides the opportunity to commit occupational fraud. Moreover,  Senator Coats is obligated to fulfill the fiduciary relationships and the contract uberrimae fidei (contract of ‘utmost good faith)  of his senatorial position.

Senator Coats has motive to commit occupational fraud of false witness to protect the

occupational fraud of skimming congressional funds to the intelligence communities where 70% of the budget is going to outside contractors.


70 Percent of the US Intelligence Community Budget Goes to Outside Contractors

English: Galveston, TX, October 6, 2008 -- Con...

Galveston, TX, October 6, 2008 — Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and FEMA branch director Gerry Stolar in Galveston, TX. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On June 19th Congresswoman Jackson Lee announced intent to introduce legislation to assess the use of outside contractors. Jackson Lee strongly pointed out that 70% of USA federal dollars in the intelligence community are going to outside contractors. Her goal to have these numbers reduced by 2014. Included in her statements is the intention to show more openness on the FISA court.

She declared wrongness of Mr. Snowden’s actions in “certain instances” and called for Mr. Snowden to return to the ‘laws of this Nation.”

She continued in her statement addressing the health of the USA military by highlighting the stripping of $20 billion from the supplemental nutrition program pointing out that the program is a lifeline for many in the USA Military.

In concluding her statements, she addressed the community about getting ready “to enroll in health care, which is going to be a major step in making America healthy.” Pointing out a stance held by the Julia Clark Organization :
“To the small business community, this is going to help you provide your employees–your one employee, your two employees–health care.”

She praised the U.S. Postal Service pointing out how very much the postal service helps small businesses. Pointing out how rural postal services are part of the infrastructure of the United States of America. She stated, “We’ve got to fix this problem with the U.S. Postal Service, make sure that they’re stable, financially able.”
One of the areas that could be costing the postal service is the recent creation of “mail covers” of all persons in America explained in the article by Julia Clark, The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking Program

In the 113th Congress, Congresswoman Jackson Lee serves on two Committees:

The Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property
Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security

The Committee on Homeland Security
Ranking Member: Subcommittee on Border, Maritime Security
Subcommittee on Transportation Security

Congresswoman Jackson Lee Congressional Web Page; accessed on 7th of July, 2013
Congressional Record 113th Congress 2013-2014; Page: H3766; UNFINISHED BUSINESS — House of Representatives – June 19, 2013; accessed on 7th of July, 2013

The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona speaking at the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program


By Julia Clark


The New York times reported about a longtime surveillance system called mail covers a precursor to the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program. The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program photographs the exterior of all paper mail in the United States — roughly 160 billion parcels in 2012. It is not known how long the government saves the images.



The mail covers program is over 100 years in operations. It is a potent tool for catching bad guys. And is a significant part of mail fraud investigations. Mail fraud is one of the stronger tools in the fraud investigators tool bag. Reading the contents of the mail requires a warrant, but at the request of law enforcement the information on the outside of parcels are recorded by postal workers. It is unknown if the postal service is compensated for such time expenditures.



The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program began 2001. Extremely secret, it allows the Postal Service to retrospectively track mail. No one disputes that it is indiscriminate.



In the past, mail covers were used when you had a reason to suspect someone of a crime,” said Mark D. Rasch, the former director of the Justice Department’s computer crime unit, who worked on several fraud cases using mail covers. “Now it seems to be ‘Let’s record everyone’s mail so in the future we might go back and see who you were communicating with.’ Essentially you’ve added mail covers on millions of Americans.”



It’s a treasure trove of information,” said James J. Wedick, a former F.B.I. agent who spent 34 years at the agency and who said he used mail covers in a number of investigations, including one that led to prosecution of several elected officials in California on corruption charges. “Looking at just the outside of letters and other mail, I can see who you bank with, who you communicate with — all kinds of useful information that gives investigators leads that they can then follow-up on with a subpoena.”


But, he said: “It can be easily abused because it’s so easy to use and you don’t have to go through a judge to get the information. You just fill out a form.”



For mail cover requests law enforcement agencies gives a letter to the Postal Service. It is the postal services discretion to grant or deny a request. There is no judicial review. The Postal Service rarely denies a request. Requests are granted for about 30 days and can be extended to 120 days.



There are two kinds of mail covers: criminal activity and national security. Criminal activity requests average 15,000 to 20,000 per year. The number of requests for national security mail covers is not public.



President George W. Bush declared in 2007 that the federal government has dominance to open mail without warrants in emergencies or in foreign intelligence cases.



Court challenges to mail covers have failed because judges ruled there is no reasonable expectation of privacy for information contained on the outside of a letter.



Officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations, in fact, have used the mail-cover court rulings to justify the N.S.A.’s surveillance programs, saying the electronic monitoring amounts to the same thing as a mail cover.



Congress briefly conducted hearings on mail cover programs in 1976, but has not revisited the issue.



The program has led to sporadic reports of abuse.



May 2012


Mary Rose Wilcox, a Maricopa County supervisor in Arizona by Sheriff Joe Arpaio





the Church Committee, a Senate panel that documented C.I.A. Abuses.



Postal officials refused to discuss either mail covers or the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program.


Source : U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement July 3, 2013; RonNixon; http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/04/us/monitoring-of-snail-mail.html


See also:





Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow VIA WIKILEAKS.ORG

English: Former U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosev...

English: Former U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt with the English version of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Italiano: Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, moglie del presidente degli Stati Uniti, mostra la Dichiarazione in formato poster (1949) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eleanor Roosevelt and United Nations Universal...

Eleanor Roosevelt and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Spanish text. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday July 1, 21:40 UTC

One week ago I left Hong Kong after it became clear that my freedom and safety were under threat for revealing the truth. My continued liberty has been owed to the efforts of friends new and old, family, and others who I have never met and probably never will. I trusted them with my life and they returned that trust with a faith in me for which I will always be thankful.

On Thursday, President Obama declared before the world that he would not permit any diplomatic “wheeling and dealing” over my case. Yet now it is being reported that after promising not to do so, the President ordered his Vice President to pressure the leaders of nations from which I have requested protection to deny my asylum petitions.

This kind of deception from a world leader is not justice, and neither is the extralegal penalty of exile. These are the old, bad tools of political aggression. Their purpose is to frighten, not me, but those who would come after me.

For decades the United States of America have been one of the strongest defenders of the human right to seek asylum. Sadly, this right, laid out and voted for by the U.S. in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is now being rejected by the current government of my country. The Obama administration has now adopted the strategy of using citizenship as a weapon. Although I am convicted of nothing, it has unilaterally revoked my passport, leaving me a stateless person. Without any judicial order, the administration now seeks to stop me exercising a basic right. A right that belongs to everybody. The right to seek asylum.

In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be.

I am unbowed in my convictions and impressed at the efforts taken by so many.

Edward Joseph Snowden

Monday 1st July 2013