70 Percent of the US Intelligence Community Budget Goes to Outside Contractors

English: Galveston, TX, October 6, 2008 -- Con...

Galveston, TX, October 6, 2008 — Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and FEMA branch director Gerry Stolar in Galveston, TX. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On June 19th Congresswoman Jackson Lee announced intent to introduce legislation to assess the use of outside contractors. Jackson Lee strongly pointed out that 70% of USA federal dollars in the intelligence community are going to outside contractors. Her goal to have these numbers reduced by 2014. Included in her statements is the intention to show more openness on the FISA court.

She declared wrongness of Mr. Snowden’s actions in “certain instances” and called for Mr. Snowden to return to the ‘laws of this Nation.”

She continued in her statement addressing the health of the USA military by highlighting the stripping of $20 billion from the supplemental nutrition program pointing out that the program is a lifeline for many in the USA Military.

In concluding her statements, she addressed the community about getting ready “to enroll in health care, which is going to be a major step in making America healthy.” Pointing out a stance held by the Julia Clark Organization :
“To the small business community, this is going to help you provide your employees–your one employee, your two employees–health care.”

She praised the U.S. Postal Service pointing out how very much the postal service helps small businesses. Pointing out how rural postal services are part of the infrastructure of the United States of America. She stated, “We’ve got to fix this problem with the U.S. Postal Service, make sure that they’re stable, financially able.”
One of the areas that could be costing the postal service is the recent creation of “mail covers” of all persons in America explained in the article by Julia Clark, The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking Program

In the 113th Congress, Congresswoman Jackson Lee serves on two Committees:

The Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property
Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security

The Committee on Homeland Security
Ranking Member: Subcommittee on Border, Maritime Security
Subcommittee on Transportation Security

Congresswoman Jackson Lee Congressional Web Page; accessed on 7th of July, 2013
Congressional Record 113th Congress 2013-2014; Page: H3766; UNFINISHED BUSINESS — House of Representatives – June 19, 2013; accessed on 7th of July, 2013


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