Occupational Fraud & Senator Dan Coats

English: Portrait of United States Senator Dan...

Senator Dan Coats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Julia Clark

5th of July 2013

On June 17th , 2013, Senator Coats submitted to the Congressional Record of 113th Congress statements defaming Snowden , but more importantly conspicuous lies about the NSA surveillance of Americans.

The government is not and cannot indiscriminately listen in on any Americans’ phone calls. It is not targeting the e-mails of innocent Americans. It is not indiscriminately collecting the content of their conversations. And it is not tracking the location of innocent Americans through cell towers or their cell phones.

All of these statements are false.

With intelligence fusion, something any good analysis can do, information gleaned from one source can be cross-referenced to other data gathered, such as the raw internet activity gathered by the NSA & other joint agencies.

The post  A New Theory goes into detail explaining how log data is processed and pushed into manageable and searchable data “instantaneously”  

Why would the good Senator Coats perjurer himself or give false witness?

Applying the well-known fraud triangle it is clear that opportunity is a key reason in why Senator Coats would commit occupational fraud by giving false witness.

The fraud triangle is a model for explaining the factors that cause someone to commit occupational fraud. It consists of three components, which lead to fraudulent behavior:

  • Motive (or pressure) – the need for committing fraud (need for money, etc.)
  • Rationalization – the mindset of the fraudster that justifies them to commit fraud
  • Opportunity – the situation that enables fraud to occur (often when internal controls are weak or nonexistent)

Senator Coats serves on four Senate committees:

  • Appropriations;
  • Select Intelligence;
  • Commerce, Science and Transportation;
  • The Joint Economic Committee (JEC)

These committees provides the opportunity to commit occupational fraud. Moreover,  Senator Coats is obligated to fulfill the fiduciary relationships and the contract uberrimae fidei (contract of ‘utmost good faith)  of his senatorial position.

Senator Coats has motive to commit occupational fraud of false witness to protect the

occupational fraud of skimming congressional funds to the intelligence communities where 70% of the budget is going to outside contractors.



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