Is Washington D.C building a buffer zone?

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Walmart Home Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Incomes in D.C. just keep on rising, and from 2000 to 2010, it was the only place – other than states with natural gas resources and fracking – that saw its residents’ earnings increase, according to a new report from Measure of America, a project of the Social Science Research Council.

Is Washington D.C building a buffer zone?

I came upon this article:

In D.C., Incomes Just Keep on Rising


When I first read the headline, I suspected it to be a negative piece about Washington DC voting to approve a living wage despite Walmart’s cowing and intimidation tactics.

However, as I began reading the article I wondered is Washington D.C. building a buffer zone around itself or is this an actual sign of change?

I pondered this preposterous thought of a Washington D.C. human buffer zone because of points that could reflect doubts of motive for the rise in well-being for the citizens in Washington D.C.

Point one:

The Occupations of the United States of America are making significant headway. A strong determination that things will change or the Occupations will change it, is very heavy in the air.

Point two:

The article points out:

 it was the only place – other than states with natural gas resources and fracking – that saw its residents’ earnings increase,

Places that are being put-upon by fossil fuel merchants, environmental terrorists as some call them, would have a strong interest to keep a placated population buffer zone.

A population buffer zone as used here is defined as an area that is artificially enhanced to provide a buffer zone of people who would be less inclined to view the actions of the corporate conglomerate or corporatocracy in a negative sense or to doubt the negative impact of the corporate coup. A buffer of people defined by an area that has been artificially enhance monetarily to skew their perception of the ongoing corporatocracy coup.

I wondered how recent this shift in Washington D.C. Policy began.

Documented here in 2007:

Documented here in 2009:

  • According to estimates using Census Bureau data, one in five District residents lived in  poverty, and almost one-fourth of District residents were below 125 percent of poverty, during the time period from 2005 to 2007.

Documented here in 2010:

Documented in 2011:

And one of the most troubling is documented in 2012:

With this data in hand I am left to wonder and rereading the article. Who is behind the report the article is based on because facts are showing a completely different picture than the spin the article “In D.C., Incomes Just Keep on Rising” is presenting.

Let’s take a look:

The article is generated from a report created by Measure of America, which is solely funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. It is unusual for the Foundation to fund directly, however, there is a place to donate and the Foundation will match the donation. Those matching funds are at $0.00 at the moment according to the website. Reviewing the Measure of America website, it does have a feel of a project created to aid the Foundation in its philanthropy.

Looking into the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, I found not even one protest, spanked employee, or disparaging fame seeker. That is odd in itself. I did find one report discussing “lessons learned” and it was written by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation seems to be as pure as the driven snow.

Measure of America simply collects vast data and puts it into a readable measurable form.

That does leave the question where did the spin come from and why did Sarah Burd-Sharps down play it the harshness of Washington D.C ‘s reality?

In conclusion, I think is very possible that a human buffer zone is being created around Washington D.C. If or if not the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is aware is questionable. The data the Measure of America was skewed by “no data available.” I do not have the answers of why there was no data available.

It does merit further inquiry.



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