From the Desk of Julia Clark & Research Notes JCO

From the Desk Of Julia Clark 

The Julia Clark Organization along with many other people and organizations of all walks of life found the origins of the Boston Bombing dubiousness. Noting though, the response from the Boston PD and other agencies was superb & exemplary.

However, that does not lessen the doubts of roots of the Boston Bombing.

After the bombing while chatting with a colleague about the various red-flags many had noticed, I recalled a video that had landed on my desk just a few weeks earlier. I feel strongly that the Boston bombing was a brick-through-the-window sales job. However, this video had not come to mind until this conversation jogged my memory.

I shared the video and my thoughts, but did not inquire further because I nor my colleagues felt the Boston Bombing would be properly investigated. It was put on the back burner and we moved on to cases at hand that did have hard evidence coming forth.

Nevertheless, I kept pointing out my theory that the bombing was a brick-through-the-window sales job whenever conversations arose. In addition, other events began to lend toward that theory, such as the shooting of Ibragim Todashev by a FBI agent in Orlando after hours of interrogation in his home.

Even with that occurrence, I still did not think the Boston bombing would get a justified inquiry.

However, with the announcement :

the Criminal Section and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida are coordinating a federal inquiry with the FBI Inspection Division into the shooting that resulted in Mr. Todashev’s death

and other previous suggestive events, I thought indeed there might be a mild possibility that an investigation of the origins of the Boston bombing might occur.

With that hope, I reopened the file concerning the video and spent many hours researching the contents and companies mentioned and involved.

Though I concluded that the video had no bearing in relation to the bombing, It was a tip that was brought to my desk and the work involved is important.

The one thing that stood out from the research is this one statement from kglobal [sic]:

more than 2,000 field operatives and organizers in our network mean for our clients? It means that they have access to key influentials in every congressional district, every state legislative district and the top 200 media markets.

Here is a breakdown of the paper trail:

  • Interpoint Group
    • Al Gordon
    • Paul Johnson
      • VICE CHAIR
    • specialize in government markets, communications, marketing, public affairs and regulatory affairs.
    • offer an integrated suite of services through two companies,
  • kglobal
    • Paul Johnson
      • CEO of kglobal
    • As I was closing this OSI file I noticed: kglobal is the public affairs division of Zenetex and comprised of 400+ employees across the United States.
  • Zenetex
    • is a certified small business specializing in management and technology support services. For more than a decade, Zenetex has been providing IT, Engineering, Integrated Logistics, Foreign Military Sales, Program Management, Training Systems, ITIL Training, and Contractor Field Services solutions for a variety of federal agencies and commercial organizations.

Side note:

recalling that I had seen k-something global on one of the profiles from across the interpoint spectrum

while doing research to close this file I came across :

  • About Kratos Global Strategies

Kratos is a global business consultancy that uses communications and advocacy strategies to help clients grow and prosper. Kratos executes through strategic communications, grassroots advocacy, ally development, reputation and crisis management, public and media relations, and digital communications. Launched in 2010, Kratos is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and is part of the Interpoint Group family of companies. For more information, visit

About Interpoint Group

Interpoint Group provides the experience to impact clients’ business, brand and overall standing with stakeholders by serving as valued partners and advisors. Launched in 2010, the management company offers an integrated suite of services through two companies – NSI and Kratos Global Strategies – that specialize in government market sales/government relations and public affairs, respectively. Executing as partners, clients can leverage services across the Interpoint Group platform of companies or independently to achieve their strategic business objectives. Learn more at

The site mentioned in the article is completely out of place with the rest of the groups and profiles. This is what reads on the site as of this publishing date:

Kratos Global

Just another WordPress site

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These are all sketched after dinner, television on and dogs either on the sofa or in front of the fireplace.

I enjoy using this app as in a short time you can get quite a bit done.

  1. Side note to the side note:

While concluding this article the IRC chat I frequent had a perterpan logged on to it. Soon after I shared what I termed weird with another person in a different channel, peterpan began to “nut up”. I note this because I have had persons step forward after the bombing pointing to a disney bus that was in the background on an Anderson Cooper news cast, saying that bus was an intimidation tactic on Anderson and others.

  • NSI
    • Alfred Gordon
      • CEO, National Strategies
    • Andrew (Drew) Golub
      • serves as Vice Chair and Chief Financial Officer for NSI and its parent company, Interpoint Group. Overseeing the finances of NSI and Kratos Global, Drew sits on the executive committee of each.
    • NSI has a nationwide network of over 2,000 state and local consultants, located in every state capitol and every major city and county across the country. These top State & Local Consultants provide our clients with on-the-ground relationships, real-time insight and a unique understanding of the dynamics and inner workings of government and state agencies.

Below is the research notes conducted  about the Boston Bombing in relation to the Government Contracts Made Easier Series 2. Note I concluded that the video had no relation to the dubious background of the Boston Bombing.

Research Notes J C Organization

2 Billion dollars such as that The Carlyle Group has made from Booz Allen is a motivate.

The Reddit event – was it contrived?

Occupy Police taunting of chalkers – did not get a screen shot

DoJ to investigate into Ibrahim Todashev’s shooting

I can attest that whole field offices and agents have surcome to corruption in the past. I can also outline how one corrupts a field office. I can attest that judges have been independently moved to protect interests that have questionable ethics to protect garnered knowledge or perceive threats that may or may not hold truth.

The video Government Contracts Made Easier Series 2 identifies and out lines

About Al Gordon:

In the video Al Gordon states:

Chief Executive Officer of NSI. Since he founded the firm in 1995

He worked for Mario Cuomo for eleven years.

Without a warrant or extrajudicial means there is little reason to look further, due to Al Gordon also being CEO of K Global, which touts :

more than 2,000 field operatives and organizers in our network mean for our clients? It means that they have access to key influentials in every congressional district, every state legislative district and the top 200 media markets.

Therefore chances are anything I find in the open will be contrived.

I found the other sites before a solid review of the NSI site. I wanted to know what Asian company was Al Gordon speaking of in the video. Through a google search I landed upon Paul Johnson, the Vice Chair of Interpoint. Interpoint also owned by Al Gordon.

Interpoint touts

Interpoint Group offer an integrated suite of services through two companies, k-global and NSI,

I am not sure what the value added is of Interpoint. It seems to only be a company to umbrella k-global and NSI

Statement about the video and how it came to my attention

After the Boston Bombing I was chatting with a colleague about the bombing and the amount of red-flags that surrounded the Brothers, the event, and the news coverage afterward.

I did not log the conversation.

I recalled this video and the contents in it “concerning a large asian company” getting rebuffed procuring  government contracts over a period of 15 months.

It was of my opinion that the series of events of the bombing seemed very much like “a brick through the window sales call”, “create the need solve the need”, or what was very closely described in the video beginning at 4:35

I do not recall how this video came to my attention. I think it was through my email, if it was I could not find the original email.

It is possible it was brought to my attention due to its content. What Mr. Gordon is describing is very close bid rigging. This interview, the video, and its deposit might have been an attempt to whistle-blow. Especially, considering the focus of The Julia Clark Organization. I get numerous such type tips.

It is unusual that I would watch such video, therefore it lends me to think it was highlighted in a way that would draw my attention in whatever avenue it arrived.

After showing the video to my colleague, I dismissed the video as no one thought that the Boston Bombing would be investigated.

I did think I wrote about the video, I cannot however find the location of where I published if I did, nor can I find any record of writing about it on my hard drives.

While looking up the video for this report, I noticed the date the video was created, April 15, 2011. This fact is unusual because I would not have readily recalled the video, if it had been brought to my attention at as far back as April 2011. It is also highly unusual that I watch video and recall it if it was so far back I am not in the habit of watching videos for relaxation.


The news release from Sony would fit the timeline in the video. The news release wrote about Sony getting into the flow cytometry business. To my knowledge, in no way can that be related to the Boston Bombing. It is unusual for Sony to divert into such market. Nevertheless, that press release closes this intel file. The video has no relation to the Boston Bombing

However, the methods described in the video which are close to bid rigging deserve a closer look.


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