The site 800note would not let me post this:


Hi I saw a few did a bit of investigative work, let me carry it a bit further:


The number they dialed of mine was a VoIP, it is not in use and is connected to a email account. I have many VoIPs. I keep good informational controls over them.


The window closed while writing this the first time, therefore I am just going to show results not walk you through the process.


Richmond, VA, US

Geo-Coordinates Latitude: 37.62 | Longitude: -77.50

Timezone (UTC-05:00)

Service Provider Comcast Phone Of Virginia, Inc. – Va

Tower Switch RCMDVATQDS0

Phone Type Landline




Researched the number by location & pulled the numbers that are next to it:

804-708-7835 Americans For The Preservation Of Bail Business Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7834 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7833 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 11 0

804-708-7832 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0

804-708-7831 Unlisted Landline LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC – VA 0 0



Narrowed down to the first six digits:


VoIP phone from Manakin Sabot, VA


pulled the Americans For the Preservation of Bail

11357 Nuckols Rd

Glen Allen, VA 23059



It is 11.9 mi, 19 mins

I-64 E

from the target location.



This suggests it is an investigative person behind the number.

Let’s keep going:



Richard Moore, Legislative Director for the Americans for the Preservation of Bail said in a statement made to AIA officials earlier this week:


I had to use a cached version, because they had monkey business on the normal one.



At this point I recall an article I wrote, I suspect most of you are Anonymous or have worked on or are connected to some political activity.



And the company from the article touts on their webpage:


We are a team of storytellers, digital artists and politicos who help our clients influence public policy issues or increase their market share with campaigns that combine social media, grassroots and public relations into one powerful punch.


I do not know if the number and the article is connected. I looked a bit and did not find any connection.

I did have a call from the number in question on the 8th of July.


It fits the profile of such type company or someone that would work for such type company that I am going to close and get back to work.


The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.


Join us today.



4 comments on “804-708-7833

  1. Julia says:

    I agree Mr. Hopkinson. What little I have scratched the surface is astonishing. I am sending out 5 letters to investigative agencies concerning the possible bid rigging.

    • Bill Hopkinson says:

      I am getting ready to spend a little money myself, if only to be a thorn in their side. they don’t yet know who they’ve poked. But, they will soon.

  2. Bill Hopkinson says:

    These people need to be found. I know two things for sure: 1) the illegal activity they use can easily peirce the corporate sheild if they have one; 2) they are in massive violation of the TCPA….to a tune of millions of dollars in fines and restitution. This spells CLASS ACTION. We need to find the principles and nail them.

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