End Tax Havens

English: Map of tax havens, using the 2007 pro...

English: Map of tax havens, using the 2007 proposed “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”, US Congress, list of tax havens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not think one man will be able to stop the tax havens. I do not think a law will stop those sorts who have chosen to be against humanity. They have fed and leached off of humanity. They will not stop. They, it, is a cancer.

Abnormal uncontrolled growth is the definition of cancer. There are many forms of corruption in the world. This not dealing with them all. This is dealing with the cancer of CERTAIN corporate conglomerates. That have chosen to feed off of humanity at the expence of humanities wellbeing, the cancer or the C word – cunts.

The acronym in [ one of ] my profile[s] C.U.N.T. stand for Corruption Undermines Noble Thought. And it does. It was changed from the acronym T.W.A.T. , Total War Against Theft, when yet another shooting had occurred and Sarah Pallin and the likes were called out for their violent hyperbole.
Well, many deaths and numerous frustrated killers later, it does not seem enough.

The meme “Keep Calm & _____” comes from WWII British Ministry. The Ministry printed posters that read, “Keep Calm and Carry on

Frankly, humanity should not have simply “carried on”, but we did not have the tools then that we do now.

Today’s protest wear borrowed that campaign slogan and makes it their own:
Keep Calm & Organize

Indeed, the campaigns to cull corruption are Organizing, globally.

Here is Bernie Sanders contribution.

His information is valid and vetted
Thank you Mr. Sander’s

These are not all of the scoundrels. Notably what is missing is the media and entertainment cancers.

Link >>>http://prezi.com/qaxzbq7ld1_j/end-tax-havens/
Full Transcript Available




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