An Anonymous Event




Child exploitation is corruption. Child sexual exploitation is monstrous corruption.




During 2012 The Organization worked as a liaison between Anonymous, NCMEC, and other Agencies.




Working with the Anonymous Pedo Hunting Team as they were called during that time was interesting and compelling work. We would like to think it was our integrity that had Anonymous tap The Organization as a resource for communications. However, we are not sure why we were selected.




The subsection of Anonymous called themselves Anonymous Pedo Hunting Team #APH. They were a dedicated and passionate team. Each Agency acted a bit different, one was very thankful to get the help, one was annoyed, to another it was just day of quick work and regards.


The time culminated with the CIA servers being DdoS’ed because according to the gentleman they had found the CIA servers hosting child porn, maybe what they stumbled into was what we now know as PRISM.




Nevertheless, on a rambunctious weekend night, one Autonomy became frustrated with the child porn still being on the CIA servers and decided to DdoS the CIA servers. Unfortunately, He put in the minutes instead of seconds then locked himself out of the server that was doing the DdoS or some such. So instead of a few hours DdoS it was going to be a weeks long DdoS. This seemed a grand plan on a rambunctious weekend night.




I will admit , it was amusing. Many hours later, it was still off-line. Knowing the CIA, might have no clue what this obscure DdoS was about I researched and found a director and called Some young sounding intern answered the phone and was surprised I had got the number, So much so she broke protocol.




Enough time has passed for both the Agencies and APH to declassify the story.



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