Pictures: Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures

Pictures: Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures.

The looting of the Egyptian people’s artifact that undoubtedly was a flash mob orchestrated event.

It is a joyless pitiful unacceptable thing to purposely destroy historical data (things) . And in this case undoubtedly acquisition it for private collectors.

Especially knowing that this De acquisitioning of the museum  was not for acquisitioning supplies.

This was a group of youth that was exploited as a flash mob.

Please return these.  Their worth is more than you can get in a fast market.

Volunteers and personnel from the Ministry of Antiquities hurry to move heavy objects from the Mallawi Museum before protests begin to roil in the streets once again.



Bradley Manning’s Letter of Gratitude from the JC Organization

Dear Bradley Manning,
Thank you for your service, your honor, and your noble sacrifice.
I waited until after your sentencing to write express my gratitude to you
because I was superstitious.
I have been with you in prayer and meditations so very often.

I am very beholden to your moral principles.

Hindsight gives foresight and aspirations of things done differently.

I felt so very much pain when you expressed your regrets to the court.
Yet, you did such so with such honor.
When you gave your testament to the court hearing it in your own voice gave even more depth to your already profound words.

Thank you , Bradley Edward Manning
I am deeply indebted to you.

May the Angels brush our path, & only the best of Jinn be our friends. Ameen ~`~

With my honor,
Julia Clark
The JC Organization

2013 08 08 – Libya

The smoke had not yet cleared when the victory was being touted as a shining example of what Western powers could do on a modern battleground without ever putting “boots on the ground.” 😡

The above statement is extraordinarily arrogant. It was the Libyan people who showed their powers.

As the Libyan author Hisham Matar wrote last week, “Under Gaddafi we were afraid of the state; now its weakness imperils all we have achieved. “
Suliman Ali Zway,
who reports from Libya for the Times, e-mailed me that day to say that he had never seen the situation so bad. Later, he sent me a P.S.: he had just been carjacked by armed militiamen. He had lost his car but felt lucky to have escaped with his life.

The regional dimensions of the Libya mess have not been accurately calculated by the policymakers who urged on the rebellion, but they appear to be huge.

Following the fall of Qaddafi, well-armed Tuareg militiamen from Mali who had served him for years as mercenaries fled home in their battle wagons, and soon thereafter lent their weight to secessionist aspirations in the remote Northlands. (I wrote about the situation in Mali for the magazine last month.) The Mali episode showed—not for the first time—how a few determined and well-trained men with guns can do a lot of harm in remote areas of poor countries.

Libya lacks the ability to police its borders,

It is a novel concept, but people should be free to move about. Borders should be community based policing, as any other place would be.

not to mention its armories, and Al Qaeda thrives in any vacuum of influence. The bloody hostage crisis at the oil field in southern Algeria, in January, was linked to French intervention in Mali; in April, the French Embassy in Tripoli was bombed; and in May, in Niger (another weak state community that shares a border with Libya), bombers killed nearly thirty people.

Syria is the black hole in this firmament, sucking what light is left into its civil war. The NATO allies who rained missiles on Libya have fallen into a queasy silence on the subject of Syria—just as they are absent on the ground as guarantors of the peaceful restoration of the state of Libya.

Syria stepped out of turn. Though the Campaign did show/prove what was being said about bashir there was not proof prior. The photos and such coming out of syria before the campaign were full of women and children with balloons. Syria did not appear ‘ready’ or needful of a campaign. There are no establish or vetted communication ties to Syria

the Justice Department had charged a Libyan militia leader in Benghazi, Ahmed Abu Khattala, with complicity in the attacks that killed Ambassador Stevens. Abu Khattala, (research name) who has acknowledged being at the compound that night but denies any responsibility for Stevens’s death, has openly mocked the U.S.’s attempts to hold him accountable for the murders. In Benghazi on Wednesday, Suliman Ali Zway tweeted, “I met Abukhattala twice, and I’m very familiar with the Benghazi military dynamics/environment; good luck getting any1 to arrest him.”


During the time of Summer and Fall of 2011 Julia Clark was dividing her time among several places on the internet. One of them was The other was is a Muslim marriage site. In the Fall of 2009 Julia decided to return to making herself availed for marriage. She had secluded herself for over a year because of a hostile stalking.
She decided to join She decided to avail herself again because she felt that if she had just been availed she might have had talked some sense in to Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter. According to news reports he was affected by not being able to find a wife. was a mess when Julia first arrived. There was an open chat & an open culture of corruption. Openly fake Ids were being tolerated.,as a marriage site that was extraordinarily corrupt. She volunteered expert skills. and recruited others in clearing the culture of corruption. She would campaign against corruption by writing, giving small seminars, lobbying, & personal pleas to any person that would listen.

At there was a system where you could favorite or like someone, Julia made it a point favorite persons who has law enforcement officer, military, and government with United States listed as home. Julia also favorited law enforcement officer and legal profession anywhere in the globe.

Though the conversations at did not veer into geopolitics, it had become tradition to do a thorough vetting.

As such this lead to a select few knowing of the

It should be noted here that hostile astroturfing of the name Julia occurred before Julia’s arrival to

The point of the discourse is to document a case study of how a campaign should go:!-Libya-Edition

Tunisia was a surprise. In addition, Julia did not get involved in Tunisia.
After Libya, Julia discovered she did not have a platform in Egypt and woefully had to watch as the strategy in Egypt missed its mark.

The discussion of how Egypt missed will not be lectured at this time.

The Campaign was not to go to Syria. There was contact from Syria. However, the photographs calling for a Campaign were questionable.

The direction the Campaign was to go then, it not important now.

Recently, a young person surfaced in a TED talk. Others that have surveyed Julia agree that Anas seems to be spouting Julia’s doctrines.
This document is unedited at this time, Expect that it will be edited,
It is being published rushed due to hostile occurrences while writing it.

Dark Web & Stalking Description Chat Session

A chat session with G85, Someguy, & Kaparzo
Date: 2013 August 3-4 Time: 16:49 – 01:48 [GMT -4]

The Chat session includes:
Someguy describes some stalking issues, & descriptions.
G85 defines the deep web in-depth
Kaparzo applies expert clarifying inquiry

2013 08 04 Chat Outlining Deep Web

Send requests for the complete chat session to: Request (at)

Statement on marijuana reform:

The lawfulness of marijuana is important for a wholesome society.

Marijuana was made unlawful generations ago to a public that did not have access to information as we do today. Global disinformation campaigns were easier before the Information Age. Today, not only does the public have access to vast resources of knowledge and research, but so does humanity’s politicos, leaders, and legislators. Such access to knowledge allows politicos, leaders, and legislators to make informed decisions. No longer can a small minority completely manipulate, control, and present as truth lies.

The outlawing of Marijuana derived from one of the most vile forms of corruption – Supremacism , both of race and class.

It is a waste of time and money enforcing marijuana laws as they are today. It is a poor use of the detective workforce.
Bringing marijuana inline with other forms of social intoxicants is being a good steward of society’s hard-working law officers workforce.

“No one wants to be cheated of a dime bag and no one wants to be shorted on a blow job.” This statement is standard in the conversations addressing corruption within the recreational drug trade.

Festivities that come from this trade should be safe and fun.

The billion dollar marijuana commodity market will be better if enforcement focuses shenanigans.

The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.

Join us today.