Statement on marijuana reform:

The lawfulness of marijuana is important for a wholesome society.

Marijuana was made unlawful generations ago to a public that did not have access to information as we do today. Global disinformation campaigns were easier before the Information Age. Today, not only does the public have access to vast resources of knowledge and research, but so does humanity’s politicos, leaders, and legislators. Such access to knowledge allows politicos, leaders, and legislators to make informed decisions. No longer can a small minority completely manipulate, control, and present as truth lies.

The outlawing of Marijuana derived from one of the most vile forms of corruption – Supremacism , both of race and class.

It is a waste of time and money enforcing marijuana laws as they are today. It is a poor use of the detective workforce.
Bringing marijuana inline with other forms of social intoxicants is being a good steward of society’s hard-working law officers workforce.

“No one wants to be cheated of a dime bag and no one wants to be shorted on a blow job.” This statement is standard in the conversations addressing corruption within the recreational drug trade.

Festivities that come from this trade should be safe and fun.

The billion dollar marijuana commodity market will be better if enforcement focuses shenanigans.

The Julia Clark Organization lobbies, promotes, requests, urges, and asks for assistance in shunning corruption.

Join us today.


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