During the time of Summer and Fall of 2011 Julia Clark was dividing her time among several places on the internet. One of them was The other was is a Muslim marriage site. In the Fall of 2009 Julia decided to return to making herself availed for marriage. She had secluded herself for over a year because of a hostile stalking.
She decided to join She decided to avail herself again because she felt that if she had just been availed she might have had talked some sense in to Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter. According to news reports he was affected by not being able to find a wife. was a mess when Julia first arrived. There was an open chat & an open culture of corruption. Openly fake Ids were being tolerated.,as a marriage site that was extraordinarily corrupt. She volunteered expert skills. and recruited others in clearing the culture of corruption. She would campaign against corruption by writing, giving small seminars, lobbying, & personal pleas to any person that would listen.

At there was a system where you could favorite or like someone, Julia made it a point favorite persons who has law enforcement officer, military, and government with United States listed as home. Julia also favorited law enforcement officer and legal profession anywhere in the globe.

Though the conversations at did not veer into geopolitics, it had become tradition to do a thorough vetting.

As such this lead to a select few knowing of the

It should be noted here that hostile astroturfing of the name Julia occurred before Julia’s arrival to

The point of the discourse is to document a case study of how a campaign should go:!-Libya-Edition

Tunisia was a surprise. In addition, Julia did not get involved in Tunisia.
After Libya, Julia discovered she did not have a platform in Egypt and woefully had to watch as the strategy in Egypt missed its mark.

The discussion of how Egypt missed will not be lectured at this time.

The Campaign was not to go to Syria. There was contact from Syria. However, the photographs calling for a Campaign were questionable.

The direction the Campaign was to go then, it not important now.

Recently, a young person surfaced in a TED talk. Others that have surveyed Julia agree that Anas seems to be spouting Julia’s doctrines.
This document is unedited at this time, Expect that it will be edited,
It is being published rushed due to hostile occurrences while writing it.


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