Bradley Manning’s Letter of Gratitude from the JC Organization

Dear Bradley Manning,
Thank you for your service, your honor, and your noble sacrifice.
I waited until after your sentencing to write express my gratitude to you
because I was superstitious.
I have been with you in prayer and meditations so very often.

I am very beholden to your moral principles.

Hindsight gives foresight and aspirations of things done differently.

I felt so very much pain when you expressed your regrets to the court.
Yet, you did such so with such honor.
When you gave your testament to the court hearing it in your own voice gave even more depth to your already profound words.

Thank you , Bradley Edward Manning
I am deeply indebted to you.

May the Angels brush our path, & only the best of Jinn be our friends. Ameen ~`~

With my honor,
Julia Clark
The JC Organization


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