Lino Zambito – The Impassioned Firebrander


I find it strange that despite my bankruptcy the city of Montreal is still taking legal action against me … We’re offering information and solutions and they’re attacking the people who are being transparent.
– Whistle blower Zambito

Mr. Zambito,

The Julia Clark Organization is proud of your open and transparent testimony.

You are a whistleblower and deserve all the esteem that goes with being a whistleblower.

Whistleblowing is important to curbing the cancer of corruption.

It is wrong that whistleblowers are themselves prosecuted in so many ways. Often whistleblowers , and that is what you are with no doubt, endure shooting the messenger scenarios. They suffer revenge for embarrassment caused by shining a light of corruption.

Change is happening all over the world. It is pressure that is moving citizens across the globe to act against corruption at all levels of society, the very type of pressure that your testimony gave.

The construction industry not only in Canada, but also places like Morocco where the King demands hefty bribes to engage in even minor building in his kingdom. It is much bigger.

There is also a strong movements to address the corruption within unions that includes the arrangement of questionable practices.

One cannot fight corruption with corruption because that only leads to more corruption.

Curbing corruption cannot be just sometimes, for the hygiene of an open society curbing corruption must always be in place.

Thank you very much for your service to the Culling Corruption Campaign.

I invite you to join us in the campaigns full-time.

With great sincerity & yours truly,

Julia Clark


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