The Statement 9/9/13 Wikileaks

[02:18] <JC> I am not angered easily.
[02:18] <JC> I am not disgusted , nor disappointed easily
[02:20] its okay i wont hold it against you
[02:22] jc why are you so angry
[02:22] <JC> This was not cool today.
[02:22] <Guest10219> what wasnt cool?
[02:23] <JC> I am not happy about having to bring my knowledge forward.
[02:28] <JC> I’ll make a drink and speak with you.
[02:29] <JC> But know , I am not in the mood for tomfoolery
[02:29] <Guest10219> are you feeling okay precious?
[02:29] oh it’s buju
[02:29] <Guest10219> weirdo
[02:33] <JC> No, it is you.
[02:35] I had made my mind up that I was going to bring to attention and address the issues of the catfishing and how it was affecting people negatively across the wikileaks spectrum.
[02:36] <JC> People even contributed to my knowledge base for the task .
[02:37] <JC> Most the good and noble folks came to bring me knowledge for my letter
[02:39] <Guest7237> oh cool
[02:39] <Guest14254> nice
[02:39] I had decided to wait until after the elections. There was already enough stress. Plus the outcome of such uncertainty would effect the letter.
[02:40] affest*
[02:40] There was much chatter that the closing the the IRC would be best.
[02:41] <Guest7237> so … r u going to close it down? o.O
[02:41] <JC> if not imminent (sp?)
[02:43] The catfishing is affecting across the board. It is not just a wikileaks IRC issue.
[02:43] <JC> I too like to ave fun and relax.
[02:44] However, the catfishing has made such impossible.
[02:46] <JC> It is unfortunate for me and fortunate for others that I am able to describe what they knew was wrong , but unable to explain.
[02:48] I have no obligation of loyalty here other than protection of works done.
[02:52] <JC> What I observed today moves me from a personal address to a briefing for key persons of interest.
[02:54] And I am moved with a very heavy heart. A briefing is not something I wish to do.
[02:56] When I first arrived, I was honored to have more of a reception than what was expected.
[02:58] However, as I was attempted to be conditioned into accepting catfishing , I realized that all was not as should be and it was more than just a bit of sadness from cabin fever.
[03:00] Though I may not be well loved, I am well respected.
[03:02] And I respect pleas and contributions that are given toward already establish plans, such as the letter.
[03:03] <JC> This is really all I have to say.
[03:04] I am tired and have clients to concern myself with tomorrow
[03:21] <belladonna> is there anybody out there?



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