This is a job well done and reassuring.

At first glance it sounds common, someone was arrested for theft in NYC, not much of a extraordinary story there.

What makes it good news was the tip from the public in a NYC closed a fraud and corruption case in Georgia. That is awesome. It gives optimism that the soap-boxing, the spiels, and the chalk talks of curbing corruption at the grassroots is taking hold.
That is pretty awesome of you Mr. NYC person! Thanks for helping curb fraud and corruption!

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Blog

SAVANNAH, GA (September 24, 2013): A tip from the public has helped Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police coordinate with New York City police to arrest a Savannah man wanted on theft and deception charges.

Daniel Emanuel Alvin, 46, was arrested on a Savannah warrant charging him with first degree felony forgery at a homeless shelter in New York on Monday. The process is underway to have him extradited back to Georgia.

The charges stem from a fraudulent non-profit organization he operated in Savannah. He was considered armed and dangerous by Metro police.

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