Hernandez’s Girlfriend Charged with Perjury for Allegedly Throwing Out Evidence

Perjury is so often not looked at as a serious crime. Of course, in a murder case a person caught lying should be harshly punished.
But when our elected and appointed leaders do not harshly punish those that lie in congressional hearings, it radiates a corrupt culture where lying about gravely important things is permissible and the norm.
It is a shameful thing for a society to accept.


Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend pleaded not guilty to a perjury charge on Tuesday, reports the Associated Press. She allegedly lied to a Massachusetts grand jury about disposing of evidence in Hernandez’s murder case.

Hernandez pled not guilty in June to the murder of Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of Hernandez’s sister. He is being held without bail.

Bristol County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Bomberg claims that Hernandez’s girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, lied to a grand jury in August about throwing out a box Hernandez asked her to “get rid of” the day after Lloyd’s killing. She allegedly took a box of evidence from the basement of the home she shared with Hernandez, put it in a trash bag, covered it with baby clothes and drove away with it. Jenkins told the jury that she threw the box out in a dumpster but that she couldn’t remember where.


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