Million Mask March – page 4 – The Occupations Statement

Thanks Ford, that was interesting.

[SIZE=5][B]Mission statement:[/B] ” To remind this world what it has forgotten, That fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words”[/SIZE]

[B]Purpose[/B]: Peaceful march to[B] meet and greet[/B] like minded individuals.

I selected these video from the the official facebook page:

First choice:

Second Chioce:

Third choice:

Normally, I do not watch an Anonymous video unless it has the transcript. I take a pretty strong stance that anything worth watching is worth being written down. & it allows me to quick review without having to open the bandwidth portal for it.

I made an exception with these.

There was a website that appeared to be an excellent site for documentation of the MMM.
However, the complaints were that the site was associated with Revolt America site.
Therefore, I only sourced its documentation.

Million Mask March in the News

CHANNEL 4 NEWS | Video: Million Mask March protest spreads across globe | 6 NOV 2013
NBC WORLD NEWS | Anonymous’ ‘Million Mask March’ protests corruption, corporations | 6 NOV 2013
GUARDIAN |Protesters gather around the world for Million Mask March | 6 NOV 2013
RT |‘The Corrupt Fear Us!’ Massive Anonymous ‘Million Mask March’ as it happened (Photos/Videos) | 6 NOV 2013
LA TIMES | Anonymous Million Mask March members protest in downtown | 5 NOV 2013
C|NET | Anonymous’ ‘Million Mask March’ goes global | 5 NOV 2013
WALL STREET JOURNAL | Protesters Bring Million Mask March to DC | 5 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Million Mask March kicking off in Washington, DC | 5 NOV 2013
AL JAZEERA | Photos: The Million Mask March | 5 Nov 2013
REUTERS | Protesters wearing wear masks descend on Washington, DC | 5 NOV 2013
CBS | Washington, DC Photos | 5 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Provocateurs calling for taking Obama hostage – Christine Sands | 4 NOV 2013
HUFFPOST LIVE VIDEO| Alyona Mink on Million Mask March with Christine Ann Sands of Anonomobile | 4 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Rogue Group Breaks Away from Anonymous on Eve of March to Capture Obama, Congress, Justices | 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism – Anonymous| 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | NSA Spying and Persecuting Hackers Does Not Prevent Terrorism – Anonymous | 3 NOV 2013
TECH IN ASIA | Philippine government sites hacked by Anonymous in support of “million mask march” movement | 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | FBI could have stopped #Stratfor leak at any point – Sue Crabtree | 2 NOV 2013
NEW JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT | Rally for Justice, Privacy, Peace Nov. 5 at Million Mask March | 1 NOV 2013
CONSPIRACY QUERIES | Anonymous: Million Mask March – Christine Ann Sands | 31 OCT 2013
POLICY MIC | Million Mask March: Anonymous is Planning V for Vendetta in Real Life | 1 NOV 2013
NATURAL NEWS | Anonymous Supporters to March on Washington Nov. 5 Wearing Guy Fawkes Masks | 29 OCT 201
VOICE OF RUSSIA | NSA is Spying on Everyone Including Congressmen and Senators – Anonymous | 30 OCT 201
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Hacktivism is Needed to Fight Oppression – Christine Ann Sands | 26 OCT 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Anonymous is Engaged in Battle for Truth Over Evil – Christine Ann Sands | 20 OCT 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | One Million Masks , Expect Us – Anonymous | 17 OCT 2013
THE REBEL CORP.| In Washington, DC NOV 5 with Anonomobile and Masks
RT | Anonymous Plans Million Mask March on Washington | 8 OCT 2013
CBS | Million Mask March In The Works for National Mall on Guy Fawkes Day | 18 AUG 201
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Largest Peaceful March in the History of Mankind | 17 SEP 2013
DENVER iJOURNAL | Anonymous Planning Masked March in Denver on Election Day| 10 JUL 2013

The above articles were compliled by

They also provided the final counting of event locations:
Million Mask March Final Listing: 447 Events – 5 NOV 2013
They did this by providing the platform for people to register their location, there by allowing all to find them, before this it seemed to be facebook and other hodgepodge

As for being questionable association; there documenting techniques suggest a investigative nature behind the services.
That is not necessarily a bad thing. Any movement that is successful becomes the establishment. Therefore, if the present establishment is helpful that is good behavior from the present establishment & welcomed.

Of course one should make their own choices of their actions. Never do anything that you would not defend to friends, family, yourself, your faith, and in a judicial setting.

I found a video of what appears to be the orginal organizer for the DC event.

In that video, I noticed that it was stated that the Occupy movement has gone away. That is not quite factually true. Indeed, maintaining presences in public parks has lessened. The occupying of public space could be called the pre-MMM assemblies. It simply does not make any logistic sense to maintain campaigners through the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer simply to show off. The campaigners man-power can be better used in such things as recruitment, lobbying, and concentrated numbers for jubilee, such as the Million Mask March.

If you need more information for the Occupation this is a good place to start:
With number like 64,000+ that the Occupy Marines have and 6,000+ that the Occupy Police have (both are on facebook if you are interested) The Occupation is not waning.

To be able to understand the Occupation better some missing historical information would be useful.

After Libya’s Campaign against corruption movement matured and moved to a maintenance phase, the orderliness of The Campaign began to unravel. Egypt had started unplanned and was not going well, Syria spoke up and said they should be next, and if not they were going it alone. In general everyone wanted to be next and where The Campaign was to go to next came under hostile action by Obama (USA).

Then oddly, the Campaign seemed to jump the pond ( The Atlantic ) and became rebranded as Occupy Wall Street and was being sold ( or targeted ) to major metropolitan areas. Moreover, it appeared to be coming very strongly.
As saw it coming and I was concerned. If it was going to come, I wanted to make sure that fireman, policeman, your average government worker, and the likes has a voice. They are average working Joe’s like so many people are. In addition, there was no real grassroots to it or so it seemed. If it failed, it could leave the USA worse off then before. The possible misfortune nightmare of displaced people migrating to only a few key areas was a serious concern. There was something fishy about this and it had to be mitigated.
I made contact with my closest city, I engaged those that were active in the Occupy Wall Street movement. I started the ball rolling. I contacted key officials in the city and explained that if the Occupy Wall Street movement did catch hold, I wanted this area to manage to fair the turbulent times with the least amount of pain and suffering. I also explained that law enforcement and civil servants were in fact working Joe’s themselves.
Once I had them on board I explained the strategy that every town needed to have their own Occupation. It would keep hot beds and flash pans from happening. It was a risk, but a risk worth taking. If major metro areas became burdens of unrest, the suffering would be great. Moreover, smaller areas would loose an important voice. And there was a lot that needed to be heard from the civil servants of smaller areas.
Once I got this through to what I felt were folks that could help create Occupations , not only Occupations, but friendly Occupations in as many towns as there was people that had a voice. I started seeing the Occupations pop up quickly.
In the mean time, the Occupation I was involved in was having a falling out. At the time, I would have nothing to do with Anonymous because of Sabu. Well, in the long run Sabu proved to be what I said he was.
Presently, the Occupations have not died out. They have taken on any name that suits their needs from OccuGardends to Solidarity Sing ( That one is pretty cool. They Occupy government buildings by choir. ) There is even an Occupy Everything. The Occupation is not some corporate hooha, so there is no branding. The people know an Occupation when they see it, they do not have to have it labeled to figure it out.
I took a major economic blow after Occupy Libya, err The Libyan Spring. Possibly, unrelated, but not really, I stood in the way and am exposing with help from many people, a multinational company that is harming disabled and elderly for billions of dollars in 0% loans. Plus they are real assholes to the widows of police officers. This company has issues with corruption. And they do not like anything that represents, even in mere idea , fairness, justice, and freedom.
So no matter what you or anyone calls it; it is still the Culling Corruption Campaign.

– Bloolithia

For those that will undoubtedly ask… It needed to be written. It might as well be published here first. – Sail



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