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Inflammatory discourse does not make what you write truthy.

It no longer matters how the Corruption Campaign began in Syria. Mr. Assad\’s reaction to it showed that the original statements from Syria was in fact true. And I will be harsher than the original plea, Mr. Assad is vile.

After the Mr. Assad viciously attacked The Campaign with no interest in the humanity of Syria , only interest in keeping his power, I researched Mr. Assad.

What I did not know was Mr. Assad and much of his family, was a theatrical presentation created by an USA based PR company. His creation of a character for public consumption in itself is not vile, but had that been known all information that showed Mr. Assad in a positive light would have been subject to higher level of scrutiny.

As for your statement of that the manufactoredness of the original protests is conspired, cursing does not make that go way. It is so common knowledge that you point out that it is classed in with conspiracy theories.

The balloons that were seen in the Syrian protests photos showed up again in the Million Mask March. The source of the promotion of balloons for use as \” a bringing together\” in the MMM is from  very questionable PR firm with questionable unethical practices. BTW, the use of balloons does not negate corruption of intent.

It was kismet that Mr. Assad broke character and exhibited his vile nature. His vile nature might not have come to light had the balloon promoting PR company not had an interest in creating an informational gathering campaign. It was unfortunate for that PR company. Read Million Man March – page 4 – The Occupations Statement for more information.  https://oolith.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/million-mask-march-page-4-the-occupations-statement/

The name of your account suggests you are a astroturfer account. Nevertheless, I will give you a platform on my channel for a bit of time.

via Julia Clark – Google+ – We don’t run away, we run fearless , to danger to help our….


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