Yahoo et the baba!

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Editor’s note from the founder , Julia Clark.


I was a power user on Yahoo! I had the Power User awards and a full robust 360 yahoo site. . . Until I could not lie in the face of facts. Yahoo’s data bases were as wide open for executive exploitation as Sony’s were. And they were extremely exploited.


The abuse I and The JC Organization suffered while at 360, flicker, and ymail was extensive and dangerous.  That left irreparable deep scars on the Organization.


During one particularly bad event the person involved said to me,”You are so very polite.” as I was using 5 computer to thwart his attack. My politeness was lost at the hands of Yahoo goons. That young Libyan man though did  join the culling Corruption Campaign that day. He shared with me a lot of information about how money and operations were working at that time in Libya.


It took over 2 years to get fully away from Yahoo, not including the attempt to keep the domain name by a technical glitch that was not reportable to ICANN.


I had little faith in Marrissa when she took helm at Yahoo. She seemed all they typical high level f’loon with glitter in her eyes. I think she was . But she has attempted repair of Yahoo’s security, however, I think she is still trying to deal with the the vile underboss and boss that has systematically exploited Yahoo’s user data base.







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