Is Chrome Sync a Bad Idea?

Is Chrome Sync a Bad Idea?


Do you have a friend that is an activist, a friend of a friend, a friend of a friend of a friend, or a friend of a cousin that met your dog once. That might be reason enough to have what is called a “look see”. With rhymes with Goatsee and is about as pleasant.

You get notice saying , “You have logged out from another location. Do you want to log in again?” But wait, you are not signed into any other computer.

Google makes it easy to address security. Go to: Security Screen


We are going to discuss these areas. On the Password section, if you have not changed your password change it now.

Enable 2-step verification.

2 step verification

With the 2 step verification set your primary number and your backup number. Decide how your codes will be sent. And hard copy print a set of backup codes. & put them in a safe spot that you will remember where during a stressful time. Keep them under lock and key if you like or need to.

2 step verification trusted computers

I recommend not having any trusted computer. Especially, if you had any unusual activity, even logging in on a date you d not recall, on your usage history. It is not that inconvenient and is good security. I also recommend getting a cheep phone that is for your various 2 step log-in.

I am not going to do a screen capture of app password settings. Nevertheless , go through your apps and revoke anything you do not recall.

Check your recent activity. It is here that you will note any unusual activity. Err on the side of caution. It is OK after you have finished the above to change you pass word again.

If you have had the notice saying , “You have logged out from another location. Do you want to log in again?” you need to de-sync. You’ll do that under your chrome settings. You should be very familiar with your chrome settings, but if not it is the three bars in the top right hand corner of your chrome browser.

Fullscreen capture 12212013 24110 AM

Then select Advanced Sync settings.


In there deselect everything but one something unimportant to you. I choose Auto fill because most of that is public information or not saved.

Sync settings











You can change your password again and call it a session.

Cheers and happy sailing.



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