You Need To Quit Using Skype.

For the most part you should not use Skype. The exception being a media event or with people you know and trust their security levels.

I am not going to say Google is better, but it is what I use “when need be.”  The key words being “when need be” For the most part your camera should be covered and only used for common matters.

I have not conducted exploit research on Skype since the Yahoo exploits of 2008. However, every now and again I check to see what exploits are availed in the wild. And there is always some major hole.

Awesomely enough, now there is a handy-dandy automated open source tool to slurp up that last little bits of your data, profiles, contacts, messages, and calls.

I am of course being very jovial  .  I do not wish to slurp up your data; well… unless need be.

All silliness aside, the tool is useful in some aspects of research and forensics.  Of course it should not be used without authorization because it would be a violation of privacy.

Skype Freak by Osanda Malith

Skype Freak by Osanda Malith

Letter to DoNotTrackMe

This evening I encountered a cookie issue. That interferes with flash. I have encountered a similar cookie that derived from UMB which interfered with the Disqus platform. I disclosed it to Disqus and it has since been fixed.
I am sharing this with you because there needs to be a very serious and important security feature added to DoNotTrackMe . I have used DoNotTrackMe for some time and it has been great. However, this past weekend and yesterday I was active with SWSX and repeatedly was having video connection issues. I unblocked a number of sites for commenting and to attempt to watch the video from SWSX. It is from that behavior I feel I picked up the cookie which from my experience will be a cookie that interferes with commenting sections that use certain platforms.
That said, I rebooted, deleted cookies and cache including that of flash. However, I know that I authorized some mainstream media sites I would not normally authorize to participate in conversations. After cleaning my cookies and cache I went to the DoNotTrackMe dash-board to unauthorized the sites I had authorized in the last 48 hours. I could not do that. I also could not simply un-authorize all.

Please consider adding this very serious and important security feature.
Thank you for your wonderful app.
Julia Clark

Posted because there was no confirmation from  DoNotTrackMe and the submission page was blank after sending

Yahoo! blocks! Google! and ! Facebook! from! grabbing! ID! goodies! • The Register

Yahoo! blocks! Google! and ! Facebook! from! grabbing! ID! goodies! • The Register.

This is noted because three of the IDs that were connected to the exploitive use of SONYs data bases were known sport fanatics and made extensive use  of Yahoo!’s fantasy football tourneys across many forums to develop, nurture, and groom relationships. It is unknown if these forums enacted different security measures after the snowden revelations.  It is unknown the extent Yahoo! has addressed, secured, and changed security policy, if at all, concerning its user data and access to sub-networks and infrastructure networks. The exploits have not been probed in over a year and not released into the general knowledge base (wild) for other researchers.