You Need To Quit Using Skype.

For the most part you should not use Skype. The exception being a media event or with people you know and trust their security levels.

I am not going to say Google is better, but it is what I use “when need be.”  The key words being “when need be” For the most part your camera should be covered and only used for common matters.

I have not conducted exploit research on Skype since the Yahoo exploits of 2008. However, every now and again I check to see what exploits are availed in the wild. And there is always some major hole.

Awesomely enough, now there is a handy-dandy automated open source tool to slurp up that last little bits of your data, profiles, contacts, messages, and calls.

I am of course being very jovial  .  I do not wish to slurp up your data; well… unless need be.

All silliness aside, the tool is useful in some aspects of research and forensics.  Of course it should not be used without authorization because it would be a violation of privacy.

Skype Freak by Osanda Malith

Skype Freak by Osanda Malith


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