South East Caravan Update – NATGAT3

South East Caravan Update.
The Go Fund Me is up. Thank you Daniel Hong!
Donated Now and often because it is one way to be a part of the NATGAT3. Live vicariously!
We have flyers for the JCO/ccc journey across our great country! Which goes great with the new addition to the mobile office!
Plus a partnering announcement!


3 comments on “South East Caravan Update – NATGAT3

  1. Julia says:

    Check it out Mr. Mohamed, you might find it fascinating. Share! Like! Be with me on this journey by contributing!

  2. maher mohamed says:

    i love you honey i need you honey can i inviate you to vist me honey
    maher mohamed

    • Julia says:

      Wow, interesting! We just had a reading that the quote was: Yours ever,ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. “But I want her! I need her! I am dying for her! I am transported with frenzied joy at the thought of clasping her in my arms, and yet I hate her, Spendius! I should like to beat her! What is to be done? I have a mind to sell myself and become her slave! YOU have been that! You were able to get sight of her; speak to me of her! Every night she ascends

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