Kaspersky Lab Discovers New Android and iOS Mobile Malware; Maps HackingTeam’s Command and Control Servers | Kaspersky Lab US

The list of victims indicated in separate research reports, conducted independently by Kaspersky Lab and Citizen Lab, includes activists and human rights advocates, as well as journalists and politicians.

via Kaspersky Lab Discovers New Android and iOS Mobile Malware; Maps HackingTeam’s Command and Control Servers | Kaspersky Lab US.

Dear Mr. William Hugh Murray,


The JCO reviewed an editorial where you complained about the legality of  Scott Erven’s and Shawn Merdinger’s  work as independent health care security researchers. Even if this research gave forth useful fruits of labor. Research that uncovered significant vulnerabilities that could lead to targeted deaths and selected cowing of individuals, families, and professional staff  across a broad sector of hospital networks.

Your lack of insight exemplifies why the protection of whistle-blowers within the military frame-work is so very important because it appears as if your view on protecting individual life over blind obedience is gravely skewed

Allow us to give you a non-digital example:

If a person notices at a hospital unsecured equipment that could be used to harm persons, manipulate out comes of life and death of persons in a covert way a person of ethical means should be compelled to report such.  Not exposing such does not protect you nor anyone from dastardly persons.

Imagine if you were the chosen target of such dastardly persons, be it from within your military peers, from a corporate interest, or a cohort of motivated civilians.

Would you really want this information secretively passed to only the devils among us?

You are a dynamic and authoritative dignitary,  thank you for your continued shared knowledge backed by many years of  service


Please reflect and reconsider your position.



The JC Organization




Bill Murray is a management consultant and trainer in Information Assurance specializing in policy, governance, and applications. He is Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and chairman of the Governance and Professional Practices committees of (ISC)2, the certifying body, He has more than fifty years experience in information technology and more than forty years in security. During more than twenty-five years with IBM his management responsibilities included development of access control programs, advising IBM customers on security, and the articulation of the IBM security product plan. He is the author of the IBM publication Information System Security Controls and Procedures. He has been recognized as a founder of the systems audit field and by Information Security Magazine as a Pioneer in Computer Security. In 1999 he was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the Information System Security Association. In 2007 he received the Harold F. Tipton Award in recognition of his lifetime achievement and contribution.

US Supreme Court Says Warrants Required for Cell Phone Searches

The US Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement officers must have
a warrant to search cell phones belonging to people they arrest. The
ruling makes exceptions for emergencies, such as suspected bomb plots
and child abductions. The ruling overturns two convictions, one in
Massachusetts and one in California.




German Government Will Not Renew Verizon Contract

Germany’s government is ending its contract with Verizon over concerns
that the company could be allowing US intelligence to eavesdrop on
communications. An Interior Ministry spokesperson said that Germany
wants to have complete control over sensitive government networks. The
Verizon contract is set to expire in 2015.
Germany is not the only country moving in
this direction

We are starting to see the real world impact on technology
companies resulting from the Edward Snowden allegations of mass
surveillance by the US government. Verizon stated “The US Government
cannot compel us to produce our customers’ data stored in data centres
outside the US, and if it attempts to do so, we would challenge that
attempt in a court.” However, Microsoft are currently appealing a court

compelling them to surrender data held on a server in their Dublin
datacentre. The outcome of that appeal will have major implications for
US tech companies and in particular cloud service providers.

AT&T and Verizon are learning the hard way what every
international enterprise should know. Except in war, its duty to the
country in which it does business trumps that to the country in which
it is chartered. The habit of easy cooperation with the US government,
that grew up when they were a state chartered monopoly, is no longer


Note from the JCO : Names of writers removed to honor privacy agreements. 

Emergency Action –

The solemn and somberness is very moving . Assist today. Act now
99Rise Occupiers Arrested at CA Statehouse – YouTube

19 arrested for peaceably demanding money out of politics

EMERGENCY ACTION — Call Sacramento PD 916-264-5471 and CHP (916) 843-3000 to demand the release of the 99Rise peaceful protestors who were exercising their First Amendment rights when they were arrested in mass tonight at the State Capitol. They were trying to get corruption out of politics

Please Do Speak In Halls Unless You Have Money


Jun 17th, 12:30pm
yea, i see that
that’s not my doing. it’s indiegogo’s setup
i don’t know how those other comments got there though since they didn’t contribute either.
my purpose isn’t to make the comment section available only to those that contribute. not at all.
i’m going to see how i can contact indiegogo to make that not a thing.
the site itself will be free to the public once set up. i’m just a guy trying to raise money for it. i can’t help while i’m at work this issue with indiegogo’s website. i didn’t make it that way, believe me. i’m trying to fight oppression and censorship.
Occupy Savannah
Sent by Julia Clark
I am glad the indiegogo issue was availed to garner your attention Micheal Jude Hendricks and you are addressing it. It highlights what it is often like in rural USA and how challenging the internet can be in rural areas.
yea, i’m just at my real job right now, and i didn’t have the ability to get back to your well thought out letter. i do have a response for you and i wish to tell you more later.
Jun 17th, 12:39pm
i would appreciate if you can save that as a draft for the time being because you have to believe that i am not out to censor anyone or anything. that’s what my fight in life is against right now.
Occupy Savannah
Sent by Julia Clark
I also have to get back to work. I will be in Macon in two days. My internet is so very throttled where I am at. I look forward to speaking with you. God willing, your spanking did not sting much. You are welcome to call, if you wish, though even the phone is throttled out here. Smart hone are not so smart when throttled. Julia
Jun 17th, 12:46pm
okay, i’ll write you later on your page. i’d appreciate it if you can take down that blog post for the time being as it isn’t my intent to cause that for those wishing to speak on that page. thanks, julia. mike



It was brought to the JCO’s attention that The Hall :

Michael Hendricks The Hall https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-hall/x/6208609#home http://www.the-hall.com www.twitter.com/thehallorg http://www.facebook.com/thehallorg

Does not allow public comments on their fund-raising page unless you pay them. Such action seems very similar to the very thing The Halls are trying to address.  Doing such prevents legitimate issues  from being brought to light to persons that are considering funding The Hall.


The JCO will not recommend The Hall until this very serious throttle on communications is addressed.



Occupy Savannah received this request from The Hall :

Hi! My name is Michael Hendricks and I am the Founder of The Hall. The Hall is an organization that I started after being inspired by the principle that money should be taken out of politics that many people express these days. I am writing you today to ask that you check out the video that I have up on my crowdfunding campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-hall/x/6208609#home.
The Hall’s vision is to become the authoritative source of democracy in The United States of America. By using the power of technology, we will eradicate the influence of money in politics by allowing the users the ability to vote on all issues that their representatives will vote on and allow those representatives the opportunity to know exactly what the people think about each issue.
The website content will give people the tools to discuss, debate, and ultimately vote on solutions and challenge those in power to make change. This brings true citizenship to your home computer.
A long-term focus of the organization is on having people run for public office and use the platform to truly represent the people, giving the country a representative democracy with the influence of direct democracy.
Every bill, statute or ordinance from any representative at any government level will be available to allow people to read a bill, discuss it, and vote on it. From the information garnered on the website, representatives will be able to understand their constituents views and hopefully act accordingly. The representative will then be able to truly vote on the will of the people.
What I am asking today from you is for your help in getting the funds raised during this campaign to build the website by sharing the link to the crowdfunding page on your Facebook, Twitter, website, or any other webpages that you may have. We have a substantial goal to reach, but with all the contacts and positive support that we have built over the last two years, we feel that the goal is attainable.
It can only be done though with your help because we are all in this together. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more information about this revolutionary means of giving the people of this country’s citizens the power of their opinion and vote back.
Michael Hendricks The Hall

The very serious concern of people without internet access or throttled internet access was addressed in the responding letter.

Hello Michael Hendricks,

This is Julia Clark one of the founders of Occupy Savannah, Occupy Rammstein, the Culling Corruption Campaign, and the JCO. Occupy National Gathering – organizing committee. South East Caravan to the National Gathering – lead caravan. Occupant in Occupy Marines, Occupy the Senate, Occupy Georgia, Occupy the South East, among others. I was also on board Obama’s Rural team.

Presently, I am touring the rural areas for a temp check for The Occupations. I have sponsored the next 5 Blood Moons ( approx 2 years) to The Occupation. I do not have the bandwidth to watch your videos. Rural America represents 80% of the USA lands and 20 to 49% of the USA population depending on classification of rural.

As you can see the rural area and population of the USA is an important part of the USA fabric. One of the most challenging areas of rural USA is internet coverage. Much of the coverage in rural areas is substandard, monopolized, or relatively non-existent due to cost.

Though your concept in inventive and inspirational, how do you plan to address rural areas of the USA given that most people are not connected.

Julia Clark


The seriousness of the state of rural internet needed to be brought to the forefront, thus the posting in the various locations provided by Michael Hendricks.

Throttling was further highlighted when Julia Clark went to post the letter on The Hall’s fund-raising page:

Comments are only allowed at The Hall if you have money.

Comments are only allowed at The Hall if you have money.

South East Caravan Update

A 22 page affidavit for the USDA RD is on the table for today.
The fund raising for the South East Caravan is in limbo because of a Facebook integration issue. Donations through the Julia Clark Organization are being redirected to the NATGAT3 South East Caravan. https://oolith.wordpress.com/contribute/