Dear Mr. William Hugh Murray,


The JCO reviewed an editorial where you complained about the legality of  Scott Erven’s and Shawn Merdinger’s  work as independent health care security researchers. Even if this research gave forth useful fruits of labor. Research that uncovered significant vulnerabilities that could lead to targeted deaths and selected cowing of individuals, families, and professional staff  across a broad sector of hospital networks.

Your lack of insight exemplifies why the protection of whistle-blowers within the military frame-work is so very important because it appears as if your view on protecting individual life over blind obedience is gravely skewed

Allow us to give you a non-digital example:

If a person notices at a hospital unsecured equipment that could be used to harm persons, manipulate out comes of life and death of persons in a covert way a person of ethical means should be compelled to report such.  Not exposing such does not protect you nor anyone from dastardly persons.

Imagine if you were the chosen target of such dastardly persons, be it from within your military peers, from a corporate interest, or a cohort of motivated civilians.

Would you really want this information secretively passed to only the devils among us?

You are a dynamic and authoritative dignitary,  thank you for your continued shared knowledge backed by many years of  service


Please reflect and reconsider your position.



The JC Organization




Bill Murray is a management consultant and trainer in Information Assurance specializing in policy, governance, and applications. He is Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and chairman of the Governance and Professional Practices committees of (ISC)2, the certifying body, He has more than fifty years experience in information technology and more than forty years in security. During more than twenty-five years with IBM his management responsibilities included development of access control programs, advising IBM customers on security, and the articulation of the IBM security product plan. He is the author of the IBM publication Information System Security Controls and Procedures. He has been recognized as a founder of the systems audit field and by Information Security Magazine as a Pioneer in Computer Security. In 1999 he was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the Information System Security Association. In 2007 he received the Harold F. Tipton Award in recognition of his lifetime achievement and contribution.

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