National Park Police Documents Reveal Flimsy Intelligence Gathering, Disregard for Civil Liberties

The South East Caravan sponsored and hosted by the JCO has experienced the following: “By this time she had come to realize that if she stated where she was at openly on her media assets that her internet would be interrupted. So announcing where she was and details was no longer an option. She was going to have to reformulate a new plan.”

The Philly Declaration

Photo: @punkboyinsf Photo: @punkboyinsf

By Joanne Michele, Kenneth Lipp and Dustin Slaughter

A batch of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents received by The Declaration’s Joanne Michele pertaining to the National Park Service’s (NPS) preparation ahead of last year’s Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia provides a glimpse into the national security state’s ineffective intelligence gathering, the National Park Service’s disregard for taxpayer money, as well as continued secrecy on the part of both local and federal authorities. Perhaps most importantly, the documents contribute to ongoing revelations reported from other media outlets regarding the monitoring of journalists and activists who peacefully seek to express First Amendment rights guaranteed them under the U.S. Constitution.

Editors’ Note: The documents in their entirety are embedded at the end of this post and can also be viewed on our Scribd.

Continued Secrecy

The NPS FOIA release reveals continued secrecy on the part of officials in the…

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