how to make a private/untraceable ip?


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A friend sent me a message using gmail, when i typed the sender ip in, the following result came out.

This is a private IP address and cannot be traced.




Proxy: None detected

Type: Unknown


I’m sure it’s not sent through a proxy, because when i use proxy, my sent messages clearly state that i sent it through a proxy and show name of the proxy server and the organization that owns the proxy.

I use a wireless Netgear N router. but my sent messages show my original ip.

Is there any way i can hide my ip the same way?

How can i make a private ip that is untraceable? Anyone please help!








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Initial suggestion would be that your friend is using his own SMTP server and is using NAT behind a firewall. Therefore, the IP address is the SMTP server that happens to be a private IP address (behind NAT).

Beyond that, I would not do this anyway. Quite a few ISPs blacklist private IP addresses. If this happens, you won’t get any mail through to those particular servers.



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