Sony Pictures Knew of Gaps in Computer Network Before Hack Attack | Re/code

Auditors found that since transitioning from a third-party vendor in September 2013, Sony Pictures had failed to notify the corporate security team to monitor newly added devices, such as web servers and routers.

Studio management told the auditors its corporate security team is focused on bolstering devices on the perimeter of Sony’s networks and that it hasn’t applied “the same level of rigor” for other, non-security devices such as routers and web servers. The document doesn’t go into detail as to why a different standard was applied.

By the end of July, Sony Pictures provided a current inventory of all devices to be tracked.

Auditors also found that Sony Pictures failed to reconcile the list of security devices its corporate team should have been monitoring with those it was monitoring. As a result, they might have missed additional devices being added to or removed from the networking, adding that “critical security devices may not be monitored.”

Sony Pictures’ in-house staff pledged to develop a process for keeping track of its devices by Oct. 31 — barely a month before hackers made their presence on the studio’s corporate network known.

via Sony Pictures Knew of Gaps in Computer Network Before Hack Attack | Re/code.


This was his backdoors and gifting backdoors , to have secure bouncers when talking and revealing details, such as when gaga entered a plastic bubble on live television . by useing this means he could bounce around various sony companies and have solid heads up if any harassment, blackmail, etc cases   would come up.

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