Strategy Libya Edition 1.22

To begin this report the JCO thanks The Center For Security Governance  (CSG) for providing the communications platform that made this report possible.

That said, the JCO does not subscribe to the school of thought – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  Concisely and amusingly put,  subscribing to such school of thought leaves one open to hoof and mouth disease. Therefore part of this report will include some vetting of CSG. 

While making this report we received through back channels this video titled

Religion Is Here To Unite Us – Hamza Yusuf, Rihla 2013

It is a standing tradition to include stichomancy in Strategy Libya Edition. Take them as you will.

At first glance these seem like two reports not related. The Facebook page mentions Gadaffi supporters still fighting. And the youtube report does not mention them at all at least not noticeably though the first listening.

Note: The JCO did experience network interference at this point while making this report.  

The JCO was not a part of the question and answer part of the e-seminar.

Note: The other videos were located after a segment of this report was written. They were not linked in the originating video of AlAgeli. 

though much of the reports seen on the Security Governance Group (SGG) and the Center for Security Governance (CSG) the youtube page was severely lacking linkage.  In addition the news section of the CSG did not have a permalink.



4.Majority of these militia under Army are from Awlad Suleiman (AS) tribe and very few from Tabu.

– This is the first thing to stand out when going down the numbered list. ~Suleiman~ The name Suleiman is a redflag in the ccc. Like many names, Suleiman is just a redflag and are not conclusive. It has been noted that certain corps give preference to certain names. It is believed this pattern is of a strategic nature, in such that it can provide confusion of who is who. Suleiman in its various forms of spelling is one of the names used by a corporate-state actor in such masking.

The individual and to some extent the cohorts behind the corporate-state actor is extraordinary in group think and developing cult-like blocs. Gadaffi was a suportive cohort of this individual.

The JCO is not naming the corporate-state actor/individual for general public reading due to on-going investigations, which include slavery, pedophilia, extortion, and fraud to name a few. Though often employing religion as a cover, it is a criminal organization.  Often persons involved with this corporate-state actor may not realize the extent of their contributing to organized crime. Possibly due to they use of cult mentality.

For a dark humor reminder of the aspects of cults watch this video : HOW TO START YOUR OWN CULT Note: Not all cults are detrimental.

The rest of the numbered list describes and on-going theater of conflict. Without  A theater of conflict that needs to be addressed holistically, a borrowed term from  Abdul Rahman AlAgeli

Which brings the report to the econference.:

With the questions held in reserve; Who are Center for Security Governance and their parent company Security Governance group? Agenda, paper trails, affiliations, etc

There was no clear transparency to answer these questions in the time frame set out for this report. However, they provide this statement in a brochure:

The Security Governance Group (SGG) is a private research and consulting firm … tailored to meet the needs of our clients, including governments, intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and private sector bodies.

With great reserve the JCO lays aside those vetting questions. As stated earlier, being aware of of what a gift holds on the inside is very important.

While researching the JCO located

That goes along with the e-conference with Abdul Rahman AlAgeli that was brought to my attention along with the above brief concerning Sebha though the Libyan Youth Movement. For full transparency and disclosure the JCO has lent expert analysis and other research to the Libyan Campaign publicly and semi-openly since 03-08-2011. The JCO involvement, advisory, and contact with Libya predates that  date by many year as far back as the 360 era of the JCO, 2005-2008. Most notable conversations being about the trafficking large sums of cash, how little the youth were being paid to be mules, the blood and paper trails behind the quantities of cash, and corruption.

  AlAgeli’s was very informative. It was the only video of the econferance I


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