California is flush with cash. So why the warnings to prepare for recession? – LA Times

I went to Eurka, CA for the past two days.  Partly for a gig and to check out the town.

One of the ways I judge a town is by its library. The same way I judge a restaurant by its bathroom, I judge a town by its library.

I parked by Starbucks and walked the many blocks to the Library.

To tell this story I cannot do it in order, because it was a bit of a epiphany moment.

The library in Eureka. CA does not open until 10AM. That is very late opening for a library.  The thing is I noticed that the Library in Crescent City also open a late 10AM.

I was a bit shocked that I had just walked so far and the Library was closed. I was telling no one in general how appalling it is that the library was closed at such a late time in the morning. And noticing this very strikingly beautiful homeless chick grabbing a paper to read on the steps. Rolling her eyes and giving a manufactured surprised look as if to warn me to not speak up.   Then this guy pops his head out of a thin wooden door to blow his nose right there where I stood! Now I am shocked and appalled. I ask him the time and tell him to not blow his nose right there on me He became uppity and asked. “Don’t you have a phone?” then said, “I did not blow my nose on you, I blew it in this tissue!” Well, I explained that polite children blow their nose in the bathroom, not in close proximity to someones face  That I had five phones and I asked him for the time, moreover that late opening libraries are a poor reflection on a city and I judge cities on their libraries. His guilt was snappily  retorted, “Don’t judge a book by its cover! It’s 9:15.” and briskly retreated behind the door shutting the door with more force than necessary.

I knew he could still hear me and explained in the modern world designers work hard on the covers and one does and can judge a book by its cover! Moreover, having an elaborate Gentleman’s Club right next to the Library, while the Library languishes, just will not do for me!

Let me tell you about the Gentleman’s Club. 

The name of the club is the Ingomar Club. When I asked about it before visiting the library I was told it was a gentleman’s club. Well, I knew there is not enough money, nor enough fancy women here to sustain a gentleman’s club ie a strip joint! So they meant a men’s only club. A club that allows men of certain criteria to cohort together. In this case, it is the meager wealthy of Humboldt and surrounding areas for the most part I say meager wealth because I have worked in security services at the Augusta National.

California is flush with cash. So why the warnings to prepare for recession? - LA Times

It is no less ostentatious, due to the fact that the Augusta National pays minimum wages and does not pay staff during their golf tourney.

Here is the Ingomar Club’s tax filings for 2004- 2012. As shown they are far far from wealthy or elite. Yet, they maintain this self-made shrine to ostentatious wealthy elitism.  while the infrastructure and society crumbles around them.

Moreover, a horrid pissing on the grave of the very man who had the mansion built   Though erased from the historical account is the a humble detail shared with me from a local, be it myth or legend, how Mr. Carson built the structure during an economic down-turn so he could employ and keep his workers during an economic down-turn.

In other words, a community project to benefit the community. This story of the Carson Mansion is reinforced by the lack of plans and the whimsical mismatched nature of the mansion.

Please do not mistake my thrashing for disdain. Maintaining such a lovely blue-collar work of art is honorable. Though a lot less delusion would make it wholesome.  







California is flush with cash. So why the warnings to prepare for recession? – LA Times.


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