Roseburg Strong

Sometimes, I forget this blog in and post on social media.

Lots of reason, or better called excuses:

I get busy.

I am feeling a bit shattered. Sometimes this seems cumbersome.

Recently, I traveled through Roseburg. Just a week or so before the tragic October 1st I met the people. I visited the community outreach center. I encouraged University as a means to an ends.

It is a nice town with great people.

I recall a conversations I had with ladies, how hospitable and  nice everyone was. Roseburg is so small and so remote that wild Turkeys are a common sight within the urban setting. I love Roseburg.  One lady and I even talked about me staying. I had just came from Medford, which is close to Klamath County where the officers had blue lined their chief for beating a prisoner.

It has all been so too much. So surreal. I traveled on planning to make the loop back across the mountains to Crescent City farther north. I was hoping for an easier pass.

Then the shooting.

I was in Douglas County when the shootings happened.  It is tragic

This community is a good community. It is very tight-knit. It is very caring.

I saw a post that truly fits the feelings in this area. This area is very remote, every town is connected in some way in a very intricate support system . Are there problems back here? Yea, there are huge problems back here. But together the community lives. And you have to really understand that:  Together the community lives. Say that again out loud to yourself:

Together the community lives.

I have heard not a single bad word about the shooter’s Mother. Think about that. Of all people who should be scorned now, or that is left to be scorned from the Shooter, the community is not scorning her. This is a noble community. I am sorry the shooter fell into what ever rabbit hole he fell into. I think we all are. However, tragic the picture is, the fortitude this community has is noble. Together this community lives. Together WE.ARE


Prayer request and call to action from Terry Lee Reid


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