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Julia Clark likes Poverty Porn.


Julia Clark shared a link.
Of course, Native Americans should have been US citizens from the get go. However, here is the signed, sealed, and delivered declaration.


So, bundy and Hammonds business set aside. How do you feel about the states taking back control of land that the feds are controlling?
Do you think states like oregon would be better off being able to control our own timber funds?
Would we prosper or fall?
Remember, put aside all the drama and just look at the bigger picture, the result of these consequences!


Julia Clark commented on Chris Wahmhoff‘s post.
This was the the origins of your gaslighting , “no money, just belief..”. One must have a livable way and means. I know by now you heard what I did. And it was important. and it still is important. Occupy is still alive and well. For goodness sake man, they are calling the what’s happening in Oregon an Occupation. And please before you get your cackles up. What they are doing is important. The houseless are not allowed to camp in the city, nor in the Fed lands, which is at 1/3 of the nation. that amount of land sitting forboden is also creating an unnatural market.
Occupy is not dead, is just our other half is waking up.
Please be gentle of heart. Let’s make coffee and plan our new day. Christopher Kasak Dre Christian Asa Reno


Julia Clark commented on Storm is Coming‘s post.
My life saving medicine, when I first got it was $0.25 an injection. It is now, in the US $5.00 an injection. That is a 6000% increase. At $0.25 an injection, when this medicine was discovered to to work for me, it replaced $900+ a month medicine. I became well. And my medicines were affordable at $7.50 a month. I felt that I would be able to manage my health care and begin to crawl out of the horrid poverty my catastrophic illness had stricken me to. But at $150 on a $750 monthly budget, I may never return to fiscal well-being to where I can participate in society in a productive and wholesome manner.




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