Libya – Embracing Self-empowerment









Strategy and Application


These two words resonated throughout the e-conference. During the question and answer closing segment a AlAgeli pointed out that absent leaders had misconstrued the reality of what was availed to work with in Libya at the moment. This is terribly unfortunate, but fluid situations, both internationally and in Libya, requires fluid leadership.


Do not wait for the white table cloths and other finery that seems to be required. It is not required. There are many global examples of accomplished countries that are plainly ran without much fanfare, Uruguay is one. They have avoided two major recessions of its region in recent years.


Aside thought here; Sometimes certain sorts of organizations will have extraordinary wait or more hoops than necessary as a controlling device. Of curse everyone knows that, but sometimes through the cloud of dazzle it is forgotten.


The first task at hand is Libya’s well-being and the well-being of the Libyan people. Of course a holistic approach is most sensible. The world is littered with examples skewed focuses, such examples are: an over inflated militant military budget were wars then need to be found or created, an over inflated banking sector were usury will develop, so on and so forth…


Security indeed is a result of socioeconomic and political well-being. However the location defines such with a few notable exceptions that do not require review here. It cannot go unsaid that transparency and addressing corruption significantly improve the over all well-being both politically and socioeconomic.


AlAgeli mentioned water and electric are spotty. And explained that the Libyan citizenry are becoming empowered and correcting the electric issues themselves by purchasing generators. And went on to say that was problematic in some way. What is the problem there is that they do not have solar panels or wind turbines instead of generators and the battery banks that goes with a good independent system. That does not seem to be a rents mentality, or the very poorly choose words “Libyan mentality” used in a negative context. . The Libyan mentality is clearly shown there using what is availed to improve individual and group life. The very same way that a communications network was constructed from what was availed during the campaign. By empowering and encouraging households to create their own power the over all cost of family life is reduced.


Such things may not make corporatist happy, but who is the goal to make happy Libya or put on a show for outsiders?


This is inclusive of water also, With a very quick research I found Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvestingputting a youthful squad to research, develop, and implement eye pleasing copies would bring mercy to various multilateral difficulties.



And Libya has an opportunity to rethink schooling. Is it really necessary given today’s technology to continue schools that lend themselves to a previous era of lesser technology? Books can be shared digitally, online education can allow for telecommuting, and allow star student to go as fast as they need to keep interest. A plus to a digital based school would be the modern advance of education. It is something to think about and based on the tradition of advanced works



Libya – Embracing Self-empowerment


Libya’s self-empowerment is the very essence of accomplishment. The new men and women of Libya should not be excluded from development. I suggest مدني فيلق


The Civilian Corps (CC)

Organized by sectors.

The leadership fluid depending on the project

The CC corps are to perform civil works.

Such as:

  • networks for schools
  • clinics
  • roads
  • water harvesting projects in communities
  • think tanks – researchers and solution makers
  • website development – for example fostering solar and other types of simple energy.
  • Structural improvements

to name a few


The elders with their experience and the youth with their ability can work together to create what is needed.

What is needed the most and right away can be decided by vote.


Young people 16- 35 should have a choice of sending half their pay home or saved for a yearly, bi-yearly, or longer pay out. Senior staff should have a choice of sending one-quarter of their pay home or saved for a yearly, bi-yearly, or longer pay out


It is possible that the CC could also be deployed for 48 hour simple home raising for newly weds. This could be added later as a benefit for association. Perhaps after so many years of service or a set amount.


As far as the Libyan mentality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a monetary benefit from being a Libyan citizen. It is better such goes to the Libyan community than to becoming entangled with usury.


The issue that is heavy is the one of when did a person or group join or show support for the uprising. Though many may have been scared or in an informational blackout situation, considerations to when a person or group joined or supported the uprising is laudable.


Self Empowerment – (New men) Do not wish to be passive in development

Causes of behavior pattern

Libyan mentality – sense of entitlement to Libya’s wealth


It is OK to admit there was not a security sector under Gafaffi.

As for the police, a grid system may as well be used it would probably be more useful and universally understood. City and counties are nice, but they are all just points on a map and one region often blends into another as you cross points. With grid system you could go as minute or as large as needed, depending on the factors at hand such as population, need, events, etc.


The military is an ingrained part of today’s world and the historical world. But what is the military to do? Sure the military is to fight war, but what else can the military do other than kill. They should not only be able to kill. This is an opportunity to create more than just a military that kills, but also perhaps a military that builds.


Many people adore military life, the uniforms, the pomp , the circumstance. It is indeed enjoyable. it is not something that can be done without. And this is an opportunity to create a military that goes beyond base skills of kill. An opportunity to envision a military that can come in and do the larger development projects, quickly and efficiently, like an Amish barn raising, which give way to being able to build a geographical are a town hall in a matter of days instead of weeks. It would be a sight to behold.


What do the young people want? And just as important what do the young people families want?

Family and family life and the means to live family life fully. It is not wrong to develop society that caters to wholesome and plain living.


Much of family life is micro-economy. And can be localize adding stability to sectors. One of the huge down-falls of certain sorts of corporations is their low wages. Those that are employed cannot hire people to do common tasks that they cannot do because of time constraints. And such styles of economy eliminate a vital micro-economy. Most people are satisfied to live simply and should be admired for such. Self-sufficiency in local economies is good. Self-sufficiency in a national economy is also good. Set some of the creative youthful mind to find, enhance, and hone indoor gardens that show care and concern of resources. There is no written rule that box stores are required for an exemplary life.


Everyone’s family is different, but there are some basics everyone needs. What does it take to have a family? What does it take to have a community? These are not difficult question, but sometimes the first steps can seem over whelming.


Libya is young vibrant self-empowering nation with a credible citizenry





Million Mask March – page 4 – The Occupations Statement

Thanks Ford, that was interesting.

[SIZE=5][B]Mission statement:[/B] ” To remind this world what it has forgotten, That fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words”[/SIZE]

[B]Purpose[/B]: Peaceful march to[B] meet and greet[/B] like minded individuals.

I selected these video from the the official facebook page:

First choice:

Second Chioce:

Third choice:

Normally, I do not watch an Anonymous video unless it has the transcript. I take a pretty strong stance that anything worth watching is worth being written down. & it allows me to quick review without having to open the bandwidth portal for it.

I made an exception with these.

There was a website that appeared to be an excellent site for documentation of the MMM.
However, the complaints were that the site was associated with Revolt America site.
Therefore, I only sourced its documentation.

Million Mask March in the News

CHANNEL 4 NEWS | Video: Million Mask March protest spreads across globe | 6 NOV 2013
NBC WORLD NEWS | Anonymous’ ‘Million Mask March’ protests corruption, corporations | 6 NOV 2013
GUARDIAN |Protesters gather around the world for Million Mask March | 6 NOV 2013
RT |‘The Corrupt Fear Us!’ Massive Anonymous ‘Million Mask March’ as it happened (Photos/Videos) | 6 NOV 2013
LA TIMES | Anonymous Million Mask March members protest in downtown | 5 NOV 2013
C|NET | Anonymous’ ‘Million Mask March’ goes global | 5 NOV 2013
WALL STREET JOURNAL | Protesters Bring Million Mask March to DC | 5 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Million Mask March kicking off in Washington, DC | 5 NOV 2013
AL JAZEERA | Photos: The Million Mask March | 5 Nov 2013
REUTERS | Protesters wearing wear masks descend on Washington, DC | 5 NOV 2013
CBS | Washington, DC Photos | 5 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Provocateurs calling for taking Obama hostage – Christine Sands | 4 NOV 2013
HUFFPOST LIVE VIDEO| Alyona Mink on Million Mask March with Christine Ann Sands of Anonomobile | 4 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Rogue Group Breaks Away from Anonymous on Eve of March to Capture Obama, Congress, Justices | 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism – Anonymous| 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | NSA Spying and Persecuting Hackers Does Not Prevent Terrorism – Anonymous | 3 NOV 2013
TECH IN ASIA | Philippine government sites hacked by Anonymous in support of “million mask march” movement | 3 NOV 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | FBI could have stopped #Stratfor leak at any point – Sue Crabtree | 2 NOV 2013
NEW JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT | Rally for Justice, Privacy, Peace Nov. 5 at Million Mask March | 1 NOV 2013
CONSPIRACY QUERIES | Anonymous: Million Mask March – Christine Ann Sands | 31 OCT 2013
POLICY MIC | Million Mask March: Anonymous is Planning V for Vendetta in Real Life | 1 NOV 2013
NATURAL NEWS | Anonymous Supporters to March on Washington Nov. 5 Wearing Guy Fawkes Masks | 29 OCT 201
VOICE OF RUSSIA | NSA is Spying on Everyone Including Congressmen and Senators – Anonymous | 30 OCT 201
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Hacktivism is Needed to Fight Oppression – Christine Ann Sands | 26 OCT 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | Anonymous is Engaged in Battle for Truth Over Evil – Christine Ann Sands | 20 OCT 2013
VOICE OF RUSSIA | One Million Masks , Expect Us – Anonymous | 17 OCT 2013
THE REBEL CORP.| In Washington, DC NOV 5 with Anonomobile and Masks
RT | Anonymous Plans Million Mask March on Washington | 8 OCT 2013
CBS | Million Mask March In The Works for National Mall on Guy Fawkes Day | 18 AUG 201
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Largest Peaceful March in the History of Mankind | 17 SEP 2013
DENVER iJOURNAL | Anonymous Planning Masked March in Denver on Election Day| 10 JUL 2013

The above articles were compliled by

They also provided the final counting of event locations:
Million Mask March Final Listing: 447 Events – 5 NOV 2013
They did this by providing the platform for people to register their location, there by allowing all to find them, before this it seemed to be facebook and other hodgepodge

As for being questionable association; there documenting techniques suggest a investigative nature behind the services.
That is not necessarily a bad thing. Any movement that is successful becomes the establishment. Therefore, if the present establishment is helpful that is good behavior from the present establishment & welcomed.

Of course one should make their own choices of their actions. Never do anything that you would not defend to friends, family, yourself, your faith, and in a judicial setting.

I found a video of what appears to be the orginal organizer for the DC event.

In that video, I noticed that it was stated that the Occupy movement has gone away. That is not quite factually true. Indeed, maintaining presences in public parks has lessened. The occupying of public space could be called the pre-MMM assemblies. It simply does not make any logistic sense to maintain campaigners through the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer simply to show off. The campaigners man-power can be better used in such things as recruitment, lobbying, and concentrated numbers for jubilee, such as the Million Mask March.

If you need more information for the Occupation this is a good place to start:
With number like 64,000+ that the Occupy Marines have and 6,000+ that the Occupy Police have (both are on facebook if you are interested) The Occupation is not waning.

To be able to understand the Occupation better some missing historical information would be useful.

After Libya’s Campaign against corruption movement matured and moved to a maintenance phase, the orderliness of The Campaign began to unravel. Egypt had started unplanned and was not going well, Syria spoke up and said they should be next, and if not they were going it alone. In general everyone wanted to be next and where The Campaign was to go to next came under hostile action by Obama (USA).

Then oddly, the Campaign seemed to jump the pond ( The Atlantic ) and became rebranded as Occupy Wall Street and was being sold ( or targeted ) to major metropolitan areas. Moreover, it appeared to be coming very strongly.
As saw it coming and I was concerned. If it was going to come, I wanted to make sure that fireman, policeman, your average government worker, and the likes has a voice. They are average working Joe’s like so many people are. In addition, there was no real grassroots to it or so it seemed. If it failed, it could leave the USA worse off then before. The possible misfortune nightmare of displaced people migrating to only a few key areas was a serious concern. There was something fishy about this and it had to be mitigated.
I made contact with my closest city, I engaged those that were active in the Occupy Wall Street movement. I started the ball rolling. I contacted key officials in the city and explained that if the Occupy Wall Street movement did catch hold, I wanted this area to manage to fair the turbulent times with the least amount of pain and suffering. I also explained that law enforcement and civil servants were in fact working Joe’s themselves.
Once I had them on board I explained the strategy that every town needed to have their own Occupation. It would keep hot beds and flash pans from happening. It was a risk, but a risk worth taking. If major metro areas became burdens of unrest, the suffering would be great. Moreover, smaller areas would loose an important voice. And there was a lot that needed to be heard from the civil servants of smaller areas.
Once I got this through to what I felt were folks that could help create Occupations , not only Occupations, but friendly Occupations in as many towns as there was people that had a voice. I started seeing the Occupations pop up quickly.
In the mean time, the Occupation I was involved in was having a falling out. At the time, I would have nothing to do with Anonymous because of Sabu. Well, in the long run Sabu proved to be what I said he was.
Presently, the Occupations have not died out. They have taken on any name that suits their needs from OccuGardends to Solidarity Sing ( That one is pretty cool. They Occupy government buildings by choir. ) There is even an Occupy Everything. The Occupation is not some corporate hooha, so there is no branding. The people know an Occupation when they see it, they do not have to have it labeled to figure it out.
I took a major economic blow after Occupy Libya, err The Libyan Spring. Possibly, unrelated, but not really, I stood in the way and am exposing with help from many people, a multinational company that is harming disabled and elderly for billions of dollars in 0% loans. Plus they are real assholes to the widows of police officers. This company has issues with corruption. And they do not like anything that represents, even in mere idea , fairness, justice, and freedom.
So no matter what you or anyone calls it; it is still the Culling Corruption Campaign.

– Bloolithia

For those that will undoubtedly ask… It needed to be written. It might as well be published here first. – Sail


UPDATE 2-Heavy shooting lasting hours in Libya’s capital Tripoli | Reuters

Violence broke out in Tripoli as gunmen tried to free a militiaman detained at a government checkpoint; the incident appears unrelated to the recent establishment of a shadow government in East Libya.

Via newletter


UPDATE 2-Heavy shooting lasting hours in Libya’s capital Tripoli | Reuters.

2013 08 08 – Libya

The smoke had not yet cleared when the victory was being touted as a shining example of what Western powers could do on a modern battleground without ever putting “boots on the ground.” 😡

The above statement is extraordinarily arrogant. It was the Libyan people who showed their powers.

As the Libyan author Hisham Matar wrote last week, “Under Gaddafi we were afraid of the state; now its weakness imperils all we have achieved. “
Suliman Ali Zway,
who reports from Libya for the Times, e-mailed me that day to say that he had never seen the situation so bad. Later, he sent me a P.S.: he had just been carjacked by armed militiamen. He had lost his car but felt lucky to have escaped with his life.

The regional dimensions of the Libya mess have not been accurately calculated by the policymakers who urged on the rebellion, but they appear to be huge.

Following the fall of Qaddafi, well-armed Tuareg militiamen from Mali who had served him for years as mercenaries fled home in their battle wagons, and soon thereafter lent their weight to secessionist aspirations in the remote Northlands. (I wrote about the situation in Mali for the magazine last month.) The Mali episode showed—not for the first time—how a few determined and well-trained men with guns can do a lot of harm in remote areas of poor countries.

Libya lacks the ability to police its borders,

It is a novel concept, but people should be free to move about. Borders should be community based policing, as any other place would be.

not to mention its armories, and Al Qaeda thrives in any vacuum of influence. The bloody hostage crisis at the oil field in southern Algeria, in January, was linked to French intervention in Mali; in April, the French Embassy in Tripoli was bombed; and in May, in Niger (another weak state community that shares a border with Libya), bombers killed nearly thirty people.

Syria is the black hole in this firmament, sucking what light is left into its civil war. The NATO allies who rained missiles on Libya have fallen into a queasy silence on the subject of Syria—just as they are absent on the ground as guarantors of the peaceful restoration of the state of Libya.

Syria stepped out of turn. Though the Campaign did show/prove what was being said about bashir there was not proof prior. The photos and such coming out of syria before the campaign were full of women and children with balloons. Syria did not appear ‘ready’ or needful of a campaign. There are no establish or vetted communication ties to Syria

the Justice Department had charged a Libyan militia leader in Benghazi, Ahmed Abu Khattala, with complicity in the attacks that killed Ambassador Stevens. Abu Khattala, (research name) who has acknowledged being at the compound that night but denies any responsibility for Stevens’s death, has openly mocked the U.S.’s attempts to hold him accountable for the murders. In Benghazi on Wednesday, Suliman Ali Zway tweeted, “I met Abukhattala twice, and I’m very familiar with the Benghazi military dynamics/environment; good luck getting any1 to arrest him.”


During the time of Summer and Fall of 2011 Julia Clark was dividing her time among several places on the internet. One of them was The other was is a Muslim marriage site. In the Fall of 2009 Julia decided to return to making herself availed for marriage. She had secluded herself for over a year because of a hostile stalking.
She decided to join She decided to avail herself again because she felt that if she had just been availed she might have had talked some sense in to Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter. According to news reports he was affected by not being able to find a wife. was a mess when Julia first arrived. There was an open chat & an open culture of corruption. Openly fake Ids were being tolerated.,as a marriage site that was extraordinarily corrupt. She volunteered expert skills. and recruited others in clearing the culture of corruption. She would campaign against corruption by writing, giving small seminars, lobbying, & personal pleas to any person that would listen.

At there was a system where you could favorite or like someone, Julia made it a point favorite persons who has law enforcement officer, military, and government with United States listed as home. Julia also favorited law enforcement officer and legal profession anywhere in the globe.

Though the conversations at did not veer into geopolitics, it had become tradition to do a thorough vetting.

As such this lead to a select few knowing of the

It should be noted here that hostile astroturfing of the name Julia occurred before Julia’s arrival to

The point of the discourse is to document a case study of how a campaign should go:!-Libya-Edition

Tunisia was a surprise. In addition, Julia did not get involved in Tunisia.
After Libya, Julia discovered she did not have a platform in Egypt and woefully had to watch as the strategy in Egypt missed its mark.

The discussion of how Egypt missed will not be lectured at this time.

The Campaign was not to go to Syria. There was contact from Syria. However, the photographs calling for a Campaign were questionable.

The direction the Campaign was to go then, it not important now.

Recently, a young person surfaced in a TED talk. Others that have surveyed Julia agree that Anas seems to be spouting Julia’s doctrines.
This document is unedited at this time, Expect that it will be edited,
It is being published rushed due to hostile occurrences while writing it.