John Barrow It Is Not Rocket Science.

Dear Honorable Barrow,

Close Guantanamo.


Julia Clark

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Congressman John Barrow’s Reply Concerning Syria

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapon...

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. Parties of the Chemical weapons Convention Parties which have declared chemical weapon stockpiles and/or have known chemical weapon facilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Congressman John Barrow’s Reply Concerning Syria:


Dear Rep. Clark,


Thanks for contacting me over your concerns about the crisis in Syria.




The use of chemical weapons to kill civilians violates longstanding international agreements regulating the law of war.  However, the use of American troops to enforce these agreements must be a last resort.  We cannot always be the world’s police and must exhaust all other options before resorting to force.




That’s why I’m encouraged that the United States and our international partners reached a diplomatic agreement to force Syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpile.  If Syria fails to live up to its commitments, I’m prepared to consider all options.  However, I will only support actions that clearly outline our objectives and ensure that the U.S. is not drawn into another land war.




Thanks for caring enough to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to contact me again in the future.