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Julia Clark commented on her own post.
Those headlines are cockeyed.
According to Big Think, the state of Oregon has 98.381 square miles owned by the Federal Government.
1.78 million acres is 2,781.26+ square miles
That still leaves 95,599.73+ square miles owned by the Federal Government. That is a lot of land that is not being used in a livable way.
Being 100% serious. How would I go about asking the Paiutes to commission me to go to the Occupation to assert the claim? I think it it important. I have a BA in Forensic Accounting.


Convert: 1 square mile = 639.997 acres
Calculate: 1,780,000 / 639.997 = 2,781.26303717049
Therefore 1.78 million acres is 2,781.26+ square miles
Calculate: 98381 – 2,781.26303717049 = 95,599.73696282951

The Feds own 1/3 of the US land mass via the Corporate State. That is creating an unnatural market. Where people are having to work 2, 3, sometimes 4 jobs, just to afford rent. 75% of Oregon is owned by the Feds. Oregon cost of living is just under Hawaii. the housing Shortage is significant. that is IF you can find a house that is affordable

It is not time for emotional. It is time to get to work. There is a lot of forensic accounting to be done.

Julia Clark replied to her own comment.
Mary Broadhurst didn’t ask if you were packin’. How is merely agitating? Isn’t it time for some more than just nagging? Do some forensic accounting? A focused consorted effort on one spot with the intent to whistle-blow? Something more than stopping feet and pouting.



ISIS is little more than a way for the bloated military contractors to be propped up.


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He had virgin security guards. His prisons were full of horrid abuses. He was not a good guy. He was a puppet for the 1% that caters to the hording of wealth in real assets, one 1% is not better than the other they are both bad.


'It's time for Medicare for all! #thenextdeal
Like our page if you agree'
It’s time for Medicare for all! ‪#‎thenextdeal‬
Like our page if you agree


Yea. BTW, the fire chief just resigned in Burns after catching FBI undercover agents in the Burns Armory.


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'Because there is a better way.'
Because there is a better way.


A famous person participating in this societal norm of rape culture misogyny, and racism may not necessarily be enough to stop supporting their work. BUT, we must take the opportunity to ask questions and bring the discussion to the fore-front. While many may not like the idea, we MUST ask hard questions whenever someone in the public eye is accused of assault, regardless of what public opinion is of them. We must do this BECAUSE they are in the public eye. For better or worse, they have become role models and the behavior they engage in becomes an example for others.




We Are Against Rape And The Rape Culture.

Moral Compass

Use your Moral Compass

All names are changed or excluded, except mine: 

Apparently. I need to make an statement that I am against the normalization of rape.

Recently, I was invited to a group chat. One of the participants made a apathetic comment about rape fantasies being normal. I responded in dismay. Their reply was “their best friend was a sexologist.” implying that they were knowledgeable in sexual studies because of their best friend’s degree. I pointed out “The full understanding and scope of sexual studies also includes predatorization.”

Instead of apologizing for being apathetic about rape, they condescendingly apologized about “triggering me.” Triggering, in case you do not know, is a term used to describe events that cause emotional distress in victims of trauma.

At that time, I decided to not bet the reputations of my peers, and vet this person myself.

And when I questioned the person. They took a “cop shot” by saying, “Are you really a cop lover Julia? “

The rancor of the query, “Are you really a cop lover?” is appalling to me. Almost as appalling as being flippant about rape.

To attempt a cowing by shaming someone as “cop lover” is wrong.

To imply that I, or anyone, should be ashamed of being a “cop lover” is wrong.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fraud Examination, Justice Studies, and Writing. Fraud Examination, Justice Studies are law enforcement related.

Justice Studies, Law Enforcement Studies, and Criminology are important academia.  

Addressing Fraud and corruption requires the research of and the application of such knowledge.

The very basis of my Organization includes law enforcement.

For 22 years, The JC Organization has spoken out against corruption, acted against corruption and assisted others in addressing and acting on corruption. The JC Organization has quietly promoted an ethics campaign inclusive of all tenets by giving encouragement and support to people, so they can make their own stances for good ethical choices

We do not discriminate against  police departments in addressing fraud and corruption. And addressing fraud and corruption within police departments is one of the most dangerous areas of activism.

Moreover, one of the most noble men I knew was my Step-father. He was Sheriff of the county where I grew up. Am I a cop lover? Absolutely, I loved my Step-father dearly and still miss him to this day.

My law enforcement background aside;

When lobbying the drug cartels for support on the campaigns against corruption, rape and murder as part of the vice trade did come up. We took a strong ethical stance. Rape and murder are not to be a part of the vice trade. People should not be allowed to live out such fantasies, even if others were willing to be victims for a price.

If you have fantasies about murdering, you need to closely examine why.

If you have fantasies about rape, you need to closely examine why.

If you have fantasies about rape or murder, examine them and figure out what’s going on. Are they fantasies, or are you coming undone?  Because fantasizing can be an outlet, as long as you keep it in the realm of fantasy and don’t take it out into the real world.  We have become completely desensitized to violence as a culture. When you don’t recognize this it can become dangerous, both for you and everyone you come in contact with. ^^^

To be casual about rape fantasies, rape culture, and rape in general allows our sensibilities to harden, very similar to when we overlook injustice as exampled in these quotes:

Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we   train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.   

We become co-conspirators in that injustice.  To stand by and do nothing makes us complicit, even though we don’t raise a hand, because inaction can be worse than the action. Inaction somehow makes it OK.

One of the most esteemed amongst my peers lives in the shadow of this facade duplicity, which is best described in this quote:

You cannot oppose something, yet forgive it circumstantially. …

We oppose rape, yet laugh at the rape of those we deem deserving of it in prisons. …

Our duplicity opens the door for justification, which invariably leads to deeper and deeper moral collapse.

We are against rape and the rape culture.

If you are in any way pro-rape, you can expect aggressive action against you.

If this scares you more than the rape culture scares you, you are part of the problem.