Boston gang-unit officer charged with lying to FBI – Metro – The Boston Globe

A former Boston police officer assigned to a Youth Violence Strike Force was charged in federal court Thursday with making false statements to an FBI agent investigating a violent street gang in Roxbury.

Mel Steele, 36, faces one count of lying to the FBI during the course of a federal investigation.

Steele recently resigned from the department.

Boston Police Department spokesman David Estrada said the charges stem from an internal investigation that was conducted by the Boston Police anticorruption unit along with the FBI.

He said Steele resigned effective Oct. 17, but he would not comment further.

Steele’s attorney, Rudolph Miller, could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

According to court records, Steele was charged in relation to an investigation into a violent drug-dealing gang based at the Academy Homes housing development in Roxbury.

Authorities said that Steele, who was assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force, the Police Department’s gang unit, was a longtime friend of an associate of the Roxbury gang.

Steele is accused of providing internal police information to the associate while Boston police and the FBI were investigating the gang from 2009 to 2011.

On one occasion, authorities said, Steele used his Boston police computer to run a license plate check on a vehicle. The vehicle turned out to be an unmarked Boston police car driven by a detective conducting surveillance on the gang.

Steele also allegedly contacted a State Police trooper to seek information about a gang member’s pending charges in another criminal case.

Steele is accused of making false statements when FBI agents confronted him in May 2011. He faces up to five years in prison and three years of supervised release, though if he is convicted, he is likely to be sentenced to less than the maximum.

Steele, raised in Mattapan, started at the police academy in 2002, according to Estrada, but it was unknown Thursday how long he had been a member of the gang unit, where he was considered a rising star. His work to quell street violence was featured in the Boston Herald in 2008.

Former supervisors said that they had been impressed by Steele’s ability to connect with young people on the street, according to one Boston police official who knows Steele and considers him a friend. The official said Thursday that Steele could talk to young men about music, school, and where their life was headed.

“He had a great reputation,” said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

“He grew up on the streets. He could relate to these kids. I can’t believe he got caught up in that. He was a really good police officer.”

Evan Allen and Maria Cramer of the Globe Staff contributed to this report. Milton J. Valencia can be reached at mvalencia Follow him on Twitter @miltonvalencia.

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How To Print A Facebook Conversation

How To Print A Facebook Conversation

A Work-around To Clip A Facebook Conversation

A Work Around To Screenshot Facebook’s JSON Chat

Facebook Forensics – Chat And Messaging.

A  Copy of a Facebook Conversation.

A Copy of a Facebook Conversation.

Help! I can’t print a Facebook conversation!

What can I do? The Julia Clark Organization has gotten this request often. And it was time to find a work around. So here is the hack to save and document a conversation from Facebook’s messages.

There are few tools of various prices used in documenting Facebook. Please contact for more information.

Alternatively gather up the tools and make jpg., tif., gif., or png. for research, recording minutes, and other lawful Facebook TOS approved uses.

This tutorial focuses on Facebook’s messaging. All of the components for the most part are free or you mostly have already.

Facebook’s messenger uses JSON and few software compatibility applications limits screenshot abilities. This requires a tools that can be used manually or with micros automatic to some extent.

Here is open-sourced manual work-around to record Facebook conversations:

  • Open the desired chat in the “chat window”
    • The Chat window is the smaller conversation window
    • Tap in the conversation area, then left click and hold while scrolling to your desired point in the conversation.
      • Then right-click to copy.
  • The conversation is now on your clipboard.
  • Paste the conversation into the table.
    • If your past does not format correctly,
      • then right-click on the table
      • Select “Row” and then select “Allow Row to break across table and columns “
      • then right-click on the table
      • Select Column then select optimal width
  • Your Facebook conversation is now on you OpenOffice Writer document.
  • If you are only documenting the conversation you can save it in the proper folder with no further ado.
  • If you want the conversation as a jpg, then save the document as a pdf.
    • After saving the document as pdf, use a program to convert the pdf to a jpg.
    • There are many programs and online services to do such.
    • You should choose one by your security needs.

If you need help documenting Facebook contact us. We specialize in documenting.